After a series of tryst, Darby gets a new boyfriend who seems like a keeper – seems being the keyword.

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After a series of tryst, Darby gets a new boyfriend who seems like a keeper – seems being the keyword.

Director(s) Craig Johnson
Writer(s) Brig Munoz-Liebowitz
Aired (HBO Max) 6/4/2020
Introduced This Episode
Magnus Nick Thune
Hunter Jackson Demott Hill
Claudia Hope Davis

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

New Love v. Old Love – Magnus, Sara, Jim, Darby

Magnus (Nick Thune) talking to Darby.
Magnus (Nick Thune)

After Danny helped Darby realize she could be cold-blooded, she kept things casual for a while, and Sara and Jim just took note and had side conversation about it. However, then comes Magnus, and with seeing this new love, with someone who has a background akin to Darby, things shift. He, like her, enjoys getting serious fast, and it is all good at first. Magnus is an up and coming sous chef at Maeve, doing the most and getting some praise for it, and Darby is doing well at her job. Her boss gets on her nerves, but can’t that be said for most people?

But, as they fall in love, talk about kids, moving in, and Magnus impressing Darby’s mom, Claudia, and little brother, Hunter, Sara is questioning things. In fact, the way she talks about her relationship with Jim is akin to a faded tattoo that has long lost its edge. Making it clear that, while comfortable, she isn’t necessarily in that honeymoon phase, and without a ring, it’s hard to say what’s next for them.

Goodbye Three Cardigan Darby, And The Good Times – Magnus, Darby

Though Sara’s reason for being envious of Darby doesn’t last long. For with Magnus losing his job and Darby getting promoted to working for antiquities, it tarnishes their dynamic. You see, what made Magnus so secure in their relationship is that he had a good job and could feel like the man in their relationship. However, once that wasn’t happening, and Darby was financially supporting both of them, it hurt his ego. Thus, he spiraled a bit, got further in debt, and the good times appeared to be over.

Do Grand Gestures Only Work In The Movies? – Darby, Magnus

Which is acknowledged by both and leads to a small row, but also a wakeup call for Magnus. One that appeared like it could cause Magnus to do a 180 turn. However, it just leads him to be more reckless, like getting a tattoo of Darby’s name on his chest and proposing. Neither of which seem like the best idea, considering how the relationship is at a downturn.


Magnus and Darby Were Really Cute

At the end of the day, what we want for Darby is to be happy, and unlike say, Zoey, from “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” you can see Darby is in a place to date, have fun, and not be reliant on her partner. Also, without any troubles in her personal life, she has the room for someone like Magnus who was going through something.

However, what we get with Darby is every way a relationship can go wrong, it seems. For Magnus, the issue was how men need to feel like they are equals, or more, in order to function in a relationship. An idea which isn’t new, but isn’t so much explored when it comes to relationships with both members in their 20s. So while things don’t go deep, you do have to admire the exploration of how, even with Darby having no gender role expectations, it negatively affected Magnus’ ability to be damn near perfect, as he was before.

Getting Some Insight Into Jim and Sara’s Relationship

Jim and Sara talking at a cafe.

With Jim and Sara, we’re getting to explore a long term relationship between two fairly young people. This is different from what we often see since these two don’t appear to be high school sweethearts, and unlike Darby and her past suitors, they effectively are equals. Now, granted, it seems Jim has a strong family connection while Sara has an uneasy loyalty to her mother. But with us learning how she is starting to feel the relationship is becoming routine, it makes you question a few things.

For one, it is noted by Jim they don’t talk about their past much, and with them together all these years, it makes you wonder why? Following that, slowly, but surely, it is hard to not wonder, as we see Darby talk to Magnus about kids, a home, and things like that, what happened to Sara and Jim having those conversations? Are things getting dull simply because there isn’t any notable future, just a present that isn’t driving either? It’s just, as said in a previous recap, comfortable?

Low Point

Mallory Remains A Token

How is it we’re now 4 episodes in, and Mallory has barely grown at all? Does she not get into meaningful relationships? Does she not have something to say which can’t be taken negatively? Is she just a roommate, not a friend, as Sara is to Darby? Are we expecting too much just because she lives in the same household?

With HBO Max deciding to release “Love Life” episodes three at a time, instead of once a week, because that makes sense for a subscription service you pay for, hopefully, we’ll learn more about her soon.

Mallory Remains A Token - 64%
Getting Some Insight Into Jim and Sara's Relationship - 82%
Magnus and Darby Were Really Cute - 83%


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