Mr. Corman: Season 1/ Episode 10 “The Big Picture” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Mr. Corman Season 1 Episode 10 “The Big Picture”

In the finale, Josh actually has a good date, and the woman may have given him that kick he needs to finish the production he has been working on!

In the finale, Josh actually has a good date, and the woman may have given him that kick he needs to finish the production he has been working on!

Aired 10/1/2021
Network Apple TV Plus
Directed By Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Written By Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Eric Kaplan

Newly Noted


Emily (Jamie Chung)

Emily (Jamie Chung) on a ZOOM call with Josh
Emily (Jamie Chung)

A first-generation Korean American who was raised by strict parents in Los Angeles.


This Is Going Surprisingly Well – Emily, Josh

Ruth has been trying to get Josh to date a friend of her’s daughter for some time, and he finally does it. The young woman is Emily, and she seems to be a good match for Josh. She is employed, lives on her own, understands mental health issues since she deals with depression, and while they have minor differences regarding what miracles should be seen as, they overall get along. In fact, they talk all through the night until Emily falls asleep on their ZOOM call.

I Spoke Too Soon – Emily, Josh

Emily and Josh having a breakfast date

Unfortunately, in the following day, Josh ruins it. How? Well, self-sabotage. With speaking about COVID, and Josh making it sound like it is the end of the world, Emily brings up Josh’s privilege as a white male and him not finishing things, hence him being so passionate and anxious. This isn’t taken well, and while Josh does dramatically end their call, he does hit her up later, hoping he didn’t blow it.

I Do Get Things Done, Dammit! – Josh

While Emily’s words did hurt, they also provided Josh a needed kick in the butt, which puts him into major credit card debt, but also it gets him to finally complete the project he has worked on all season.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

What Could Happen Next

  1. It would be cool if Josh got some modicum of success from his song.



Josh Is His Own Worst Enemy, In Most Aspects Of His Life

We clearly love and partly identify with Josh, otherwise, we wouldn’t have made it to the season finale. However, there is no doubt in us that Josh’s life comes from a series of bad choices on his part. I mean, even getting a date with Emily, that took Ruth finding someone who actually melds well with Josh. All the dating apps he went on, even when he tried in person, it seemed that either he didn’t know what he wanted, chose the shallow choice, or set himself up for failure to at least say he tried.

Which I think is how he handled Emily. It went too well, and she didn’t exit when he gave her little reasons to do so, like how he handled her critique of his teaching. So, when she coerced him to look at himself in a way that wasn’t flattering, he got really defensive and made sure things got uncomfortable.

It’s sad that he does this, but Josh doesn’t know how to be happy, and I think he is so comfortable in having a mediocre personal life, and a burgeoning professional life, that he doesn’t want to bridge that chasm. Though, who knows? Maybe he doesn’t think he deserves to be happy in his personal life so he’d live vicariously through his sister, maybe his mom, than have something of his own? Especially because of the amount of work a girlfriend, wife, never mind a child, would require of him.

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