Title Card - Mr. Inbetween Season 2, Episode 1 “Shoulda Tapped” [Season Premiere]

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Mr. Inbetween returns and between an issue Britt has at school and one of Ray’s employers trying to be cheap, it’s same ole, same ole.

Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 9/12/2019

Recap/ Review (with Commentary & Spoilers)

I Need You To Choose A Password | Gary, Ray

Despite all that has happened with Tatiana, Gary is still with her and asks Ray to help him cover up his porn addiction by choosing a password for him.


Why is Gary still with Tatiana? Also, how much, if any, time has passed since season 1? Never mind the need to question, does Ray have any other friends besides this one who is clearly a giant headache to him?

Who Is Bullying My Daughter? | Britt, Ray

While spending time with Britt, be it dropping her off at school or taking care of her after, Ray learns Britt is being bullied. Which leads him to talk about making people fear her, if they don’t respect her, and the importance of not being a doormat. But, never fear, Britt won’t have to fight this Taylor person. Ray is going to handle things.


Previews for the next episode show Ray will be facing off against a woman over his daughter being bullied and considering how Ray usually goes for violence, it should be interesting to see how he handles this. Especially since, in his group anger management session, he was called a misogynist. So depending on how deep he took that comment, we’ll see either Ray try to talk and use diplomacy, destroy Taylor’s home, or maybe something much more drastic?

Britt noting she doesn't want people to fear her.
Britt: I don’t want people to be scared of me.

Though, let’s be real, Ray isn’t the type to beat up a woman, so I doubt that will happen. But, if she hits him first, or pulls a gun on him, you never know.

This Is What Happens When You Do Things For Cheap|  Ray

Being that Ray is a professional, naturally, his work comes with a price but guaranteed quality. One of his employers, unfortunately, between gambling habits and being cheap, decides to note use Ray. So, the people he hires, junkies who are a bit lazy, do a shoddy job and Ray is expected to finish it and kill them. Which he does, despite growing close to one of them. If not engaging in the kind of conversation Ray rarely has with another man. At least outside his brother and Gary.


One of the consistent issues with Ray’s hitman side is between his employers and victims, there is so little told to us that you don’t know if there is anything worth noting or investing in? Take the dude Ray was talking to who sounds like him if he took a different path. It would have been nice if they stretched things out with him rather than kill him in the same episode he was introduced in. Make it so, beyond Ray, Britt, Gary, and Ray’s brother, we have someone to latch to and wouldn’t have to struggle with remembering who they are and whether they are someone new.

But, the desire for more consistent, and noteworthy, characters aside, I must admit there is a curiosity about Ray’s prices. Is 40 supposed to be 40,000? I doubt it is $40 since Ray drives a BMW and he doesn’t kill nearly enough people for rates to be that low. Yet, I can’t imagine him charging a year’s wage to kill and bury people either.

Then again, it isn’t like I’ve ever ventured to the dark web to see how much things like that would actually cost. Now would I ever.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Ally and Ray are still together.

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There Is Better Balance Between Both Sides Of Ray - 85%
The Group Therapy Session Needs To Be Punched Up A Bit - 71%
Is It Ever Worth Learning People’s Names? - 70%


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  1. $40,000 is about right for a proper job in Oz. Of course you can get it much cheaper but this episode shows where that usually goes. Remember the fee isn’t just for the work, it is also for a lifetime’s silence and Ray has a rep for not mouthing off. At the moment at least. As blokes get older and realise that being slotted up for a really long lag separates them from family, is when that guarantee becomes problematic.

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