How did Ray get away with his hands in bondage and stuck in a trunk? Well, it is mostly due to luck and dealing with idiots.

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How did Ray get away with his hands in bondage and stuck in a trunk? Well, it is mostly due to luck and dealing with idiots.

Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 10/9/2018
Characters Introduced
Scon Ben McIvor
Lefty Benedict Hardie
Bernie Alan Flower

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How Ray Got Away: Ray, Scon, Lefty, Bernie, Dave, Bobby

Ray is really lucky that Davros is either cheap or the errand boy/hitman market sucks. For as Dave is getting an oxy cutter and Bobby some cigarettes, two thieves steal Ray’s car with him in the boot (trunk). Not going all that far either. Just around the corner is the chop shop where Bernie gets the car and who does he find in the boot? Ray.

However, with him not knowing what went down, and really not wanting to be involved, he just takes the car into the woods, Ray still in the trunk, and leaves it. Giving Ray enough time to find a way out and decide to go back to understand what just happened. He goes for some food, sees Scon and Lefty with his safe, follows them, and confronts them.

That leads to him getting his safe back and thinking he can just go on about his day. However, somehow, perhaps because he didn’t lock his car, Ray finds himself, once more, with Dave’s gun pointed at him.


Davros taunting Ray.
Davros: How you been, Raymond?

COME ON! Ray does not have tinted windows, how did he not see Dave, in broad daylight, in his backseat? Dave is not some small dude and with just being kidnapped, you’d think Ray would be on his guard. Clearly, someone has it out for him!

But, I gotta say, like with the last episode, how dumb are most of the thugs on this show? Two basic thieves were able to steal a car that had Ray in it. Someone who, between Dave and Bobby, probably was worth a good amount of money. Not the 100k+ that Ray offered, but I’m sure Davros put a decent price on Ray’s head. Dave mentioned he got Bobby just because of Ray’s reputation.

Well, Somebody Had To Die: Dave, Bobby, Ray, Davros

Ray and Davros finally come face to face after all the shenanigans of the day and it seems all this was just so Davros could kill Ray. He sent someone who should, at best, work security, and a decent worker, to get one of the toughest, perhaps also respected, local gangsters. Just to shoot him after he digs his own grave. Luckily, these idiots decide to focus on Ray’s safe which leads to Bobby dying and Davros being injured. How? Well, the safe was rigged with a grenade. Thus giving Ray the opportunity to kill Davros and his bodyguard.

Leading to a very weird moment. Dave, the person who has held a gun towards Ray this whole time, he doesn’t get killed. He is allowed to keep the money Davros gave him for the job, is given his gun back, and Ray really takes note it was nothing personal. Why? Well, perhaps because Dave has an 8-month pregnant wife who is about to give birth. That and Dave wasn’t a jerk about the whole process.


Ray as Dave leaves and he has to deal with all the dead bodies he made.

It was a strange finale but I liked it. For one, Davros’ death you know is going to cause a chain of reactions from Freddy to whoever Davros was working for. Also, it showed that, as resourceful as Ray is, he can still be put into a position where he can get killed. It’s just, thanks to some safeguards, the likelihood may never be 100%. Plus, what the finale also did is reinforce the idea that with Ray, it is about respect. He isn’t heartless, an ass**** or none of that. You had a job to do Dave to feed your kid.

Also, you have to take note Dave didn’t bash Ray in the head or was all that rude. They had a conversation about their kids for goodness sakes! I’m talking seriously being true to the statement, “It’s nothing personal.” Which could mean, down the line, Dave can be added to what saves Ray from being killed over something stupid.

Though, considering Freddy warned Ray about this, it does lead you to wonder what role will he play in the fallout within season 2 (which was recently announced)? Will he hand Ray in so he doesn’t have any trouble, or will he defend his guy? Also, there is still the question of whether Freddy was involved for they took Ray right outside his place of work. Are you telling me between the security guard, the cameras you know are in the parking lot, and likely Freddy having more than just Ray, and formerly Nick, no one heard anything? Another goon didn’t hear Davros say there was work and surely some said no because it was Ray?

I’m just saying, there are a lot of fishy things when it comes to this situation.


  1. Ray’s safe bomb was really hilarious and made for a fun call back, assuming that is used outside of comedy, to when Gary was being robbed. Also, him having someone dig their grave as well.
  2. I loved that Ray let Dave live after all that happened. It really pushed the idea that Ray is just about respect. He recognizes people have jobs, sometimes said job may not be in his favor, but handle it respectfully and no harm, no foul.

On The Fence

  1. The whole car theft thing seemed borderline ridiculous. Kind of funny, but also like a creative way to deal with a situation that feels a bit convenient.

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  1. Very nice commentary mate…Particularly on the finale.

    I also found the finale (as well as the whole season in general) very entertaining, and the way it ended, very satisfying. Even though I fully expected him to, I was very pleasantly surprised that Ray didn’t kill Dave. As you surmised, I immediately understood that it was because there was a mutual respect between the two, and as you suggested, Dave, in spite of having temporarily “lost” Ray, remained a professional throughout…Even seeking Ray’s acknowledgement that he didn’t take Dave doing his job, “personally” -To which Dave nodded his assent. An “honor amongst thieves” if you will.

    A week later (today), I found myself replaying the last scene of the finale in order to take in the small details, and rewatch Ray and Dave’s interaction at the end. For one, I didn’t realize that Dave had also killed Bobby. I was a bit surprised by that, but after thinking about it, I believe it was because Bobby was unprofessional, stupid, and most of all, disloyal to Dave (he went behind his back to inform Davros what they were actually up to). He, just like Davros, didn’t play by the rules and lacked honor. I also thought the actor playing Dave was exceedingly talented, and was excellent at expressing feeling and nuance with just his facial expressions and body language. Based on his excellent acting, you could tell that even though his character obviously wasn’t going to get down on his knees and kiss Ray’s feet for letting him live, from that point on, he was going to be to be Ray’s man…Ala the “Jacopo” character from the “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Great writing.

    “Mr In Between” turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, and an excellent, excellent series whose second season I am greatly looking forward to. Now if they would just stop with the half-hour “sitcom format”, and make each episode a proper hour, it’ll be perfect. 🙂


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