Marcus thinking

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What starts as a rather dull episode leads to a raised eyebrow as we learn Kian is dating a familiar face.

Aired 11/12/2021
Network HBO Max
Directed By Natalia Leite
Written By Leah Nanako Winkler, Amain Berhain


A (Digital/Mia) Detox – Marcus, Yogi, Kian

As we’ve seen, Marcus can be immensely annoying. At work, his pessimistic attitude leads to him taking two weeks off and with his friends? Honestly, him not being present is bothersome, but then following that up with whining about Mia is too much for Yogi and Kian. So, with Yogi wanting to get away from his family, get a chance to be a person before he is someone’s dad, he and the group agree to go camping.

Ain’t No Peace, Even In The Woods – Marcus, Yogi, Kian

Despite being away from it all, and Yogi snatching Marcus’ phone, the guys don’t chill out. Why? Well, because Kian decides to reveal he is dating Emily, which may take a load off of his chest, but it starts to bubble into some issues.

Kian revealing he is dating Emily

You see, Marcus, at first, because he is in his feelings about Mia, didn’t seem to care, nor Yogi. However, then it clicks in his mind, and he finds himself asking about Kian when he first realized he was attracted to Emily and recounting suspect moments, but he let them go.

Kian’s counter to this is noting that Marcus’ actions left debilitating baggage that Kian had to undo. For example, Emily moved into her parent’s basement and got a form of psoriasis because of the divorce. All of this pushes Marcus to take a walk and forget he had some chocolate infused with psychedelic mushrooms, while Yogi gets pissed that both are ruining what was supposed to be a chill weekend.

Truly Cleaning The Slate – Marcus, Yogi, Kian, Emily

Because Marcus was on mushrooms and had a bad trip, he threw his bike into a lake and spent most of his phone battery coming up with a regretful voicemail to Mia. Thus, he ended up lost and confused in the woods. Naturally, Kian and Yogi go look for him, but with Kian’s new fancy bronco breaking down because it was refurbished more so than new, that forces him and Yogi to walk the woods, and while they find Marcus, it is late at night. Leading to them sleeping in the woods and having no other choice but to call Emily to bail them out.

Emily wishing Marcus the best

As you can imagine, the reunion is awkward since Emily and Marcus haven’t talked since the divorce. Yet, things are cordial, probably since Kian has told Emily that Marcus has been suffering too. But, in the end, both wish the best for each other, and while any semblance of friendship they had isn’t recovered, at least it seems Marcus’ karma might be balanced again.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Could it be that Marcus had such a trash dating life because he always left someone worse than when he met them?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Based on previews for these episodes, it would seem Marcus’ voicemail will have an effect on Mia, and she is going to join him to see his ex’s play, based on their relationship.



Understanding Yogi

Yogi is an underutilized character on this show. He is married and might be struggling, but he seems like he should be Marcus’ guide through this. Granted, he is the one who told Marcus to have a ho phase, but he is also the only one who told him to step up when it came to potentially being a father. Which leads you to wonder, how did Yogi become this stable dude, with multiple kids and a marriage that, from the outside looking in, seems good? What’s his story?

Low Points

Kian Is Trash

I know the bro-code can be seen as toxic masculinity, but let’s not forget Kian is a trash individual. He invited Marcus to lunch in a past episode, only to make things awkward since he double-booked himself or just had Marcus come around for a warm-up. Then, lest we forget, he asked Marcus for money after that! Despite Kian being richer than the whole friend group and Marcus not necessarily leaving because he got his fill, but because Kian made him into a third wheel!

So Kian talking about the bro-code like it is something that should die-off was RICH! It was just because he didn’t want to admit that friends shouldn’t date friends’ exes! ESPECIALLY IF THAT WAS THEIR EX-WIFE!

But, on the flip side, Emily seems to be recovering, potentially happy, so despite how selfish Kian is, maybe there is a side of him exclusive to Emily.

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Marcus thinking
Love Life: Season 2/ Episode 8 “Yogi & Kian” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
Returning to focusing on Marcus is always a struggle, and with the first 11 minutes of this episode being such a bore, it made us long for Mia’s presence. But, the boredom turned to a grimace as Kian shook things up and made us wish Marcus pushed him in the lake. Though, at the very least, Yogi further made you wonder what goes on behind closed doors.
Understanding Yogi
Kian Is Trash

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