Overview As Molly comes to her senses, Issa loses her damn mind. Review (with Spoilers) I promise to go back to the whole 1000 word or less goal with this, but people who read this blog… If you could see the dead stare I had as Issa did certain things. It’s like… this is the…

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As Molly comes to her senses, Issa loses her damn mind.

Review (with Spoilers)

I promise to go back to the whole 1000 word or less goal with this, but people who read this blog… If you could see the dead stare I had as Issa did certain things. It’s like… this is the episode which should have been “Thirsty as Fuck” in terms of both Issa and Molly. But let’s move on and talk about “Shady as Fuck.”

Main Plot (with Commentary)


Things have been going well with Chris. He sleeps over, he is nice, accomplished, but they don’t really have titles yet. Making things a bit awkward for both when Molly asks Chris to come to Diane’s engagement party. You can tell he is iffy about it, yet you aren’t sure how things may go. There is this possibility he is going to be this man of her dreams and Jered perhaps the best friend who never got to be the boyfriend. But then again, Chris could show his cards like everyone else.


Well, being that this episode is about flipping the script a bit, Chris turns out to be another dude who isn’t on the fast track Molly is on. What I mean is, could he have eventually evolved to her boyfriend and all that? Maybe. Problem is, Molly wants to have the guy in her life commit, propose, marry and then kids. She is looking for a life mate more so than a fling or boyfriend. Which, unfortunately for her, isn’t where Chris was at.


Heck, arguably Jered isn’t there either, but he has made himself available to the idea of dating at least. That’s a win, right? Hence why Molly ends up at his house, drunk, and while being 2nd pick is a turn-off, to the point Jered was going to leave her ass outside his door, she was drunk. So while he wasn’t happy with her, he gave her a place on the couch to sleep it off. Leaving you wondering how that conversation is going to go in the morning. Is she going to maybe give him a chance or is she going to walk back her offering herself to him?


Broken Pussy is going to become viral. The middle school kids love it but with that comes the question of how will Issa’s boss react? It is already disrupting whatever she tries to do with the students, and then comes the trouble which is Daniel. He was supposed to help find the person who recorded the video to get it taken down but what ends up happening is she goes with him to the studio, they reminisce, she raps a bit, and then kissing leads to underwear dropping.




With this it is hard to not roll your eyes especially as Lawrence seems to maybe be thinking about marriage, he curves Tasha who seemingly didn’t know he was dating someone, and he is trying to do better. Yet, Daniel is the one who got away and it isn’t something quick and simple either. There are multiple positions and you can tell whatever guilt Issa seemingly has, it is only because Lawrence was rebounding. Otherwise, pshh! There would have been another round and some cuddling. That is if Issa didn’t put it down and put Daniel to sleep. Go head Issa.



So, About The Cheating and Desperation

Granted, we knew Molly and Issa were messy, petty, and just everyday people, but urgh. One of the things that made this show so cool is it danced on that border between original and usual network TV drama. So with Lawrence curving Tasha I was hoping Issa could do that with Daniel. For while, granted, if Lawrence was still screwing up I wouldn’t care. However, homeboy is trying to do better and at least got some kind of job. Maybe not what he wants or experience/ education wise he deserves, but it is something. So this whole, high school sweetheart who never was thing is just bleh. And I will be so mad, like punching my hand as I talk mad, if Daniel ends up like Chris. Where he probably just wanted to hit it and then go back to that whole “But I’m not looking for a relationship though” type of BS.


As for Molly? With her, I’m not as disappointed, yet the whole Chris and Jered situation gives me pause. For while a part of me wants to see messy Molly, at the same time I kind of want to see that in her being a girl from the hood who can code switch. Like, I really wish that Molly who hanged out with the cops and just about all walks of life was shown a bit more. But, getting back on point, I want to see what happens with her and Jered. He is a good dude and perhaps just a work in progress. Like Lawrence I guess. Though with Molly in her career and Issa in her’s, maybe that is the problem. Their men, or love interest, got a job while they have careers. Which perhaps is what makes them still loyal, to a point, and in love, but not at that point where they are honestly happy.


With that said, I can’t wait to see what happens first: Lawrence proposing or Issa admitting to full-on cheating.

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