Insecure: Season 1/ Episode 2 "Messy as Fuck" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview Dating is hard, especially when it seems the end result of any date, even the first one, seems to just be guys wanting to get laid. So does Issa really want to return to that world? The one which lacks commitment, or will she stay with her bum of a boyfriend? Much less, she…


Dating is hard, especially when it seems the end result of any date, even the first one, seems to just be guys wanting to get laid. So does Issa really want to return to that world? The one which lacks commitment, or will she stay with her bum of a boyfriend? Much less, she has that presentation to get to.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: I Deserve To Be Loved – Part 1 (Molly)

Her co-worker is getting married, Issa’s insecure self has a man, why can’t Molly? Is her girl downstairs really broken? I mean, Molly can get a date, she has dates on a regular basis, but she wants a partner, a lover, a friend, a MAN! What is the problem here?


With Molly’s story, I love the fact that her dating issues aren’t stemming from her not being light skinned with a video model body. It is simply because all that seems to be available are boys who want to get down but not stay after. But, to add onto what I like about Molly, while she wants romance and a relationship, at the same time if he is cute and wants to have sex she will get down. She isn’t uppity and with a dog named Flavor Flav and her hood background, I’m reminded why I love this show so much and hope I will throughout the whole season.

Topic 2: I Deserve To Be Loved – Part 2 (Lawrence & Issa)

Poor Lawrence. He, sort of like Earn in Atlanta, seems to have potential, but only he seems to know it. With that exclusive insight, it leaves his girl questioning the state and future of their relationship. What makes things worse though is Issa dodging Lawrence to the point he even calls Molly just to reach Issa.


I always found it interesting that when we are witnesses to relationships like this, usually the guy is the bum and the girl is the one achieving her goals and seems to have her stuff together. That thought aside, what exactly is Lawrence’s problem? Why doesn’t he have a day job as he works toward this business? Much less, why in the hell is Issa living in an apartment building (?) where they got gang members? For while I doubt Issa is really going to touch on the topic, be it housing or a thug raising a child, you have to wonder if in pursuit of not trying to make another bougie character she decided to add an element which is very non-suburban.

Topic 3: Are You Really Invested In What We Do Here? (Issa)

Issa was supposed to show initiative, be more than a token but provide insight into what this slew of well-meaning outsiders don’t get. Yet, when it comes to preparing her presentation, she decides she is just going to wing it. Thus leading to the type of performance in which her boss, Joanne (Cathrine Curtin), questions if she is invested in her job and requests if she isn’t to find what she can be passionate about. Leaving Issa to almost a stutter as she tries to reassure Joanne of her commitment to the organization.


Being that Insecure pretty much is Awkward Black Girl with a budget, you have to wonder if pretty much, outside of Lawrence, is she just remixing everything? Much less, with this show more so focusing on her personal life, will we get to see her, or even Molly, flourish at their jobs? We know Molly is accomplished, but will we see her in the courtroom or negotiating with the opposition? Or is this simply not that type of show?


  • Molly

You have to admire that, despite this really being Issa Rae’s opportunity to shine, there is such an investment put into Molly as a character. To the point that, arguably, at times, Molly upstages Issa. If only because as familiar as Issa is, the actor, writer, director, and etc, it seems Molly is written to be more than a comedic character. With her being set professionally but drowning in her personal life, as Issa handles the comic side Molly handles the drama and between the two, Molly’s performances are stronger than the jokes and comedic situations Issa has.

·         It’s Not All About Men, Kinda

The show does heavily focus on Issa and Molly trying to find love and a fulfilling relationship, but at the same time we are let in on, even if just as a reminder, how good Molly is at her job. Then, with Issa, we get the opposite. We get to see someone struggling and it is like there is a serious pursuit of showing different angles to uncommon characters as if this maybe the last chance we may ever get to see people like them.

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