High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Season 1, Episode 7 “Thanksgiving” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - High School Musical The Musical The Series Season 1, Episode 7 “Thanksgiving”

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, many characters come together and set aside old issues to start something new – just as, for some, things are coming to an end.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, many characters come together and set aside old issues to start something new – just as, for some, things are coming to an end.

Directed By Kimberly McCullough
Written By Ann Kim
Air Date (Disney+) 12/20/2019
Introduced This Episode
Terri Napiera Groves


Does Ashlyn Have A Crush on Big Red?: Ashlyn, Big Red

Big Red has, for a long time, just exist. If not, as he implied in the last episode, has lived through Ricky to experience the drama, romance, and fun in his life. However, with Ashlyn having a post-Thanksgiving party, while her and EJ’s parents are out, she gets to know the complimentary Big Red, and this develops into something.

Which, I should note, she doesn’t outright say there is a crush, but it seems clear there is something there. Now, whether it is reciprocated? That is harder to confirm.

Can Miss Jenn and Mr. Mazzara Be Friends?: Miss Jenn, Mr. Mazzara

With neither Miss Jenn nor Mr. Mazzara necessarily close to anyone, so it appears, their Thanksgivings are short, and both find themselves working at school. Mr. Mazzara on a robot, and Miss Jenn on a prop. This, as usual, leads to some contentious interactions until they realize the other person’s expertise could be beneficial to them.

For Miss Jenn, learning from Mr. Mazzara how to do a pulley system gives her a floating Troy, and Miss Jenn knowing about dance gives Mr. Mazzara a robot that can stand up. And once that happens, things between them warm up to the point Miss Jenn convinces Mr. Mazzara to watch Big Hero 6 with her on a couch – as an outlet sparks and possibly catches fire.

How Much Longer Will Gina Be At East High?: Gina, Nini, Ricky

Gina and Terri (Napiera Groves) as Gina cries about having to move.
Gina and Terri (Napiera Groves)

At Ashlyn’s party, which has a made-up High School Musical Game by Carlos, Nini comes to learn how close Gina and Ricky have gotten – as do we. Ricky now opens up to Gina about issues he is having with his mom, as does she about her mom, Terri, being a FEMA worker, and that being the cause of their multiple moves. Also, he learns about her YouTube obsession which has taught her to knit, bake gluten-free cupcakes, and all of this comes as a bit of a shock to Nini.

Not in such a way that she is now jealous or anything, but with seeing Ricky move on and rely on Gina as a friend, if not something more, it seems to hurt a bit. It’s hard to explain how, but it definitely leaves Nini in need to really do as Kourtney, and now Ashlyn, have said in learning to separate her identity from whatever boy is in her life and focus on her own person.



Ashlyn Has A Crush

Ashlyn looking over at Big Red.

Or at least we hope she does. For while it sucks when two supporting characters get into a relationship solely to give them some kind of storyline, vs. developing them as individuals, it would also be nice to see Ashlyn date. Heck, considering Big Red has been built up as someone who lives through Ricky, and pretty much his whole life revolves around Ricky, him having his own person, who cares about him, could be cute.

Then with Ashlyn, while she makes it clear she has a life outside of EJ’s drama, she has also made it clear that in her family, she can sometimes be the red-headed stepchild to EJ. So Big Red focusing on her, loving on her, and dating her, it could be butterfly inducing.

The Emotions You May Feel Learning Gina May Have To Move Again

Just as Gina might get a boyfriend, have her first sleepover, and a taste of normalcy, she is about to move again. Bruh. But, what you have to love about this storyline is how the 180 done here has turned Gina into some de facto villain to someone you care about. At least if you aren’t a hardline Nini x Ricky shipper who likely would be glad Gina might be out of the way.

On The Fence

Will Miss Jenn Get Into A Love Triangle/ Be In Trouble Again?

What we’re seeing a bit here is patterns. Ricky’s mom moving on from his dad so quickly triggers him into correlating that with Nini moving on to be with EJ. So, one has to wonder, when it comes to Miss Jenn, Mr. Mazzara, and Mike, are we going to see another awkward love triangle? That is, with Mike being the new Ricky and maybe if he says something wrong, Mr. Mazzara swooping in?

This isn’t to imply the drama could be possible, but being that Miss Jenn loves the drama and attracting it, anything can happen. I mean, it seems, just as she secured her job, now she might be involved with a fire at the school.

Miss Jenn and Mr. Mazzara napping together at school.

The woman truly can’t have any peace.


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