Introduction Humans continues to be quite an interesting series which almost reminds me of the early days of Orphan Black in terms of how interesting, and mysterious, its sci-fi elements are. And even with the series order only being 8 episodes, it seems the show isn’t neither going to race through all it needs to…

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Humans continues to be quite an interesting series which almost reminds me of the early days of Orphan Black in terms of how interesting, and mysterious, its sci-fi elements are. And even with the series order only being 8 episodes, it seems the show isn’t neither going to race through all it needs to mention, nor take a slow drawn out pace and possibly rush to the finish. Making for another rather enjoyable episode.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: What Vera Wants, You Do – Dr. Millican

With Odi forced to hide, it seems Dr. Millican is now forced to accept Vera into his life. Of which I remain unsure why, unless he would lose his insurance otherwise, but considering how Dr. Millican makes it seem he was one of the fathers of synths, it is rather odd how he is being treated. After all, while it is apparent his memories are fleeting, and he is in need of care, you’d think he would have the best care available and perhaps someone who looks like Odi, bright eyed and curious, trying to learn as much as they can from him. That is, as opposed to Vera who seems to fit the stereotypical Eastern Europe nurse who cares more about her job than what you necessarily want. Though with her forcing Dr. Millican inside, after he snuck out to see Odi, it does make you wonder if maybe Vera is really there to make sure his movements are watched and limited.

Topic 2: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Daughter – Laura, Anita, Mattie

With Anita continually making Laura feel like she is being replaced, Laura decides that while she may be losing her youngest daughter, she can still try to win the oldest one. How? Well, when Mattie decides, with Harun [1] to hack into one of the school’s janitor synths, Laura defends her child against the school’s administration and takes her shopping. Which I’m sure confused the hell out of Mattie, since her mom has been distant to the point of it making Mattie feel alienated, but this gesture seems to have had an effect on her.

Leading to perhaps the 2nd voice Laura needs for with Anita having won Sophie, Joe being happy to have her assistance, and becoming someone Toby surely would like to get to know better, Laura is largely outnumbered. Add in that Anita, arguably, remains sentient, and messes with Laura for her own pleasure, and you can see why Laura’s vendetta is far from petty. However, even with Anita showing signs she is sentient, per Silas, someone Leo confronts about Mia’s (aka Anita) fate, with her memory being wiped it is hard to say whether she may truly even be aware she is sentient. However, with her refusing to share with other synths, and speaking in manners which are quite odd, Laura decides she has to go. All the while, Sophie cries her little heart out.

Topic 3: Still Not Free – Niska, Fred, Max, and Leo

To begin, after a man tries to force her into perhaps the most perverted sex act she could experience, Niska decides she has had enough of the brothel and breaks the man’s neck, threatens her former owner’s life, and removes her tracking chip. Thus meaning for her, for now anyway, she is free. That is, of course, until her owner reports her and, in the process, begins removing the anonymity which protected the sentients.

As for Fred, he remains stuck in his head but capable of blocking others from coming in there too. Thus frustrating the hell out of his kidnapper, as well as his sponsors. However, being that this fight has lasted too long, it has been recommended to just try talking to Fred, which seems to be an idea that might be taken seriously.

Thus leaving Max and Leo. Now, for most of the episode they continue to be on the run, but first they stop at the aforementioned Silas’ warehouse, with Salim’s name as a means of starting conversation, and that is when they learn Mia has been wiped and, naturally, being that Leo has a thing for Mia, he goes off. A dumb idea since, considering Leo is already relatively injured, he is of no match for the relatively healthy Silas, much less his muscle. Add in Max who isn’t supposed to seem sentient, but naturally steps in, and once more Leo’s crew finds themselves possibly exposed. Luckily for Leo though, Silas gets arrested by the police, and given a one-two by Peter [2].

But, despite escaping, and Silas being arrested, the damage is done. In fact, it seems Leo technically died as Max was carrying him through the city, but thanks to the power of electricity, and what appears to be wires coming out of Leo, he gets revived. Leading to the question if perhaps Leo is a hybrid of some kind? Either way, his brothers, and sisters, as he calls them, remain separated from one another, and with each passing day, their risk of discovery continues to climb. Leading you to wonder if by episode 8, will they find freedom, a means to effectively blend in for life, or perhaps come to the end of their collective cycle?

Things To Note

[1]: Harun, so we learn, is far less talented than Mattie and doesn’t think much of himself. However, his loyalty, and listening skills, seem to have perhaps won Mattie over in some way. Which is more than an assumption since she does kiss him. Now, as for whether she is going to date this nice Egyptian boy, that is much harder to say since I can’t say whether the kiss was a thank you, a pity kiss, or perhaps her signaling she may have some sort of romantic interest in him now.

[2]: To fill in some details I don’t believe were mentioned in the pilot, Peter, alongside partner Karen Voss, are detectives which seemingly deal with synth issues. Also, Peter’s wife Jill is someone dependent on a synth named Simon for her post surgery healing. Thing is, even with Peter and Jill still amicable as a couple, it is easy to tell Jill is getting used to Simon around the house. To the point you can tell, like Laura, Peter feels his position in the household is a bit threatened.

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