Mr. Inbetween: Season 2, Episode 3 “I Came From Your Balls?” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Ray with a cup of tea.

Brit gets the sex talk, and Ray learns Davros has a brother and accidentally ends up in a conversation with his mark.

Brit gets the sex talk, and Ray learns Davros has a brother and accidentally ends up in a conversation with his mark.

Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 9/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Nasir Fayssal Bazzi
Vinnie Kieran Darcy-Smith
Jason Hugo Johnston-Burt

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The Brother Of A Ghost: Nasir, Freddy, Ray

Nasir (Fayssal Bazzi) threatening Ray who killed his brother.
Nasir (Fayssal Bazzi): I’m gonna teach you about loss.

While Ray is getting his next assignment from Freddy, he comes across Freddy’s new accountant Nasir. Someone who happens to be Davros’ brother who swears revenge. Which seems unlikely considering how Ray was able to take out nearly all of Davros’ men and is still walking straight.

It’s Best To Keep Your Work & Personal Life Separate: Ray, Vinnie

Traditionally, Ray hasn’t known his marks, and when things get too friendly, he reminds them he isn’t their friend. So this Vinnie situation might be hard for, on top of Vinnie having protection, he is someone Ray knows, and they are cool. Which leads to the assumption Vinnie’s death may take a few episodes.

What Keeps Me Going: Bruce, Brit, Ray, Ally

As you can imagine, after being stuck at a toilet for a day, in the last episode, things aren’t getting better for Bruce. In fact, he is talking about suicide. However, between Brit and Ray, they are giving him a reason to live but not to live forever. Something he wants Ray to prep for mentally, and physically for Bruce may need his help.

But that isn’t the only tough conversation Ray faces. With things getting serious with Ally, and Brit used to her, it seems Ray thought it would be safe for them to have sex while Brit, assumingly, was sleeping. He was wrong, and while he was hitting it from the back, Brit walks in.

This leads to a sex talk which, overall, goes well, but leads to some questions. One of Brit’s questions deal with her being the fastest sperm, yet not a good swimmer, and that not adding up. Also, the idea of coming out of Ray’s balls doesn’t sit well with her. But you know who really is going to be confused, maybe upset, over all this? Brit’s mom. Especially when she learns Ally chimed in.



The Sex Talk

Usually, when there are sex talks between a parent and kid, it is either overly serious, or there is a bumbling idiot as a parent tripping over themselves. With Ray and Ally tag-teaming, we get neither. They try to break things down so Brit can understand and roll with the punches when their analogies backfire a bit. Yet, the writing and performances make for a memorable scene that could be a highlight of the season.

Bruce’s Reason For Living

With Bruce being the only family Ray has, outside of Brit of course, it makes the idea of him feeling the need to prep Ray for his demise devastating. Especially Bruce noting he is living because he doesn’t want to leave or sadden them. It reminds you of the weight both are carrying and struggling with. Also, it pushes you to fully recognize that as much of a badass as Ray is, between taking on random fights or surviving shootouts, he is still human and his weakness is a man who can barely stand on his own.

Ray Getting To Know/ Knowing His Mark

Vinnie (Kieran Darcy-Smith) making it clear he knows Ray well.
Vinnie (Kieran Darcy-Smith): I don’t believe it. Ray Shoesmith.

Outside of Davros, most of the people Ray assaulted or killed can’t easily be recalled. Like a police procedural, the weekly victim is important in the moment but are just a plot device when the episode ends. Making Vinnie someone who will take some time, and isn’t someone who deserves to die, a different mark than we are used to seeing. Add on he is higher up than Davros was, and Ray is hemming and hawing about killing him, this should boost Ray’s enforcer side far beyond any other storyline featuring that part of him.

The Whole Jason Bit Was Comical

Jason (Hugo Johnston-Burt) prepping for Ray to hit him.
Jason (Hugo Johnston-Burt)

Between Vinnie, and now Jason, there is a need to wonder if the writers have figured a way to make those Ray gets paid to handle have value? Whether they are on for a single episode or multiple episodes? Much less, taking note of Jason, can they make the mark comical, and show Ray’s adaptability, to bring us something beyond him showing up, the mark messing around, and then Ray doing what he was sent to do.


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