I Am Not Okay With This: Season 1 Episode 6 “Like Father, Like Daughter” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 6 “Like Father, Like Daughter”

The truth about Sydney’s father is revealed, and it sets up a fearful future for Sydney.

The truth about Sydney’s father is revealed, and it sets up a fearful future for Sydney.

Directed By Jonathan Entwistle
Written By Christy Hall
Aired (Netflix) 2/26/2020

Plot/ Recap

A Threat Like No Other: Brad, Sydney, Dina

Sydney telling Dina that Brad cheated on her ended their relationship, but it seems it isn’t just them and Jenny who know about the affair. The whole school does, and with that, Brad is PISSED! So pissed he threatens Sydney to stay away, and she has to control herself from hurting Brad. Though, even with the ability to fend off Brad, trying to fend off Dina wondering what did happen in the library is much harder.

Brad threatening Sydney.

In fact, after keeping it secret, it seems the already hurt Dina decides she may need a break from Sydney. Which you know hearts Sydney’s heart to no end.

He Just Won’t Quit: Stanley, Sydney

And it also makes Stanley continuing to pursue her annoying. But what do you expect? Stanley knows Sydney may have an interest in other people, but it isn’t made clear whether Stanley is out of the running or whether Sydney doesn’t like guys. The only thing that has been made clear is Sydney can be a bit hot and cold. So when she outright acts like a ass****, Stanley finally decides to just move on to someone who might reciprocate his feelings.

A Downward Spiral: Liam, Maggie, Sydney

Speaking of feelings, Liam is in his feelings since Sydney approaching Richard in episode 3 bites Liam in the butt. How? Well, while he is trying to ask some girl out, Richard beats him up and embarrasses him. All of which he blames on Sydney and with that, Sydney goes to a dark place. One that makes it so she needs to know what happened with her father since she is picking off friends and those closest to her left and right.

This leads to her finding a lockbox and, for the first time, having some realm of control over her powers. Thus unlocking the box and her and learn pieces of the truth. Of which includes army fatigues. But, the whole truth comes in the form of Maggie revealing, in the kindest way possible, Sydney’s father was in the marines and suffered from PTSD. Not just because of what the US military usually does but because something strange was going on. The type of things Sydney is going through, and it seems the final straw for Sydney’s dad was a huge explosion he caused that killed civilians, his unit, but left him alive. With that, his guilt weighed on him too much, and so he killed himself.

Sydney reacting to the truth about her dad.

Oh, and Maggie notes Sydney’s dad felt like he was being followed too. Which could explain Sydney’s diary going missing for either Liam took it or this mystery figure. Though, who knows, maybe Maggie found it and went to the basement out of fear Sydney would do just as her father did.

Review/ Commentary


Learning What Happened To Sydney’s Dad

*Sigh* is it just me or does it seem this show isn’t that adventurous? Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing what happened to Sydney’s dad and the invoking of what PTSD can do to a person, soldiers especially, is worth noting. It’s just hard to note wish for more. Be it more of an emotional impact, more visuals, just something to give this a bit more oomph. Heck, even a better build would have been nice, especially considering Maggie and Sydney’s relationship.

On The Fence

Stanley Finally Moving On

Am I glad Stanley moved on? Yes. However, there is a need to question that, if he isn’t operating in Sydney’s orbit, will we get to see him be happy with another girl? Outside of Liam, and just to set up him being angry at Sydney, it is rare to focus on the supporting characters as individuals for an extended amount of time – unless it leads to them interacting with Sydney.

Dina Mad She Doesn’t Know The Truth

Dina posturing.

As said with the last episode, Dina is such a thinly developed character that her being cheated on or huffing and puffing to Sydney doesn’t elicit much of a reaction. I mean, it is unfortunate Syd’s crush is mad at her, but, again, Sydney has so much going on that Dina’s trust issues don’t create sympathy or any notable feelings.

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  • Plot and Dialog - /100
  • Character Development and Performances - /100
  • Visuals and Sound - /100
  • Pacing - /100
  • Value For Intended Audience - /100
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