Love Life: Season 1 Episode 9 “Augie Again” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

Darby and Augie snuggled up.

With things better than ever in Darby’s life, it seems the return of Augie is just what the doctor ordered – but is it?

With things better than ever in Darby’s life, it seems the return of Augie is just what the doctor ordered – but is it?

Director(s) Stephanie Laing
Writer(s) Franklin Hardy
Aired (HBO Max) 6/11/2020
Introduced This Episode
Janet ?
Laurel Diana Irvine

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

A Chance Encounter – Jim, Laurel, Darby, Augie

It’s Thanksgiving, and, somehow, we’re still in 2017. Also, strangely, despite us never really seeing the two talk or hang out, Darby goes to Jim’s house for a friendsgiving – which leads to her meeting his new girlfriend, Laurel. However, the person who Darby really takes note of is Augie. Someone who remains very chill and with them ending things before because of a career advancement, before either know it, they are back together.

Now, as for what happened to Augie’s ex? Don’t worry about it. All that matters is he can give Darby orgasms, and he is so different from her that he is stimulating.

Laurel (Diana Irvine) at Jim's friendsgiving.
Laurel (Diana Irvine)

Does Mother/Jim Know Best? – Darby, Augie, Jim, Claudia

But then comes the issue that Augie is a little too self-righteous. Which, at first, wasn’t a notable issue. Take note, as a friend, Darby loves that about Augie. However, with talking to her mom and even Jim, it is agreed that, while Augie is lovable and generally cool, sometimes he is annoying as hell.

Do You Want The Good News Or Bad News? – Darby, Augie

However, with Augie being the father of Darby’s unborn baby, things get complicated. Yeah, after more than half a dozen pregnancy tests, Darby realizes she is pregnant. Which makes her yet another woman in her family to have a child unplanned but, Darby does have a rather good relationship with Augie.

Let it be known; however, she isn’t trying to stay with him for the sake of the kid. She, in fact, breaks up with him before noting she is pregnant and learns he was thinking of breaking up too. Oh, and, to be precise, Darby doesn’t tell Augie she is pregnant but presents him with the option of hearing good news or bad news. The episode ends on the bad news, which is Darby wants to break up. Leaving us to assume the good news will be her pregnancy.

Also Worth Noting

  1. Sara is in rehab.
  2. We meet Janet, Claudia’s mom.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Knowledge is subject to the context of a certain moment.
— Augie


Augie and Darby Still Are One Of The Best Matches

Augie and Darby laying on the floor.

When it comes to Darby and Augie, there is balance. Granted, they are proof that while opposites attract, that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually repel one another. For Darby has shown herself to like routine, small pops, and whatever will allow her stability. Augie, on the other hand, has shown that uprooting himself and traveling the country isn’t a big deal. So, with that in mind, they give each other what the other may not need in large or consistent, doses, but do on occasion.

Hence why they work in short spurts but, long term, not so much. Though, bringing Jim into this, I think that’s the point of Augie’s return. Some people get along well because they make up for what their childhood lacked, and it is easy to get comfortable and excuse what irritates you for they feel like a missing piece. However, while imperfect, most people find a way to fill that void and dealing with the compromise it takes to keep that void filled externally, it often isn’t worth it.

Take note of Jim and Sara. Jim gave Sara the stability her mother didn’t, and when it came to Jim, Sara was his Augie. She was exciting, a bit of a wild card, but not such a wild card he felt unsafe. More so, she keep things exciting.

However, there comes the point in life when you want exciting things to be planned, and while spontaneity has value, so does predictability. Having something to look forward to may trump surprises. Especially as you gain more and more responsibilities which make surprises things to adapt and deal with rather than enjoy.

How Far Claudia and Darby Have Come

Note, it has only been eight months, roughly, since Claudia visited Darby and look how far they have come. When Darby calls out her mom raining on her parade, it isn’t taken defensively. Now, Claudia listens and is capable of rerouting herself. Much less, with Sara gone, Darby’s first choice is talking to her mom! This is major since her mother was damn near an ominous figure before.


So, we saw Darby pregnant many episodes ago but didn’t know who did it. Now, being that it isn’t 100% clear how long Darby was with Augie, we assume it is him. But imagine if it is someone else. Imagine a new guy, in the last episode, also the last one we see Anna Kendrick since this is an anthology, making an appearance. Aren’t you excited to learn who the father is?

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