As EJ slowly reveals himself to possibly be a little psycho, Ricky experiences the best and worst thing that could happen to him right now.

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As EJ slowly reveals himself to possibly be a little psycho, Ricky experiences the best and worst thing that could happen to him right now.

Directed By Chad Lowe
Written By Margee Magee
Air Date (Disney+) 11/29/2019
Introduced This Episode
Carol Nicole Sullivan
Lynne Beth Lacke
Mike Alex Quijano


Taking Things Too Far: EJ, Nini

With Nini knowing what EJ did, it sends their relationship down the drain. Especially considering EJ poisoned some girl in order for Nini to be lead and makes it seem, if he didn’t, she wouldn’t get the part. With that, him being this cute, supportive senior, that façade breaks, and she sees him as this insecure guy who isn’t who she thought he was.

The End Of An Era: Lynne, Mike, Ricky, Miss Jenn

Ricky’s parents, Lynne and Mike, are not only divorcing, but his mom is moving to Chicago permanently. With that happening, Ricky is distraught for as much as there has been signs this could happen, he wasn’t expecting it to. This makes Miss Jenn berating him in front of everyone a bit much, but once she learns why he is struggling a bit, she gets it. Her parents divorced when she was 14, and it caused a major shift in her life.

Less Of A Period And More Of An Ellipsis: Ricky, Carol, Nini, EJ, Gina

Being that Ricky can’t face his parents and deal with the dissolution of their marriage, he seeks out alternatives. Of which, surprisingly, includes Nini’s house. For while they haven’t necessarily talked to the point of seeming like friends again, it seems just enough time has passed for Nini to be able to come around to the idea of her ex being in her home, trying to sleepover.

Carol (Nicole Sullivan) prepping a bed for Ricky.
Carol (Nicole Sullivan)

Well, let’s clear things up, she is fine with her mom, Carol, inviting her ex to sleep over, even with likely knowing Ricky isn’t dating her daughter anymore. But, while Nini might be having a bad day because of EJ, Ricky having a worse one, and willing to be open about it, that rekindles something. In fact, it almost leads to a kiss, but Nini pulls away.

However, it appears, as she leaves to get Ricky a pillow, she may have wanted to talk more. Not about the kiss, or getting back together, but at least make it so that friendship that got so damaged could finally heal. But, with Nini pulling away, while also pushing the idea that things changing in his household don’t have to be bad, they are just different, that combination allows him to see his mom and begin to deal with life likely not going his way for quite some time.

As for what EJ is doing during all this? Oh, calling, sitting outside Nini’s home, but not around the time Ricky arrives, and his desperation leads him to even take Gina’s offer to help him. How? Well, seemingly by making Nini jealous and taking her ex to homecoming.

Comment Down Below

  1. Anyone else find it weird that Nini’s mom was cool with letting her daughter’s ex spend the night, and she didn’t say a thing to her? Like, imagine Nini woke up, walked downstairs, or into the bathroom, and BAM there is Ricky…
  2. What do you think Gina’s parents were thinking when some boy they never met was at their front door?



Being Torn Between Nini Just Bering Single Or Back With Ricky

Nini is going through it, and it’s hard to not be between thinking she should just be single, get her education, and just hang out with Kourtney or maybe take things slow with Ricky. Yet, the issue with the Ricky scenario is that he didn’t know what he loss until he saw Nini with another girl. Also, while not as bad as EJ, Ricky isn’t a saint either. He forced Nini to spend time with him by joining the musical, with the goal to get back with her, and then showing up to her house without her knowing? I get these are kids, and not all may have common sense, but the red flags are a little too high to ignore, and Nini is a little bit too tender-hearted for these f*** boys in training.

Gina And The Drama She’ll Bring

I’m just waiting for Gina to come to the forefront. She is doing little sneaky things behind the scenes, playing the long game with the 6 weeks left before the opening performance, and I’m just waiting for her to shine. Though, I’m also waiting to see what Gina’s life was like before moving and what her home life is like now. Especially due to people like Gina, seeming like there has to be more to them than being an ass just because.

Also, taking into consideration she didn’t mention Nini and Kourtney stealing her stuff this episode, like she just shrugged that off, I don’t know how to take that. Does she respect Nini for trying to get under her skin, think that is just show business, or what? There are layers to Gina unexplored, and I hope we get to see them soon.

Miss Jenn Getting Real For A Second

A lot of the time Miss Jenn can come off extra just because she is playing the role of the drama teacher – so naturally, she should be dramatic. However, it is in those moments when she gets real you can have a true appreciation for the character. Be it when she was defending her students, like Carlos, in the last episode, or relating to Ricky about his parents divorcing in this one.

For with seeing a sense of realness from her, there is this hope that when it comes to the heightened drama, you’ll see it is more about stress from her needing to make it, fulfill some part of her dream, and not just being dramatic for comedic effect.

On The Fence

Ashlyn Making Excused For EJ

It’s weird that Ashlyn, who has called out EJ, would even bring up the idea of Nini forgiving EJ. Especially since it is clear she is the one who wants forgiveness, but I guess she figures that to forgive her means you have to forgive EJ. Pushing the need to ask, how wrapped up in his life is Ashlyn and does she want to detangle? Or does she enjoy living vicariously, the drama, or even what she can access by being EJ’s cousin?

Which I don’t say to make it sound like she is using EJ, but I do wonder if she wants to keep EJ’s reputation clean so that she can still benefit from it.

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Being Torn Between Nini Just Bering Single Or Back With Ricky - 90%
Gina And The Drama She’ll Bring - 85%
Miss Jenn Getting Real For A Second - 84%
Ashlyn Making Excused For EJ - 75%


Trajectory – Plateau: Someone sings a sad song about their life, the boys are borderline psychopaths, and Gina is making moves but only seen just enough to remind you she is a threat to Nini.

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