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Home TV Series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Season 1, Episode 6 “What Team?” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Season 1, Episode 6 “What Team?” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari

As Miss Jenn faces the school board, so comes the question if this community she created will fall apart without her?

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Directed ByKimberly McCullough, Joanna Kerns
Written ByOliver Goldstick
Air Date12/13/2019
Introduced This Episode
Principal GutierrezValente Rodriguez


These Are My Confessions: Miss Jenn, Carlos, Principal Gutierrez, Nini, EJ

Between a possible snitch, or just Miss Jenn skipping her chaperone duties, she finds herself potentially on the chopping block and Principal Gutierrez prepping her for the worse. However, it is Carlos who seemingly may ultimately suffer as Miss Jenn has instilled so much confidence and power in him. I mean, you say how Mr. M talked to him. With the way Carlos talks, it seemed that was the norm before Miss Jenn, so losing her, and the show, it hits hard.

But he might not be the only one affected. With Miss Jenn’s truth coming out, EJ decides to reveal, in sometimes vague terms, all he did to try to keep Nini. Which, ultimately, leaves her unsure how to respond and uncomfortable.

The Start Of Something New?: Ricky, Gina

Ricky and Gina having a moment - alone.

It seems Ricky is really into Gina, and the feeling is mutual, but both are taking it slow. Not because of Gina’s past scheming and all that, but both are still feeling the other out. However, with them increasingly engaging in public and spending alone time in the band room, love is definitely on the way.

We’re All In This Together: Carlos, Ricky, Mike, Miss Jenn, Principal Gutierrez

Everyone fully recognizes Miss Jenn lied, but there is a strong push to acknowledge, despite her lying, and learning on the job, she has done great with the kids so far. As noted, Carlos feels more secure than ever, and may now even have a boyfriend. Then with Ricky, going by what Mike says, this is the most passionate he has been about something in years. Add in a musical number, and it seems Principal Gutierrez, along with the school board, decide to keep Miss Jenn.

Also, Mike, one of the first to speak out, may have himself a new girlfriend in a few episodes.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

KayCee Stroh asking fo opening night tickets.

KayCee Stroh

  • High School Musical, the original, alumni KayCee Stroh shows up as a school board member.



The Couples Forming

Between Miss Jenn and Mike, who are awkwardly cute, to Gina and Ricky, who are helping one another open up, you have to love how this show is evolving. For when it came to Nini and, well, anyone, you get what Kourtney was saying in terms of Nini being consumed and adapting to whatever guy she was with. Which, in retrospect, diminishes the relationships she was in and makes you glad she is single for now.

But, focusing on Gina and Ricky, there is just something there. Maybe it is because Ricky is a good scene partner for Gina, and he brings something out of her which makes you want to sweep under the rug how much of an ass she was up until now? Either way, those two taking it slow, just like Mike and Miss Jenn, definitely feels like the smart choice and makes you even more engaged to see how this plays out.


Add Carlos to the list of characters we need to see the home life of. For just him making it seem everyone treated him as a joke pushes you to wonder what is his home life like? Surely, if teaches are bolding making fun of him, he had to tell someone, right? Or is it he doesn’t want to bring attention to what is going on at home? Maybe not in a Gina way, and I’m not saying he or his parents are undocumented, but there seems to be something going on there. Which, with him being flamboyant and cool in his sexuality, we know it isn’t that.

On The Fence

We’re Not Going To See A Love Triangle Or Drama Are We?

The way Nini looked over at Gina and Ricky makes me hope she isn’t going to get jealous, confront Gina, or think she can expose her to Ricky – who seems to know a good part of the story. Not to say the messiness might not be fun for an episode or two, but I think we’re on such a good trajectory right now, that a love triangle could mess things up.

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We’re Not Going To See A Love Triangle Or Drama Are We? - 75%
Carlos - 85%
The Couples Forming - 86%


Trajectory – Upward: While not at the point of tears, the effort to save Miss Jenn’s job, alongside the romances blooming, will further your investment in this long-winded title of a show.

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