Humans: Season 2/ Episode 2 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview As many of the synths pursue normalcy, if not safety, the humans remain flustered with not only the effect they have on their lives but trying to understand them. Review (with Spoilers) Being that it has been so long, I can’t say if the first season of Humans was overly exciting or not. What…

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As many of the synths pursue normalcy, if not safety, the humans remain flustered with not only the effect they have on their lives but trying to understand them.

Review (with Spoilers)

Being that it has been so long, I can’t say if the first season of Humans was overly exciting or not. What I do know is that episode 2 has left me in a rather dull state. Not to the point of questioning if I’ll continue the season or not, but I must admit I don’t feel like there is much to be excited about. Similar to Westworld you know there are very few roads the show can go and with that goes some of the excitement. Especially since the secret is out. Yet the characters, while none really a standout, the ensemble does make for a likable cast you want the best for. Perhaps being the main, if not sole, reason for continued loyalty. With all that said, let’s speak on episode 2.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Dr. Athena

While the good doctor still has such a distaste for how commercial Milo’s company is, especially in regards to the wealth of things synth technology and AI can do, she remains. After all, he is providing her sentient life. Something so curious to a woman who has spent her life, perhaps, trying to get AI to the point of solving multiple issues in the world. So imagine a brain like her AI V being capable to not only handle big data but also to feel?

Leading to a question which is whirling in my head. Considering how the doctor makes it seem she doesn’t really have anyone, you have to wonder if V is simply an AI? I mean, it could be like how Dr. Millican was with Odi (Will Tudor). For those who may not remember, Odi was there during the doctor’s better times in life and that is what made it so hard to let him go. So, who is to say V isn’t the same for Dr. Athena? Heck, with her trying to give her a body, a part of me wanted to question if V maybe more than simply a long running project. Not that I think the science of the show has reached Transcendence levels, in which you can move human conscious to a computer, but something feels off. But, then again, it could just be V is the closest thing to having a child Dr. Athena has.

Leo, Max, Hester, Karen, and Anita (Mia)

Like Niska, there is some pursuit of normalcy with this group. The problem is, the avenue being used to obtain such is littered with problems. For Anita, there is an issue sometimes with not going beyond what is asked. In this episode, the problem is she does what Ed doesn’t ask her to. Granted, it is with good intentions, but with her lying and committing fraud, while she gets him a lofty loan it also reveals she is sentient. Which, despite how Ed treated her in the past, there lies this familiar example of the difference between tolerance and acceptance. He can tolerate synths because they save him money, but one lying on his behalf, one that can feel her skin being burned? Nah. That is unacceptable.

Yet, as seen with Hester, this is going to become a regular issue. One which we learn some new organization, which has this place called “The Silo” is trying to keep under wraps. Which Leo can’t really fight against for he is using Max to hack people and pick up on their searches. But the overall problem it seems, especially to Mia, is how will they, i.e. Leo, Max, and her, be able to acclimate and educate these basically newly born synths? They barely have a handle on their own lives and now they are going to foster and mentor others?

Leading to the topic of Karen. She has become well-adjusted in terms of having a job, a love life, and yet she has an issue which bridges Anita and Niska. Said issue being, how to be your authentic self in a society which won’t accept you. For Anita, she wishes to show this caring, perhaps even maternal side, even when masquerading as just another synth. She can’t help it. For Niska, her mind is where she can’t understand why would she do such a thing. Mind you, her emotions aren’t at the point of Anita’s to show this, but her words and actions exhibit this. Then with Karen, she is in the middle. She wants to feel and be loved, as seen toward the end of the last season and be treated as a human. Yet, at the same time, she is forced into pretending to be a synth and while it isn’t clear if this compromise is agreeable to her or not, appearances force her into this if she wishes for some form of normalcy. Especially in a world where the human work force is becoming obsolete.

Niska and Laura

Legitimacy. Setting a precedent. That is why Niska has turned herself in but unless Laura supports her as her lawyer, what will she become but the experiment of one of Dr. Athena’s English counterparts? Well, thankfully that doesn’t have to be asked. For while Laura is hesitant, she does end up helping Niska and so comes the question of how this may affect her future. I figure, likely, it will lead more synths, maybe even Leo and Max, to come out of the shadows. Yet, big picture wise, what then? What can the world do with synths who are emotionally and mentally awake? There is a lot of conversation, especially from Hester, who kills someone, about the abuse synths take and if Niska gets human rights, what does that mean when it comes to owners and their property? Will synths get the same pseudo rights as pets to not be abused? What about self-defense and things of that nature? In many ways, I think the legal aspect of synth rights maybe more interesting than the scientific aspects the show can offer this season. Even with this new mystery which is “The Silo.”

Things To Note

Mattie finds Odi and is in pursuit of reviving him. Which could lead to quite a few interesting things for she plans on making him sentient. So, considering Hobbs didn’t wipe him but just had his memories analyzed and sent him to the scrap yard, it should be interesting what Odi reveals about his former master.

On The Fence

The Silo

While no one can doubt this show needs a villain, something to give it some juice, can The Silo and those against Niska getting human rights, fit the bill? Can they become those we love to hate, can they become the type of odds which makes Niska’s storyline and that of Max and Leo interesting? I ask because Hobbs and his supporters, in retrospect, don’t stand out. Even with going over season 1’s reviews, I can’t remember anything jaw dropping or which really made you really fear Hobbs and the people he worked with. They were something to worry about, but not a serious threat. Which I think the show could use for things just seem a bit too mundane right now.

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