Let The Right One In: Season 1/ Episode 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As the bullying intensifies for Isaiah, so does the case Naomi is investigating. Also, Zeke comes back into the fold and asks to see Eleanor.

Aired (Showtime) 10/21/2022
Episode Title Broken Glass
Director(s) Seith Mann
Writer(s) Laura Marks
Introduced This Episode
Abel Chance Smith

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It’s Time To Ask Questions – Eleanor, Zeke, Mark, Isaiah, Abel, Naomi

With Mark and Zeke back on good terms, and Mark trying to devise a contingency plan in case anything happens while he gets rid of Frank’s body, Zeke decides he wants to get involved. Not just in dumping Frank’s body in the river but in seeing his goddaughter again. Which he appreciates, and it opens the door to Mark and Zeke learning that thing with Isiah isn’t just about boredom.

Going by what Naomi says, the two are really becoming attached, and they text each other, face time before bed, and there might even be emotions developing. Hence why, when Eleanor sees Isaiah’s bruises caused by Abel and his friends, Eleanor decides to confront Abel and even breaks his finger. Mind you, by accident, but between that and watching over Isaiah as he sleeps, you can see Eleanor is developing the kind of feelings which could become dangerous.

Abel (Chance Smith) posting a video, explaining how to steal
“Abel (Chance Smith) posting a video, explaining how to steal,” Let The Right One In, “Broken Glass,” directed by Seith Mann, 2022, (Showtime)

After all, part of Mark’s reason for isolation isn’t just about keeping Eleanor safe but knowing her strength and what she could do.

Good Riddance – Matthew, Peter, Claire, Arthur

Arthur dies, and with that, Claire works on destroying his existence from the house. Peter co-signs this, but with Matthew being a veteran who Arthur took in and helped, he doesn’t feel that what Claire is doing is right. But, with her being his employer and him producing the drugs that were banned by the FDA to keep the house and everything Peter needs going, he doesn’t argue.

The Life I Live Weighs Heavy – Naomi, Mark, Zeke, Roland, Ben

During their investigation, Naomi and Ben end up in the sewers and confront someone who is using the drug Roland has out on the streets. They attack Ben, and Naomi being forced to kill them weighs on her. As she is processing that, Mark is trying to ignore knowing who Frank was after he dumped his body, with Zeke’s help, into the river, with Roland watching in the distance.

But, despite that action, Mark finds himself growing closer to Naomi. Yes, she is a homicide investigator, and with Mark, like an idiot, writing down the name of everyone he killed, it makes her learning too much about him dangerous. But their kids get along and just as much as Eleanor needs a friend, so does Mark. Especially one he has a fresh slate with since Zeke is still trying to process all Mark does and did.

Mark offering his ear to Naomi if she ever needs it
“Mark offering his ear to Naomi if she ever needs it,” Let The Right One In, “Broken Glass,” directed by Seith Mann, 2022, (Showtime)

So, you can see a friendship forming over talking about their kids and Mark cooking for Naomi.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Eleanor find Abel so easily?
  2. What kind of pull does Abel have to get a kid to set up Isaiah who isn’t part of his group?
  3. Are Matthew and Roland associated?
  4. How did Eleanor’s grandparents feel about her being snatched away and taken to random places throughout the world?
  5. So Peter, even after all his father did to try to cure him, didn’t find a way to move past Arthur’s neglect?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Abel spreading the news about what Eleanor did to him and finding more covert ways to bully Isaiah over stopping
  2. Eleanor likely killing Abel or one of the other kids
  3. Peter attacked Claire (this is wishful thinking since I don’t like the character)
  4. Naomi falling for Mark



Isaiah’s Performance

If there is one reason I’m glad this show has multiple storylines going on at once, it is just because I couldn’t watch Foreman get bullied for an entire episode. Whether it was triggering or just seeing a character like Isaiah, unjustly, get bullied, bruised, and pushed to a form a desperation, it was hard to watch. But, admittedly, it furthered your understanding of why he latched onto Eleanor so quickly.

If you’re bullied to the extent he is, someone willing to go out of their way for you and show up means the world to you. Add in she is consistent, picks up his calls, responds to his texts, and also wants to hang out? She is that silver lining. She is his reason to not give in to his potential dark thoughts or even give up the thing he loves, which is magic.

Seeing The Tax Naomi Pays For Her Job

We don’t know what led Naomi to go from being a singer to a cop, beyond a paycheck and job stability. However, it is clear that, as much as she can handle seeing a dead body and dealing with victims, taking a life is a whole other thing. That is where you see the line get crossed for her, and the capacity she has for everything else in her life tip over.

Now, I won’t say Rose created the same emotional response Foreman did with Isaiah being bullied, but how taxed and how she was suppressing her emotions and finding more relief through Mark than drinking, it was notable.

Low Points

Claire and Peter

Arthur's Portrait, before Claire takes it down and sets it on fire
“Arthur’s Portrait, before Claire takes it down and sets it on fire,” Let The Right One In, “Broken Glass,” directed by Seith Mann, 2022, (Showtime)

I don’t know if it is their privilege, but nothing about these two are an asset to the show to me. Increasingly, their place feels like it is solely because someone didn’t think you could have this be about a Latinx and Black family. You had to have at least one White family too, who weren’t villains.

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Isaiah trying to hold back tears, as he asks Eleanor how she did her trick
Let The Right One In: Season 1/ Episode 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
While Peter and Claire are both now cancers in the show, between Eleanor and Isaiah’s families and their struggles, “Let The Right One In” has more than enough to compensate for its liabilities.
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Isaiah’s Performance
Seeing The Tax Naomi Pays For Her Job
Claire and Peter

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