As the titles of the episode become the best way to summarize each one, so begins the need to side eye both Issa and Molly.

Review (with Spoilers)

Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of this year’s quality Black television is the varied views and conversations which previously were rare occurrences. For whether it was the viewpoints of the Black church, and some of its potential scandals, on Greenleaf, the viewpoints of working class Black folk on Atlanta, or even the recent conversation of Queen Sugar dealing with the Landry family among showing reformed drug addicts, convicts, and etc. Then there is Insecure which provides the viewpoints of young Black women, as well as their friends. And while Insecure arguably is lighter in tone than the aforementioned shows, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t touch on topics which need more circulation.

With that said, let’s talk about “Guilty as Fuck.”

Main Plot (with Commentary)


Um, why didn’t she give Jered a chance again? She gets dogged out by guys with money yet his rent a car behind is the one she goes to once rejected. I can swear I’ve seen this story before but apparently, Molly missed that one. Oh well, she is the happiest she has ever been. He blows her back out, is easy to talk to and then he reveals he got head from a guy when he was 20. With that, she dries all the way up and is so uncomfortable. She brings this up to Tiffany, Issa, and Kelli and the feedback is not all that helpful. Issa, in theory, doesn’t see the problem but it is one thing to talk about other people’s situations vs. it being you own. For while between her and Kelli, there is an agreement about letting men experiment and screw hetero-normative behavior, again there is that whole question of what makes a man gay?

A rather interesting question and one hopefully that can be explored outside of the realm of the LOGO channel. Especially in terms of Black men being the focus (which reminds me I need to watch Noah’s Arc one of these days). That aside, it seems Molly, as much as she likes this guy, she can’t deal with his past. For while she too experimented with the same sex, it’s different.


Like Jered did with Molly, Issa had her back blown out and while she may have left him sleeping on the couch, she is the one having mad flashbacks. I’m talking about, Lawrence can try but then the simplest trigger brings Issa back to the studio. Which is awkward as hell since Lawrence is really doing good right now. He gets the “Broken Pussy” video taken down, he maybe getting a good job in Santa Monica, and he went ring window shopping with Issa. I mean, the appreciation is going both ways with her thanking him for getting the video taken down and he wants to thank her for sticking by him at his lowest.

Making this curveball coerce you to a Florida Evans and repeat “Damn, Damn, DAMN!”


The Double Standard

Bi-phobia is real and very much alive in general but in the Black community? HA! You better be careful who you come out to. For while accepting of the YAASS and queerdom to a certain degree, there are quite a few instances where homophobia rears its ugly little head. This episode showed one of the ways through the one-time rule in which pretty much if a dude had sex with another man once, he gay. Oh, he still messes around with women? Then he’s DL. It’s unfortunate but with the country just being at the point of tolerating gay men, do you really think those who find both primary genders attractive are going to be anywhere near looked at without distrust or a side eye? Especially if both sides of the relationship aren’t on the spectrum? Though, even then, lesbianism and sexual fluidity is accepted when it comes to women since it has been sexualized. So who knows if Molly was even a little about that life, past her experimenting in college, if she would feel differently. Especially with her definition of a man not including a past like Jered’s.

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