Ally (Brooke Satchwell) and Ray having dinner.

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Freddy and Gary make mistakes which Ray finds himself having to handle. Both of which could have been preventable.

Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 9/25/2018
Characters Introduced
Luke Josh Quong Tart
Freddy Damon Herriman
Ally Brooke Satchwell
Vasilli Jackson Tozer
Gary Justin Rosniak
Hassam Rahel Romahn

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It’s Hard Being A Father: Ally, Brittany, Ray

Brittany is an 8-year-old. With that comes lots of questions about the way the world works, and unlearning some of the fibs told when she was younger. Such as Santa and the tooth fairy. However, what parent is really capable of destroying every last fantasy their kid has? So, to leave Britt with something, he notes unicorns still exist and they can talk, wink, and fly. Which Brittany may not fully believe, but she lets it go.

And the other thing about being a father is how it can affect your dating life. Especially for someone like Ray who may not have primary custody, but does like spending time with his kid. So, naturally, while on a date with Ally, Brittany is brought up as they talk about past relationships and things like that. Which, lucky for him, Ally is okay with Ray having a kid and while he may just get to make out a bit, considering how awkward he was in the last episode? This is progress.


Brittany running down what's real and what's not.
Brittany: Is Jesus Real?

I’m really scared for the day someone uses Brittany to get at Ray. For I just can’t imagine her existing and not eventually being put in danger. Outside of Bruce, she is Ray’s weakness and as he steps up, this episode, from being a bit of an errand boy to a killer, there is the need to question how will karma get him back? Not to say Ally couldn’t also be used against him but she is rather new. Plus, taking note of what happens next, it seems Britt would be any competing mobs prime target to control Ray.

The Wrong One – Part 1: Luke, Freddy, Ray

While Ray does collect money and handle idiots for Freddy, he also kills them too. Such is the case for Luke who seemingly owed, or did something wrong, and thus had to die. Well, at least Freddy thought it was Luke but it actually wasn’t. Which becomes a bit of a problem for Ray since, even though he is willing and capable of killing people, he doesn’t necessarily get off on it. He’s not some psycho that rubs the blood on his face or has anti-social traits. Making the fact Luke had a family, two kids and a wife, weigh on Ray a bit. To the point between him, maybe Freddy, money is given to the wife under the guise that Luke made sure his family would be taken care of if something happened to him.


Luke begging for his life.
Luke (Josh Quong Tart): Please, please, please, please, please.

This show is performing an interesting balancing act. It wants to fully establish Ray as a killer, a heartless one, yet still give him some sort of morals. Not necessarily a line he won’t cross but at least justification for his actions. Especially when they are on someone’s behalf. The problem is, at least for me, he doesn’t go far enough. In my mind, to make this duality interesting, as cute and sweet as his personal life is, he has to be brutal in his profession.

Otherwise, it makes it seem this show is leashed by the idea that we can’t have him go to such an extreme that you can’t imagine him raising a little girl. Never mind having a kind heart.

The Wrong One – Part 2: Vasilli, Gary, Hassam, Ray

It isn’t 100% clear how much Gary means to Ray, but what is clear is that Ray doesn’t like people messing with him – even though he knows Gary is a dumb***. Hence why, when he learns Gary has been beaten to the point of brain damage, he looks at Vasilli as the cause. After all, this “brother” is new and not the best liar. In fact, for what we know, and Gary, Vasilli could be screwing Gary’s wife.

That a fact to be revealed at another time though. What Ray wants to know is what went down and why. Long story short? Vasilli alongside this guy named Hassam were ready and willing to play Gary during a deal. Problem is, Gary fought more than expected and thus he got hospitalized. Leading to, surprisingly, Ray not focusing so much on those two, who set things up, but the ones who directly beat up Gary.


Ray after busting into someone's home.

Um, Vasilli and Hassam not being handled is kind of weird to me. They were the masterminds behind what happened so why did Ray, seemingly, just go after their henchmen? That didn’t make a lick of sense to me. But, then again, maybe there are certain mob rules involved. After all, it isn’t clear if Hassam might be at a level where he can’t be touched. At least by the likes of Ray. So, rather than cause a headache for Freddy, he went after he could to deal with his anger.

Something that, you know, is going to bit him in the ass. Sooner or later, someone is going to want revenge and that is going to be the end of Ray.

On The Fence

  1. This show is going to have a real issue with balancing making Ray seem like this dangerous thug and being this lovable father. For the gangster side, even with the murder of Luke, he doesn’t really shock or feel like that mother******. Reason being: He keeps taking out, or hurting, low-level people. Thus making him look like a bully more than someone who should be feared. Yet, in a way, this does match his personal life. As a dad, brother, potential boyfriend, Ray isn’t all that exciting. He is almost normal. So not having brutal deaths or Ray in gunfights, just taking out idiots, maybe that is for the best? It is a bit of a bore because murder usually is given more weight, but this might be something viewers can get used to.

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