Humans: Season 2/ Episode 4 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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There is a certain beauty to revealing yourself and your intentions. However, as shown in this episode, there are often consequences for doing so.

Review (with Spoilers)

If I was to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t tell you what is driving me to keep up with this show. There is a lack of urgency, villains, and any sort of mystery, so I almost feel it is loyalty at this point. That and perhaps hope that whatever hook there was a year ago could return. Until then, let’s keep on keeping on and speak on episode 4.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Anything For Love – Niska and Mia

For both Mia and Niska, they are dealing with a relationship which is very much threatened. For Niska and Astrid, it seems even with Astrid believing Niska was human, it still isn’t enough for her to be deemed conscience and get the human rights she desires. Though what is the most interesting thing about the Niska case is a synth comes to Laura’s house, supposedly to check the meter, and it begins to threaten Laura about dropping the case and won’t leave till she confirms. Luckily Odi stepped in to turn it off, since Joe couldn’t, but with that you have to wonder who sent it? Especially considering what is revealed by Mattie and Joe.

But, before going into that, we must note that Mia and Ed are officially discovered by Ed’s friend and not just that Ed is having sex with a synth, but one capable of thinking for itself. With that, it seems all the fears of the government, and the people running Joe’s job, are nil. For this one man, who may likely seem crazy if he did reveal anything, is likely going to be part of a growing population who knows something is up. For even the cops are becoming increasingly aware that synths are not what they used to be.

The Awakening – Hester, Leo, Pete, Karen, Joe and Mattie

It is becoming clear as time goes on, the whole cover-up of conscious synths is going to become harder and harder to contain. However, even with that said, the powers that be, whether it is The Silo or other organizations, are trying their best to buy off whoever knows of conscious synths. Take the case Karen is on dealing with how a woman is paid 2x the worth of her synth to not talk to the police. Said synth was a domestic, one that Leo and crew were going to save, but so comes a new rift for Leo to deal with which loses another original member.

Hester, who is still dealing with some form of PTSD from when she wasn’t conscious, convinces Leo that rather than saving the synth to follow the inevitable Silo operatives to their home base. That way, rather than simply save one, they can potentially save them all. Max isn’t for this plan since, you know, he has sense, but Leo’s god complex, his pursuit of sainthood, has him following Hester. Leaving Max to abandon him for, like Mia, it seems Leo’s life is becoming more and more grandeur and that sense of normalcy he and Mia were in pursuit of, it is becoming a distant memory than an attainable goal. Leaving you to wonder, what will happen to Max who is now left on his own? Will he seek Mia, Niska, Joe’s family, or a whole other option?

Either way, it seems Hester may not be alone in his distrust and dislike of the majority of humans. For, so it seems after Mattie hacks Joe’s job, it was synths that got him fired and not a single human was involved. With this comes the question of were these synths like Niska and Hester or simply AI like Dr. Athena’s Vee who made this decision? Much less, was it all calculations and cost cutting or really a conspiracy to put more synths in positions of power with the illusion of human backing?

Transferring Consciousness – Dr. Athena and Mr. Khoury

It is clear Dr. Athena is onto something with transferring human consciousness to robotic hosts but with her discoveries comes the question of why does Mr. Khoury keep her around? After all, he didn’t hire her to turn man’s brain into code to be transferred into a machine. He is intrigued, but those results don’t seem as soon to be achieved as conscious synths. Yet then there is Leo.

Lest we forget, Leo is part synth in a way. He technically died, I believe by drowning, yet his father was able to save him by not just giving him robotic parts but crafting his memories into artificial programming and installing them. Something we know Dr. Athena wants for her daughter and to continue to receive Mr. Khoury’s funding she does her best to convince him of the prestige and money which could come with this. Officially, Dr. Athena has joined the dark side.

Things To Note

  1. Peter meets up with a synth seller named Connor and gets his butt whipped once it is figured out he wasn’t who he said he was.
  2. Sophie apparently has some synth mimicking disorder.
  3. Toby seems to be getting close to the Black girl who emulates being a synth and she breaks character by laughing around him. Now, as for why she is pretending to be a synth, that remains to be seen. For while it makes sense for Sophie, based on what her psych evaluation was, it is hard to be sure what Toby’s friend’s reasoning is unless it is to deal with trauma.

On The Fence

Big Evil

Between the possibility of more synths who think like Hester, but are far more organized than Leo, to someone within The Silo, or other organizations, threatening Laura to drop her case, I can only hope when the person or being behind this is revealed, they bring a nice shock to the show. For things are utterly mundane.

What's Your Take?

Negative Mixed Positive

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