Made For Love: Season 1/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Hazel knocked out

Herb finally does something which could help Hazel, as Fiffany tries to maintain her morality despite all the money she could get from violating Hazel.

Herb finally does something which could help Hazel, as Fiffany tries to maintain her morality despite all the money she could get from violating Hazel.

Episode Title I Want You To Give a F*** About Me
Director(s) Stephanie Laing
Writer(s) Sarah McCarron, Sarah LaBrie
Aired (HBO Max) 4/8/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Judiff Kym Whitley

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So, We Not Going To Do This? – Fiffany, Hazel, Lyle, Byron

So, Hazel isn’t dead. What led to her passing out is Lyle disconnecting her from Byron’s server in the hopes he and Fiffany can get the chip out. However, with her wanting, or needing the chip, as proof of the abuse, she says she isn’t giving it up. This pisses Lyle off, for it means him not having any money, still, so he’s ready to violate Hazel, in terms of holding her down against her will, while Fiffany gets the chip.

The problem is with that idea, Fiffany isn’t game, so she lets Hazel go and preps to separate herself from not just Byron but also Lyle. But as soon as she resigns, she is put in the pasture room and now seems trapped in The Hub.

I Can Be Normal – Bennett, Byron

With Byron having little to no social intelligence, he uses a simulation in order to try to be better for Hazel and prep for what he sees as the inevitable. However, with Bennett by his side, he realizes the problem. Not his controlling and manipulative ways or the fact he doesn’t listen. No. It’s that he hasn’t been authentic, and The Hub didn’t allow Hazel to be. So, he decides, rather than adapt The Hub for Hazel, he needs to adapt to Hazel’s world. Which, of course, Bennett co-signs since he is an enabler, has a bit of a man-crush, and is rightfully scared of Byron.

An Attempt To Not Be A Deadbeat – Hazel, Herb, Judiff

After being gone over 13 hours, Hazel is a bit surprised Herb is sleeping soundly. Though considering he was usually passed out or drunk when she was coming up, it makes sense. Also, considering he’d rather deal with a sex doll than a human being, it further proves that Herb probably has the same, if not similar, issues to Byron. The only difference being, Herb doesn’t have the money to compensate for his need for control.

Judiff (Kym Whitley) being nosy
Judiff (Kym Whitley) being nosy

But, with Hazel guilting him about the type of father he was, he decides to call his old friend and former lover, Judiff. Now, what is she going to do? Well, with experience taking down every church within 20 square miles of Twin Sands, she believes herself capable of taking down corrupt individuals. After all, exposing churches for tax evasion, cooking books, and bad behaving priests? Even if she infiltrates them as a nun, that isn’t easy to do.

So with Hazel, she is planning to help her, but in no specific terms. However, with Byron distracted and Judiff taking precautions, her face isn’t recorded, just a name and a voice. Making it so, unlike Biff, she isn’t exposed and running for the hills. Though when it comes to Herb, it seems, while tempted to revisit an old thing, with discovering Diane, she may stick to the cloth.



How Ridiculous Byron Is

While Byron is a psychopath and dangerous, he is also hilarious as well. His sad ass attempts to come off normal makes you wonder if we may ever meet his parents or learn about his background. Because, don’t you want to meet the people who raised such an inept adult?

Some Form Of Hope For Hazel

It isn’t clear what, if anything, Judiff can do, but she makes for an interesting opponent for Byron. Plus, taking down a church isn’t an easy task and the fact she took out everyone in a 20-mile radius? That is saying something. So can Byron really handle a person who can shame and destroy religious organizations? If so, he may very well be unstoppable.

The Pasture Room

Fiffany in the pasture
Fiffany in the pasture

The pasture room has been mentioned before but not seen. So with Fiffany in there now, as punishment for trying to quit, it does lead you to wonder who else might be in there? Maybe Byron’s family? Exes before Hazel? What does the Pasture Room hold, and can people survive for long periods of time?

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