Mozart in the Jungle takes what you’d think would be the uptight world of symphony players, and presents an edge to change your viewpoint.

Review (with Spoilers)

Thus far Amazon’s foray into original programming, in my opinion, has been clunkers. Most of them seem like subtle rip-offs of more popular shows, but with Mozart in the Jungle, they may not have a huge hit, but certainly an interesting one. Details below.

Topic 1: Meet Hailey

Our lead for the show seems to be a girl named Hailey, an oboist, who has moved to New York City for career aspirations. As of now, though, she simply tutors this kid named Duncan, a child of a wealthy woman who has a thing for her, and she does other gigs wherever possible. Including a Styx Oedipus musical.

When it comes to personality, though, she seemingly fits your general country girl with big dreams type of persona. However, unlike the usual awestruck girl from some southern town, Hailey does seem like she isn’t naïve nor befitting of some holier than thou label. She is open to the world around her, but at the same time cautious. She wants to establish herself without sacrificing moments of fun here and there, something her wild roommate is likely to give her.

But, it seems her life really began the day she met Cynthia. For with Cynthia comes a connection to the New York Philharmonic symphony, as well as a good taste of the life she can have. More on Cynthia below.

Topic 2: A New Broom Sweeps Clean

When the episode begins, a man named Thomas is seemingly on the brink of retiring. It is hard to tell though if he was forced out or whether this is voluntary. Either way, he hardly seems joyous over the idea. What makes matters worse though is this young charismatic man named Rodrigo is replacing him. Now, upon seeing Rodrigo you would probably easily write him off as quickly as Thomas does, but despite this young man’s model looks, full mane, and charm, he is dead serious about his work. It is just he also knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, like going to the hair salon on occasion.

With his entrance though means the exit of quite a few putting the intriguing Cynthia in danger. You see, Cynthia has been sleeping with Thomas for some time. Be it out of love, business, or for a stable f-buddy, it is slightly hard to say. Either way, this connection is beneficial to her for she gets a warning that with Rodrigo’s entrance means the exit of some players.

Leading to how Cynthia and Hailey come to meet. After Thomas bows out and Rodrigo is introduced, Cynthia is off to that horrible looking Oedipus musical and she meets Hailey. In what may be considered an oddly kind move, Hailey helps the late Cynthia catch up and the two quickly seem to become friends. Cynthia, being the established one, seems to even take to Hailey as a mentee, especially since they are not direct competition since Hailey plays a wind instrument and Cynthia strings. She even tries to help Hailey get some action that night, leading to the character Alex being introduced. Nothing happens between them, at least for now, but even with Alex not being a hit out of the park, Cynthia continues to bestow gifts onto Hailey. The biggest being an audition for the Philharmonic. Such a thing is naturally a dream for someone like Hailey, but no dream comes easy. Rodrigo has already been through a slew of other Oboe musicians and gets increasingly bored to the point of sarcasm and even having a make out session with his assistant to pass the time.

However, the late Hailey decides to play and catches his attention. Leading us to think that, despite being tardy, maybe she may have a chance? But, considering the small bits of the world we are currently introduced to, while she may think she has found the opportunity of a lifetime, what she may have just found herself in is a jungle where, despite her skills, she is more so prey than predator.

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