Insecure: Season 1/ Episode 7 "Real as Fuck" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview For the gains Issa gets at her job she has an equal amount of losses in her personal life. Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) Main Plot (with Commentary) So You Think I Need Therapy? – Molly & Issa So after Molly tells Issa that…


For the gains Issa gets at her job she has an equal amount of losses in her personal life.

Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

Main Plot (with Commentary)

So You Think I Need Therapy? – Molly & Issa

So after Molly tells Issa that their college RA has gone into therapy, Issa nicely says maybe Molly should consider it. After all, Molly has some underlying issues with men and maybe talking to someone who isn’t her friend but is a professional could help right? Well, as seen with her thoughts on Jared’s one time experience, while Molly is a very educated woman, she still has a lot of outdated and almost stereotypical views about the world and aspects of it. For, to her, therapist are fake ass friends and she wants no part of it. However, Issa even mentioning she should perhaps look into it makes it so Molly starts to become aggy and even more shady than Tiffany. Someone who we know can’t go beyond an underhanded compliment when it comes to Issa. Especially when it comes to her outfits.

Knife Tongue – Issa, Molly, and Daniel

Ok, it is the day of the fundraising event for “We Got Ya’ll” and Issa has been the boss for everything. She got the catering, she got this nice place in Baldwin Hills, a home owned by a Black dentist so the kids have something to aspire to, and her boss Joanne is overall impressed. Problem is, Daniel and Lawrence are both at this party and after Daniel has been ignored for three weeks, he wants some answers. He wants a face to face conversation. Leading to Issa’s first throat slit of the night which has her saying Daniel was just an itch she needed to scratch. Which to me was messed up but hilarious! For while she didn’t say it with any sort of malice, you can tell Daniel, knowing she had a boyfriend, is hurt and has this expression which makes him realize he was less than a side piece. He was like a condiment. Some hot sauce to give Issa’s life a temporary kick.

Then, following that, with Molly being on edge because of the whole therapy thing, she and Issa have it out. Though while Molly tries to throw some bows with talking about how much Issa whines and complains about her job and man, Issa throws up at least she can keep one. Which, no matter what Molly said previously, it made it clear Issa won this round. Though, in the long run, did she really?

When It All Falls Apart – Molly, Jared, Issa, and Lawrence

With Molly dealing with the wound Issa opened up, once more she turns to Jared to heal her ego. However, being that she doesn’t know how to communicate her feelings, all she does is make it sound like she is willing to settle for him. Which, after everything Molly has done, Jared doesn’t have the time or energy for more BS. So, the door slammed in the face.

Then with Issa, Lawrence may not have been that familiar with who Daniel was previous to that day, but with him doing some investigative work and putting two and two together, he figures out who Daniel is. Thus leaving one question: Did Issa have sex with him. She pauses, he gets pissed, he tries to leave, she tries to stop him, and so comes the usually calm dude seeming like he could pull an Ike Turner. Luckily he can get past her though and with that Issa, in one day, switches the status of her job and personal from on edge to secure and vice versa.

Things To Note

Lawrence got the job! It is at a tech company named Meridian which is a bit behind the technology he was working on with his app “Woot Woot.” However, with Issa not seeming keen on supporting him solely focusing on his app, he seems to shut down the idea of getting back to his app and perhaps blowing Meridian out of the water.


When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Both what Issa said, and how Molly took it, was a sight to see. For one, Issa doesn’t come off as the type who would cut that deep, especially when going against a hood girl like Molly. Yet through that argument, you see how much they mean to each other for they knew which scar to rip at and to dig in the knife. However, there is something which happens sometimes when you argue with friends. Through the pain of what they said, you can sometimes find the truth and address it. That is what Molly did.

When it comes to Issa though, and Molly saying she doesn’t deserve Lawrence, we probably won’t see the full effects until the next episode. Which sadly is the season finale.

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