Humans: Season 1/ Episode 3 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Introduction Three episodes in and I am as curious, yet satisfied, as when I first started watching. For with Mia making a short appearance, alongside more oddness from Anita; Niska pretty much going rogue; alongside Laura’s family pretty much making her seem crazy, there is so much to love and I’m barely scraping the surface…


Three episodes in and I am as curious, yet satisfied, as when I first started watching. For with Mia making a short appearance, alongside more oddness from Anita; Niska pretty much going rogue; alongside Laura’s family pretty much making her seem crazy, there is so much to love and I’m barely scraping the surface in this intro. For a better analysis, with spoilers, of course, look below.

Main Plot Analysis & Spoilers

Topic 1: Joyriding with Odi – Dr. Millican

Being that Vera is capable of grabbing Dr. Millican aggressively, and escorting him to his home, naturally he is trying to figure out ways to get the hell away from her every now and then. In the process, this time around, he also helps Odi escape out of hiding. Issue is, by trapping Vera into a room, forcing her to rip a doorknob from the physical door, he may have made things worse for himself. After all, with him not being the primary user, he must rely on his ability to trick Vera. Which, after doing so once before, likely will make it harder the next time and each proceeding try. Though considering Odi is who knows where in the woods, perhaps that adventure may have been Dr. Millican’s last hoorah. However, considering all the papers he has, which could be about synth technology, I doubt his storyline is suddenly going to become dull and depressing.

Topic 2: What A Strange Synth You are – Anita & Laura

Being that Laura doesn’t trust Anita farther than she can spit, naturally getting her the hell away from her house, and children, is a priority. However, with Anita saving Toby from a car crash, caused because he was riding his bike to stop his mom, it seems Anita has won over most of the family, even Mattie to a point. Thus making Laura feel humiliated and with Sophie continuing to ask for Antia, and now Joe looking at Laura like she is paranoid, it seems things have gone bad to worse.

However, while it seemed before like Anita may have been intentionally messing with Laura, now it seems that the bit of her which is still sentient, which exists deeply in her code, is what is leading to the odd moments. After all, in those weird care crash flashbacks we see Anita, as Mia, protecting a child and, arguably, Anita’s bond with Sophie is bringing such memories back to life to the point Anita is projecting on Sophie, for a lack of a better term. Though with Anita speaking as if she can be a better parent than Laura, again Laura finds herself wondering if this synth might be trying to replace her. Though Joe certainly isn’t helping by letting Anita/ Sophie overrule Laura when it comes to Sophie’s bedtime ritual. Making it so Joe is quite lucky Laura didn’t catch him awkwardly looking at Anita’s naked body, to assess her after the accident that is.

Topic 3: Are We Protected or Prisoners – Niska, Leo, and Max

With Niska killing a human comes Peter investigating the crime. Thus leading to his feelings about synth being clear: he doesn’t like nor support them. Though this is especially true at home for with Simon and Jill obviously having some sort of chemistry, and Peter being suspended due to roughing up a reporter, it seems Peter is on the verge of a breakdown due to synths.

As for Leo and crew? Well, there was an attempt to speak to Fred, which was denied, and now Niska is roaming around. Albeit, she does meet with Leo and Max, but it doesn’t seem she wishes to join them on the run. If only because she remains quite hurt that Leo left her stuck in that brothel and didn’t take her away. Thus leading to her leaving him, but not without a phone Max gives her to stay in contact. Which perhaps is a good thing since not only is Niska now an accused murderer, but it seems she is fine with the idea of killing again. In fact, she was going to kill this man named Greg, who she goes home with, after he seemed to have lied about being with a woman. Luckily though, Greg reveals the two hair ties in his bathroom are his daughter’s. Otherwise, pretty much Greg would have ended up much worse than the old man for Niska seemingly was going to stab him to death.

Leaving one last thing to talk about: Mia. Now, with Max and Leo still hellbent on finding her, Max is used to scrounge the web for any sort of lead. Something Mattie ends up providing for with her wanting to hack Anita, she ends up finding a way to let Mia out, if only for a few seconds. Thus scaring the daylights out of Mattie, and her uploading Mia’s root code looking for help. Which, naturally, Max sees, Leo quickly decodes, and now it seems Leo may soon be reunited with his beloved.

Things To Note

I’m very much wondering who is Tom to Laura and whether synths have anything to do with why we have no seen him within the last 3 episodes.

Also, I’m wondering what is the big deal among synths with sharing data? I mean, the current thought is, that sentients don’t share data for it could reveal who they are, or maybe infect non-sentients and possibly change their code. But, in general, I wonder what is with the data sharing practice? Are they simply mining data in order to become better synth? Could it be that their parent company collects data on people this way, and not sharing is a red flag of some kind? Or could I just be completely off? Either way, I see the sentient not sharing becoming an issue, or tell, in the future.

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