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While the first season of Mr. Inbetween failed to find a sweet spot between the gangster and dad, it still made for one hell of a first season.

Creator Scott Ryan
Noted Cast
Ray Scott Ryan
Freddy Damon Herriman
Gary Justin Rosniak
Britt Chika Yasumura
Ally Brooke Satchwell
Bruce Nicholas Cassim

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The show is about two sides to this Australian gangster named Ray. One half deals with him working for this man Freddy or with his best friend Gary getting money, assaulting people, if not killing them. The other side to Ray we are introduced to is him as a dad to his daughter Britt, and him trying to get back into the dating scene with a woman named Ally. These two things don’t coincide well, but that’s kind of the point. How can this man be such a good dad yet a proficient thug? Those conflicting worlds are what Mr. InBetween explores.


The Gangster Side

Mr. Inbetween Season 1 Episode 6 Your Mums Got a Strongbox Ray 2

While admittedly generic at times, Ray as a gangster is consistently an interesting part of this show. Especially if his friend Gary is involved for then you see the comedic side of the show come out. For when Ray is just looking at someone like, “You can’t be that f***ing stupid” you can’t help but laugh. Plus, there is a certain brutality to how the gangster side of the show is with us seeing people shot, blown up, and more.

But what really drives this home is the final episodes which drop Ray’s personal life and focus strictly on the dangers, and how Ray survives, being one of Freddy’s thugs. Much less a locally renowned one who people know can’t be taken down one on one. You either got to send an army or someone skilled with some backup.

On The Fence

Balancing The Personal & Professional

Britt asking if Ally is going to marry her dad?
Britt: Are you gonna marry my dad?

Whether on purpose or not, seeing Ray go from cutting up a body to struggling with telling his daughter Santa doesn’t exist, isn’t cohesive. In fact, it is a bit jarring. Leading you to wonder if the two could, or should, co-exist in the same episode. This thought comes into mind thanks to the final two episodes. As noted above, they end this show on such a high note that it makes you wonder if Ray’s personal life of Ray isn’t something Scott Ryan enjoys writing?

For as cute as Britt is, as well as Ray’s relationship with his brother Bruce, they never reached the high of the last two episodes. They just seem like an obligatory inclusion to create a more complex character. Which I appreciate but I don’t think until season 2 we can say whether or not this can be executed well.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

Mr. InBetween has a good idea in showing the conflicting sides of its lead character Ray. The issue is, the two sides grind against each other so roughly that seeing both sides in one episode is a bit too jarring. But, with only 6 episodes put out, and them being released 2 by 2, it isn’t like we got a whole lot of time to sit and ponder about each episode. So here is hoping season 2 is allowed to take its time and dive a bit deeper into Ray’s life to the point it can benefit both sides. Not just him being a smarter than most gangster who has to worry about his best friend and boss being idiots.

Has Another Season Been Confirmed?: Yes

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