Mr. InBetween: Season 2, Episode 11 “There Rust, Let Me Die” [Season Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

In Ray’s life, loss, betrayal, and regret are constants. Yet, despite how much he has been through, there are still certain things that still hurt.

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Bruce as he says goodbye to Brittany.

In Ray’s life, loss, betrayal, and regret are constants. Yet, despite how much he has been through, there are still certain things that still hurt.

Directed By Nash Edgerton
Written By Scott Ryan
Air Date (FX) 11/21/2019


A Wild Goose Chase: Alex, Dave, Gary, Ray

Finding Alex’s treasure ends up happening, but not after he makes a run for it and may have very well gotten away. Even with Gary acting as back up because, despite Dave being cool, let’s be real, Ray works with a lot of shady people. Lest we forget, Alex was trying to get Ray killed to cover his tracks.

But, thankfully, even if Alex isn’t being buried somewhere, he basically is a marked man, and with Ray, Gary, and Alex splitting the money left behind, Ray should be able to live decently for a while.

Time For Goodbyes: Brittany, Ray, Bruce

Brittany hugging Bruce.

Bruce warned us earlier this season when it becomes too much to bear, he would end things. So, in preparation, he made peace with his father, spent some time with his niece, so that he could leave her with happy memories, and then tried to work on his brother. Someone he knew would be the most affected, so he tried to prep him.

How? Well, in a multitude of ways, which began by trying to reintroduce their father into his life. A task that never took so on his final night alive, he just outright asked of Ray to forgive their dad. A request Ray refused.

So, in a last-ditch effort to help his brother unload his burden, Bruce asks for his final moments to be in their childhood home. The place where a lot of Ray’s trauma happened in or around and Bruce does his best to lighten things up. For example, he reminds Ray when they were in the tub, and he released a turd with them in it. Silly things to lighten the mood before Ray gives a dose of something into Bruce’s arm and says goodbye.

But, it isn’t just to Bruce he says goodbye to but that childhood home. With Bruce’s corpse in it, he lights it on fire and so goes one of the best things in Ray’s life alongside the worst. Leaving the usually emotionally still Ray releasing a tear.

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  1. How will Brittany be told her uncle is dead?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

We cannot cease to exist. We can only change form.
— Bruce


Community Rating: 100% (1 votes)


Nic Cassim

Since the beginning, constantly it was said that Ray’s personal life has always been stronger than his life as part of the criminal underworld, and it has been thanks to Nic Cassim’s performance as Bruce. For while Brittany has long been a humanizing factor, the dynamic of a father and child and two brothers is vastly different. Plus, Bruce didn’t soften Ray by being adorable but by seeing him for who he is and loving him still.

And it is honestly through that love that you felt Ray was a three-dimensional character. Someone more than a heartless killer or someone who, when paired up with Gary, could be comical. In nearly every scene with Cassim, Scott Ryan found ways to deepen who Ray is and make it so this character could stand out in comparison to the many mobsters, no matter what region they are from, that exist in media. Leaving you to wonder, with one of the factors which rooted Ray now gone, how will that change him?

Ray Letting Go

Ray crying.

While it seems clear Ray isn’t forgiving his dad, even if that was one of Bruce’s final wishes, one would submit burning down that childhood home, with Bruce in it, perhaps cleansed Ray a bit. For in the destruction of the place where so much trauma was born, his brother dying in the same place may have cancelled all that out. If not, at the very least, Bruce is now so ingrained into what that place means that Ray will always have the means to find the light if ever taken in by the darkness of his past.

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  1. Looks like the drug he gave was propofol which was really interesting because it is realistic that could be used, what bugged me was that it didn’t work like it does in real life AHAHA

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