Holiday Secrets: Season 1, Episode 3 “Eva’s Secret” [Series Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

As things come to an end, in more ways than one, the family finds themselves facing a new beginning.

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Ljubica, Lara, Vivi as Sonja scatters Eva's ashes.

As things come to an end, in more ways than one, the family finds themselves facing a new beginning.

Directed By Samira Radsi
Written By Katharina Eyssen
Air Date (Netflix) 11/20/2019
Introduced This Episode
Hans Maik Solach


1989: Olaf, Peter, Eva, Alma, Sonja, Ljubica

It was in 1989 that Peter was arrested and also 1989 when Olaf died. Believe it or not, the two events were connected since Olaf called the cops on Peter, and for getting Peter and their daughter arrested, Eva shot and killed Olaf. So that whole drowning thing? Yeah, that was a lie. On top of that, that lie was preserved by Ljubica, hence why, after Alma died, she still had a place to stay.

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  1. Was anything mentioned about how Sonja didn’t end up in jail as long as Peter considering she was arrested with him?

2004: Lara, Sonja, Eva, Vivi

Taking note she killed for her daughter and yet she still ended up a hot mess, you can imagine when Sonja had the audacity to ask to take Vivi, but not Lara, the answer was no. For as much as she and Vivi were kindred spirits, Sonja not also asking for Lara was a major issue. That and Eva knowing Sonja wasn’t really trying to raise any children. If anything, like so many parents, she would probably end up having Vivi take care of her after benders and after fights with whoever she is dating at the time.

Plus, the biggest thing of all: Sonja couldn’t provide stability. This Eva called out, and it leads to us realizing that Sonja asking for one of her daughters probably was all a manic wish more than anything else. For as soon as that wakeup check came in, she was off and leaving Vivi behind. Someone who, in return, had to answer to Lara about why she was going to be left behind.

Present Day: Ljubica, Vivi, Anton, Eva, Lara, Sonja, Moritz, Hans

Hans (Mail Solach) as he learns Peter isn't Vivi's father but him.
Hans (Mail Solach)

Alongside the discovery of Olaf’s remains comes Lara speaking up about how she feels. Of which we don’t hear anything too surprising. She notes she feels unheard and notes she doesn’t listen or try to be her mother or sister, leaving her as expected. Though it should be noted, for a hot minute, she was thinking of leaving Moritz since she was having a bit of a conflict between being ashamed of her family or him.

But, in the end, Eva dies, Olaf’s remains are discovered, Ljubica gets the house, Anton seemingly has left Jenny, and Moritz is likely to join the family. Oh, and it is revealed Hans is Vivi’s father and that Vivi doesn’t have a record contract or any of the things she was boasting about.


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Trajectory: Upward


Eva’s Secret

Eva murdering her husband due to screwing over their daughter, that was a shocker. Then when you add on that Eva kept the secret of being the one who killed him and took on the idea that she called the cops on Sonja, that is a lot to imagine someone bearing. Yet, it helps you understand why Eva wanted to hold onto Vivi and Lara so badly. She saw what happened to her own daughter thanks to some random man and the wrong type of people around her. So imagine what went through her mind thinking about Sonja’s acquaintances, friends, or lovers around Vivi?

Granted, it isn’t like both Vivi and Lara are happy, considering Vivi doesn’t have anything to be joyous about, since she doesn’t have a record contract or boyfriend at this point, but one out of three is better than a strike outright?

On The Fence

So Much Feels Unsaid, Unhandled, Or Rushed

Whether you’re talking about Hans being revealed as Vivi’s dad, not really knowing what happened to Lara’s, Lara’s feelings about her family being quickly handled, or so many other things, it does seem this series could have used one more episode.

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Eva's Secret - 85%
So Much Feels Unsaid, Unhandled, Or Rushed - 75%


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