Gary proves himself to be the dump truck which keeps dropping crap on Ray’s life.

Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 10/2/2018
Characters Introduced
Tatiana Lizzie Schebesta

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Temper, Temper: Ray, Freddy

Thanks to Ray beating up a guy, he is in court-ordered anger management. Which, in a way, he is okay with since the alternative is prison. However, with the room filled with guys beating their wives, some kids, it feels awkward. Which, of course, Ray has to speak on since he doesn’t just have anger issues but impulse control. Leading to him almost beating one of the men who decide to start something with him.

That isn’t Ray’s only issue of the day, however. Because of what he did to the guys who worked with Vasilli and Hassam, now he has to have a sit-down with this man named Davros. Only because he is kin, by marriage, to Freddy and he wants to keep the peace.


Freddy asking of Ray just to meet to keep the peace.
Freddy: Mate, this guy’s family, okay?

So Gary is going to be a consistent liability huh? If he isn’t getting robbed by trying to have what may have been an unsolicited deal, he is going to take advantage of Ray’s temper as if he pays him to. Leading to the need to ask, why is Ray willing to go so far for Gary? Does he have something on him? Did he do him a favor? Could he maybe be a childhood friend of some kind? He seems to be a bit too much trouble for there not to be some long-term connection involved here.

When Lightning Strikes Twice: Vasilli, Gary, Ray, Tatiana

I think we can all agree Tatiana is likely setting up Gary right? How else would Vasilli know so much about Gary’s business and when to strike? Lucky for him, when Vasilli tries to rob him, he is such an idiot that he gives Gary the time and ability to text Ray. Leading to Ray showing up and Gary seemingly popping a bullet in Vasilli’s skull.

Unfortunately for Gary, the bullet bounces off Vasilli’s skull. Making it seem he is dead but really he is only knocked out. Then, to make matters worse, he and Ray can’t get rid of the body quickly because Tatiana is home and when Ray tries to chop Vasilli up, he wakes up. Thus leading to Vasilli lying about robbing Gary, Tatiana chasing after him, and Ray just walking away for he doesn’t have time for this nonsense.


Gary needs to get a divorce and move. Clearly, his wife doesn’t love him and is just trying to figure a way to get his money as easily as possible. Why can’t the man see that? And again, I’m pretty sure Tatiana and Vasilli are probably lovers and not siblings. There is just something too fishy here.


Ray smiling.

  1. There is a bit of a comedic element to this show you have to love. Particularly in Scott Ryan just looking exasperated by the situations his character is in. Be it Freddy expecting him to do a sit-down or Gary acting like Ray works for him. You may not laugh out loud but you can’t help but chuckle.

On The Fence

  1. I’m hoping Gary getting into trouble isn’t a consistent pattern we should just get used to.

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