Just as Lawrence’s relationship with Issa is recovering, here comes Daniel. Meanwhile, Molly is still trying to find someone of status to commit to her as Rasheeda seemingly became her problem.

Review (with Spoilers)

There is nothing to really roar about when it comes to this episode. It has its cute moments here and there, the kind which make you want to roll your eyes, but there is no reason to gush and fangirl or boy. With that said, let’s go more into “Thirsty As Fuck.”

Main Plot (with Commentary)


As Issa asks Molly, why is it that exes pop up when things are going good? Daniel comes to Issa’s job and it is just to apologize. Something he could have did with a phone call or even a text. With this apology comes Issa’s mind getting a little messed up for while Lawrence is now working and they are having intimate moments, that lingering “what if though?”


While Molly may still be hanging out with Jered, who she seemingly is growing close to, he still doesn’t make enough money or have a respectable job. So, thanks to that, she is still going on dates with men on her professional level. Leading to a gentleman named Chris (Jidenna) who may just be the right fit. He’s a lawyer and can understand the recent awkward position she has been put in.

You see, our favorite girl Rasheeda is starting to be a bit too much for the partners, so it seems. For with one of them, Hanna (Heather Mazur), asks Molly to speak to her, it appears that despite her accomplishments and her being hired as she is, some don’t appreciate it. Thus putting Molly in a rather odd position for she did talk to her previously, but doesn’t want to seem like she complained to upper management. So, based on some advice from Chris, she wiggles her way out of it by basically saying, in my thoughts, “Hanna, if you have a problem with Rasheeda then you should speak to her directly.” With that, we see Molly leaving the office and Rasheeda in a huge meeting looking worried.

Though, I should note, with Molly noting how she kind of feared Rasheeda taking her job, who knows if that worried look may have been from her getting reprimanded, fired, or put in a position where she may either take Molly’s job or come on board over her.

Things To Note

Thanks to Daniel, the kids learn about the “Broken Pussy” freestyle.

Tasha pops up again and it makes you wonder how long her and Lawrence have been friends.


Broken Pussy About To Go Viral

The kids have learned about the song and sure to make it well known amongst the students who We Got Ya’ll serve. Leading you to wonder what may come of this? A viral video, a reprimanding, working with Daniel on something? I mean, she is the one who got him into music and he seems good at it. So can’t you foresee this going viral and her working with him on a follow-up? Especially as she becomes frustrated with work, Molly, or even Lawrence?


Relationship Drama

Speaking of Lawrence, can we not get a love triangle going? Ain’t nothing wrong with Issa having fantasies, but please let’s not have her and this show start mimicking the network TV drama it feels like an escape from.

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