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Initial Thoughts

With the discovery of who Karen actually is, combined with the majority of the synths reuniting, it leads to the question of what is to come? The goal is for more synths, especially if you ask Niska, but as someone claims themselves as an enemy, and with Hobbs always lurking, could our favorite synths reach their goal? Much less, will they all end up surviving before all is said and done?

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: I Was Rejected – Beatrix (Karen)

We learn this episode that the synth known as Karen is actually named Beatrix. As for who that is? Well, that is Leo’s birth mother. However, it seems all Beatrix II is, is a synth. She isn’t a hybrid like Leo, and she wasn’t quickly welcomed into the family either. She, upon being introduced, was met with Leo’s scream and was quickly taken out to the woods. Dr. Elster couldn’t bring himself to kill her since she is the image of his wife. But, with him killing himself the same night, and everyone else leaving without her, feelings of abandonment settled in. What makes things worse, though, is that she is unable to kill herself due to her programming. So, after all the trauma she has lived through, it seems she is trying to find death, and make sure no synth can deal with the human suffering – leading to the topic of Niska.

Topic 2: Another Cruel Lesson Learned But Still So Much To Learn – Niska

As we have seen, while many of the synths seem to know who they are, and largely have settled into their personalities, Niska is still mentally growing and adapting. Something which has been seen by her interactions with Dr. Millican. In this episode, though, those lessons end. For with Beatrix showing up, asking to be murdered, and then learning Niska plans to create more sentient synths, we find Dr. Millican getting shot in an effort to save Niska. Leading to her experiencing what it is like for someone to sacrifice themselves for her, though with time short, she doesn’t have a huge amount of time to mourn. This is due to the cops being on the way.

But as her lessons with Dr. Millican end so begins her lessons with Sophie – yes Sophie. With Sophie, she learns what it is like to be playful, imaginative, and even how to deal with the curiosity of children. Something which is rather important for, per Fred, Niska seemingly was very much to herself with books back when her father was alive, so her interacting on this level is progress.

Topic 3: In The Process Of Protecting Your Own, Sometimes You Got To Screw Someone Over – Joe, Laura, Mattie, Leo, Fred, Niska, Max, and Mia

Though, just as things were getting good, they turn out bad again. First off, there is an awkward atmosphere over Joe being back, after him having an affair with Mia’s body; then comes Max being found, and him possibly being damaged beyond repair; everyone learning about Joe calling the cops, which lead to Max’s situation; and then Joe and Laura learning about Niska’s crimes. This combination of events makes it very taxing for everyone involved, especially Mattie. For while she and Leo weren’t instant friends, his encouragement has meant a lot to her. It has built up her confidence, and certainly has temporarily pushed away the doubt we saw in the beginning of the series about possibly being made obsolete.

Making it so when Joe and Laura, in a rare united front, decide to kick out all the synths, it brings her to quite a level of frustration. One which cannot really be addressed, or suppressed, since soon after Beatrix shows up, and following her are the cops and Hobbs who have everyone we have grown to know laying on the floor with guns over their heads.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know if it is because this is the first season, so a pattern can’t be referred to, or because I’m tired, but either way, I can’t even fathom how this may all end. I mean, Hobbs and his people likely are going to want to experiment on these synths, but between Niska and Fred murdering humans, and Fred shooting Hobbs (which seemingly is a forgotten incident considering how Hobbs moves), it does make me wonder if those two may end up offline. Much less, how will Leo be handled? After all, he pretty much is the future of humanity with him being a synth hybrid. So, will he be treated as a human or synth? Will he be forced to take responsibility or will the cops learn the truth?

I mean, considering Pete is following this case, and working with a journalist, he could possibly play a role in the series’ end and may end up exposing the sentients. Overall, it is rather hard to say what may or may not happen but I am quite excited.

Collected Quote(s)

“The pain you feel isn’t because of what you are, it’s the life you’ve had. But life can change, you can become better.”

—           “Episode 7.” Humans

Things To Note

Odi is going to be taken by Hobbs, his memories examined, and then it seems he may be scrapped.

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