While camp prom is supposed to lack drama because everyone is supposed to go stag, old and new loves complicate that goal.

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While camp prom is supposed to lack drama because everyone is supposed to go stag, old and new loves complicate that goal.

Aired (Disney+) 9/7/2022
Director(s) Kimberly McCullough
Writer(s) Zach Dodes
Introduced This Episode
Madison Jojo Siwa

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Camp prom and the musical are back to back, and that has a lot of people trying to make the best of the night before their big performance. However, there are a few complications. Since she hasn’t gotten much time with EJ, the first is that Gina is questioning if they should even be together, and with him not dancing with her at the camp prom, she ends things. Following that is Ricky, who wanted to focus on his bucket list of things to do before he turns 18, learns from Carlos the trailer documenting the making of “Frozen” may feature his confession of liking Gina.

Because of that, he tries to work in a way to confess, but with Gina and EJ going through things and Ricky wanting to keep things cool between him and EJ, it seems Ricky is ready to just let the trailer speak for him. But, while Ricky is awaiting his fate, Ashlyn is exploring hers a bit more. Unlike Carlos, her boyfriend doesn’t show up, but neither does Val to camp prom. So, instead, she begins the process of coming out, and Carlos welcomes her to the community with a pin.

Ashlyn coming out on camera
“Ashlyn coming out on camera,” High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, “Camp Prom,” directed by Kimberly McCullough, 2022, (Disney+)

And as those two are happy and gay, Jet reveals that he got Madison to come to Shallow Lake to see Maddox since he thought she needed a friend. This leads to a breakdown of all that happened which caused those two to break up. For example, Maddox’s parents, who she thought would freak out because she is gay and dating, were only mad about her texting someone after midnight. But she didn’t know that till she got home, so that’s why Maddox got clingy. Madison, understanding why now, feels bad about pushing Maddox away, and it seems that when Maddox heads back home from camp, she wouldn’t mind revisiting their relationship.

But, while many people are focused on the camp prom, some, like Kourtney, are more focused on the production of “Frozen.” EJ, throughout the night, was quizzing people on their lines, and Kourtney didn’t know hers. With that, she was ready to hand the role over to Ashlyn but with the encouragement of Ashlyn, Maddox, and Gina, not only has Kourtney reaffirmed her commitment to the role, but she even did the rock climbing wall.

Things To Note

Reason(s) for Film Rating

  • Dialog: Some jokes reminded me of Dan Schnieder’s shows, but not full-on “How did they get away with saying that?”
  • Violence: N/A
  • Sexual Content: N/A
  • Miscellaneous: N/A

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. When Maddox paused as Ashlyn walked by, was that a sign she likes her?
  2. When Gina looked back on Ricky, after he decided to not confess what he told Carlos, was that a sign she may still like him?
  3. Will we see Maddox, Jet, and Madison in future seasons?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Ricky not getting with Gina to spare EJ’s feelings and their relationship
  2. Kourtney having an anxiety attack on stage, but everyone helping her work through it



Gina Talking About Her and EJ’s Age Difference

Gina breaking up with EJ
“Gina breaking up with EJ,” High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, “Camp Prom,” directed by Kimberly McCullough, 2022, (Disney+)

One of the things often romanticized in media is the idea of the older guy or man. In most coming-of-age stories for women, there is an older man who finances and exposes the young lady to so many things. Sometimes with a favor expected in return, and on occasion that isn’t expected from all he spends or exposes her to. But, usually, it isn’t until she sees the real him, or he is done sucking up her youth like a Sanderson Sister, that things end.

Now, with Gina and EJ, there is a need to appreciate that she recognized that with EJ graduating high school and her only a junior, there is so much she hasn’t experienced, and EJ has. And because of that, while she is excited about a photo booth and having on a fake mustache, he doesn’t see the importance because he has already done it.

But, we would be remiss to not note the one thing which is usually attractive about older guys that EJ lacks – stability and consistency. With EJ’s life in flux, and Gina living a life that rarely allowed her to get comfortable, he doesn’t fit her needs. He isn’t the older, wiser, more assured of himself guy that is romanticized. He is simply older, with a handful of experiences, but can’t give her what her childhood didn’t. Hence the end of them and a recognition that they were rather imperfect for a long-term relationship.

How Ashlyn Talked About Being Part Of The Gay Community

Ashlyn saying not only that her dating pool got bigger, but her heart and world? Honestly, that was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said or described realizing they aren’t heterosexual. And as said in the last episode, it isn’t lost on me that Ashlyn coming out is immensely impactful, for it is so rare to see people who look like and have the personality of Ashlyn to come out on teen shows.

And just as a disclaimer, the main reason we even bring up Ashlyn’s looks is that you know, and I know, more often than not, as much as the industry talks about diversity, it hasn’t gotten past skin tone. Whether you are talking about adults, teens, or maybe even children’s programming, there is a reason “That’s So Raven” remains on the pedestal it does. Raven and Ashlyn are the size we rarely see as leads in any type of program for damn near any demographic. So as much as size shouldn’t matter, it does because representation can’t just be skin tone – even though you’d be hard-pressed to still find dark skin people.

Jet, Maddox, and Madison

Madison (Jojo Siwa) seeing Maddox for the first time in nearly a year
“Madison (Jojo Siwa) seeing Maddox for the first time in nearly a year,” High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, “Camp Prom,” directed by Kimberly McCullough, 2022, (Disney+)How Ashlyn Talked About Being Part Of The Gay Community

Jet’s pursuit of reconciliation is so sweet, and I like how they are really putting in the effort to clarify that, yes, he did out his sister, but it wasn’t malicious, and Maddox’s parents didn’t even care about her being gay. But, at the same time, I appreciate the acknowledgment that they could have cared and the fear Maddox had. It makes for a good counterbalance to Carlos, Seb, and now Ashlyn and reminds you, that not everyone is 100% sure they’ll have acceptance if they were to come out. There is still a real fear that, if you reveal who you are, many people you love and hold dear won’t accept you.

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Madison (Jojo Siwa) saying hello to the Wildcats
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Jet, Maddox, and Madison
How Ashlyn Talked About Being Part Of The Gay Community
Gina Talking About Her and EJ’s Age Difference

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