Title Card - Made For Love Season 1 Episode 7

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With Herb stepping up, Hazel tries to return the favor. Though with Byron trying to throw surprises her way, it seems she may never truly get normalcy.

Episode Title I Want To Feel Normal
Director(s) Stephanie Laing
Writer(s) Alissa Nutting
Aired (HBO Max) 4/15/2021

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Define Forgiveness – Byron, Lyle

With Lyle being the one who turned in Fiffany, he thinks that would mean forgiveness. However, Byron doesn’t do well with betrayal, and only Hazel seems to be able to repeatedly disappoint him. So, Lyle ends up in the pasture, which seems to have real animals in it.

You Deserve Good Things – Herb, Judiff, Hazel, Shane

When Judiff was introduced, it was noted she and Herb broke up two years ago, around the same time he bought Diane for $6,000. Now, what triggered that breakup? Well, Herb having cancer. Which he has long decided to not take chemo for and instead use opioids to deal with the pain.

Judiff and Herb talking about his cancer diagnosis
Judiff and Herb talking about his cancer diagnosis

This, naturally, triggers Judiff to try to see if something could still be there, for she doesn’t find his cancer something which should end them. However, with Herb dealing with a partner who died from cancer, it seems he’d rather keep the relationship professional. He doesn’t want to burden anyone.

Though, with living with him, realizing he has the potential to be decent, Hazel, who doesn’t learn about her father’s cancer diagnosis, tries to give him some sense of normalcy. If just in the form of him taking Diane out during their anniversary and it being treated as no big deal. Mind you, Shane does interrupt, but only since he wants a doll himself.

Keeping It Going – Byron, Hazel, Shane, Herb

Which is how Hazel gets into the plane she wanted to drive so badly. You see, Byron lies about cutting down the surveillance to get Hazel’s guard down, and with this, she asks Shane to fly the plane, and Herb puts Diane up as collateral. Thus allowing her to fly and have a moment which leads to a day that ends with her being served divorce papers. So maybe Hazel may finally get the freedom she asked for.



Herb Opening Up Makes Him More Tolerable

We are starting to miss Bangles, but at the very least, with Herb opening up about his cancer to Judiff, he has become tolerable. By no means the star attraction or anything remotely like a hook for Made For Love, but at least tolerable. Especially since he and Hazel’s relationship is starting to heal.

Divorced At Last?!

Hazel being delivered divorce papers by drone
Hazel being delivered divorce papers by drone

With this being one of the last episodes of the season, and this honestly not presenting much for a second season, is it wrong to hope this is going to wrap up in the next episode? Is that too much to ask?

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Herb Opening Up Makes Him More Tolerable - 81%
Divorced At Last?! - 82%


We're almost at the end of season 1 of Made For Love, and so comes the hope Hazel may actually get her freedom! However, being that Byron has shown no true signs of growing as a person, we're likely foolish to think that's possible.

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