It’s summer, and while all of the Wildcats aren’t together, many are at Camp Shallow Lake, hoping to have a summer to remember!

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It’s summer, and while all of the Wildcats aren’t together, many are at Camp Shallow Lake, hoping to have a summer to remember!

Aired (Disney+) 7/27/2022
Director(s) Kimberly McCullough
Writer(s) Zach Dodes
Introduced This Episode
Jet Adrian Lyles
Maddox Saylor Bell Curda
Himself Corbin Bleu
Dewey Wood Jason Earles

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Thanks to EJ, Kourtney, Ashlyn, Carlos, and Gina are going to his favorite place to be in the summer, Camp Shallow Lake. There he is a CIT (Counselor In Training), and we meet his friend Maddox, the Camp Director Dewey, and since EJ and Carlos are sharing the boys’ yurt, they meet a standoffish kid name Jet. Someone who freaks out Carlos, and Kourtney, when she meets him.

But, the main thing on everyone’s mind isn’t the mosquitoes or their partners being far away, but who is the celebrity guest at camp? Well, it ends up being Corbin Bleu, who announces the camp has been selected to do “Frozen” before the licensing rights are released to high schools across the country. The thing is, he isn’t directing the show, which leads to Dewey saying EJ should, potentially ruining EJ’s plans to just have fun and be lovey-dovey with Gina. Though to make matters worse, Ricky shows up after he learns Lily stole his “Beauty and the Beast” harness.

As for everyone else we don’t see? Nini is going to the southern part of California, where her parents met and where she was born. Ms. Jenn is going to the Caribbean with Ricky’s dad, and as for Seb and Big Red? They’re working throughout the summer.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. Gina going for the lead role, likely against Maddox, and EJ having a difficult time choosing between the two
  2. Lily showing up to the camp to win Ricky back
  3. Since Nini is noted as a guest star, us rarely seeing her throughout the season



The Original Music

Specifically, I must admit, while it felt sudden and out of place, Ricky’s song was catchy. Maybe not to the point I’m rushing to save it to Spotify or download it, but for a song released in the first episode, with the build to it being Lily being found out? It wasn’t bad.

Being Aware Of Where Absent Characters Are

All things considered, it is nice that not everyone could make it to camp. It reminds you that not everyone has the privilege, and it’s not normal for people to spend every day, week, and month together doing the same thing. Howie has in college, Sebastian’s family runs a farm, so him being gone for the summer when he can work a whole shift? That wouldn’t make sense. Then with Big Red, his family owns a pizza shop, and, like Sebastian, him working more is good for the family.

Now, is the Nini thing about her going to southern California understandable? Yes and no. Character-wise, it sort of is, since going to where she was born may help her write something for Gina’s brother. But, it does lean more towards Olivia Rodrigo has a whole hit music career, and is touring, so you’ll get to see her face and know the character isn’t just written off, but she has surpassed what “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” can offer.

Sort of like how Cardi B exited “Love and Hip-Hop” once she clearly transcended that show.

On The Fence

All The Drama You Can Imagine Being Ahead

Whether it is the potential of Lily showing up and stirring up drama, a love triangle, with Gina and EJ in the middle, maybe Carlos falling for Jet, or Big Red being too busy for Ashlyn? A lot could happen during the two weeks the cast is at camp. Which could be executed well, but there is always a need to wonder and worry that the more dramatic route can be taken.

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Title Card - High School Musical The Musical The Series Season 3 Episode 1 Happy Campers
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Season 3/ Episode 1 “Happy Campers” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” returns on a soft note with new, intriguing characters but the potential for the kind of drama that doesn’t bring you in more but rather makes you roll your eyes.
The Original Music
Being Aware Of Where Absent Characters Are
All The Drama You Can Imagine Being Ahead

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