Kerissa contemplating her decisions.
Kerissa: Ooh, sweet Jesus.

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Mae may have finally found a way to earn a prominent place in the church! However, with so many fools and backstabbers around her, is it too late?

Director(s) Ayoka Chenzira
Writer(s) Craig Wright, Nick Kilgore
Air Date 10/15/2019
Introduced This Episode
Vida Andrea Laing

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Was It For Love Or For You?: Nikki, Zora, Dante, Kerissa, Fernando, Charity, Jacob, Phil, Grace

Nikki decides to give Dante an ultimatum since he refuses to apologize for what he did, and it is starting to affect him professionally. She says he is to apologize or they are over. So he kicks her out, and Nikki ends up at Zora’s cottage. Which she is welcoming about, but there is this need to question, being that Nikki isn’t religious, and Zora has apparently stepped her faith up to Sophia’s former level, how can she be friends with someone she was taught would go to hell?

But, in terms of hell, Kerissa might be more bound than Nikki since she continues to have an affair and nearly gets caught. However, while her new relationship is just barely seen, being that Jacob is fully aware of Charity’s, he confronts her, Phil, and eventually comes to revealing it to Grace. The person who reveals Kerissa is still having dealing with Fernando but, due to Jacob’s son, he is forced to stew over what he heard, which includes Harmony and Hope buying up all the land which surrounds the church.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Can Kerissa still get pregnant? Would this show go there?
  2. With the way Kerissa was talking about inheriting the estate, was she honing in on Jacob and trying to trap him? So much about their relationship raises an eyebrow the more she isn’t trapped in scenes with him or his family.

The Secrets Eating At You: Vida, Mae, AJ, Sophia

Long story short, AJ did rob that pharmacy, and Sophia learns this since he goes to her dorm to say goodbye. Why? Well, since she was the only one who made him genuinely feel like he had any family. Yet, despite her pleas, and what he says about them being family, he refuses to do the right thing and seems he’d rather let Grace suffer the consequences of helping him.

Vida (Andrea Laing) listening to Mae.
Vida (Andrea Laing)

Leading to Mae. Already her family has lost the church, Jacob has been fired, and Grace’s position could be on the verge of ending thanks to AJ. So, with hearing a scholarship in her name is to be undone, she tries to grasp onto what little connects her to the church.

However, to do so, she finds herself not facing Misty, or even Connie, but Vida – one of Mac’s victims. Thus complicating things since, once again, Mae is confronted with the idea she had to know something, and her repeating that she didn’t. But then she realizes why it never clicked before. Due to her being raped by her own father, seeing such a demonic presence in Mac was impossible to do. Be it due to her own suppressed memories or with experiencing the original evil, seeing its duplicate, in lesser form, just didn’t click.

Either way, revealing this may have given Mae a slight chance at winning back the hearts and minds of the church.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Anyone else thought when AJ seemingly was threatening Sophia, when she said she wouldn’t let him leave, he’d get violent with her?

When All Is Revealed, What Can Be Done Next?: Grace, Mae, James, Sophia

With Grace knowing AJ is guilty, Charity and Phil having, alongside H&H doing a major land grab to surround the church, so comes the question of: What can she do? Hell, with AJ’s issue hanging over her head, how much can she do before that chicken comes home to roost? Well, the only thing she can do is try.

Which is what James does. For with him really not doing as told, and barely, if ever, trying to woo Mae, he takes her being dealt all these blows as an opening to get back in good graces, and back permanently in her bed. Thus, the two are engaged.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You make it so that everybody who loves you doesn’t have a choice.



There Might Be Hope For Mae Yet

Darlene, Vida, and Mae talking in church.

It isn’t clear, just yet, how many may take to Mae being a victim herself, and seeing what she says as a reason and not an excuse. Much less, whether they may excuse her but still look at James and the rest with a side-eye. However, at least for Mae, she may have found vindication and perhaps the freedom she has been looking for. Now, whether that will give her a spot back in her church? Well, considering Misty and Connie still aren’t the most fond of her, even with this Mac thing set aside, she still has a battle ahead.

All Has Nearly Been Revealed

Outside of Grace not being James’ daughter, which he seems to have prepped himself for, and Kerissa’s affair, most of the family secrets, worth noting, are general knowledge. Maybe not how Zora is still into weed, and hasn’t completely abandoned her bad side, but the major things. So with that in mind, and three episodes left, it leads you to wonder how much will go unresolved and spill over into another season, or how will the pace be picked up to handle a multitude of problems?

Nikki in Zora’s Life

Nikki and Zora remain in this very weird place that I just don’t fully understand. Zora wanted Nikki’s man at one time, maybe still does, and Nikki seemed to peep that. Yet, she attached herself to Zora beyond keeping her enemies close, and now they seem like bosom buddies. Which I’m not against, for the utter lack of friendship on this show, unless you are a blood relation or love interest, is so strange.

Yet, being that Nikki weirdly coming onto Zora might have been more about the actor’s means of handling the dialog than perhaps what was intentioned, the jury is still out on whether she may add something good to Greenleaf or continue to show this maybe deserves a wrap-up season and that’s it.

Low Point

James Winning Back Mae Was Too Easy

Mae and James snuggling.

So you’re telling me that Mae, who doesn’t really let a lot, if anything, go, and can be quite petty, let James win her back so easily? Without any woo’ing, date nights, or anything noteworthy beyond not preaching in Atlanta? Is Mae so low that she just settled for what was accessible?

Mind you, let’s also factor in Mae rarely leaves the house, outside of going to church, where James is right there. So it isn’t like someone else had the opportunity to talk to her nor does it seem like she was looking. But, considering their chat, while Mae was in her lingerie, you’d think we’d see James put some kind of moves on her. Rather than, like a vulture or hyena, just wait till she is down to make his move.

On The Fence

Kerissa and Charity

The black sheep of the family remain the weakest links. Yet, there is the sun on the horizon. With Kerissa letting her guard down with Fernando, it does feel like we are starting to get to know her. Granted, in a way which makes her seem like she is a golddigger, who has no issue holding down a job, but we’ve learned more in the past few episodes than in the three seasons combined. So, finally seeing Kerissa for who she is and learning, beyond her mother, and being cheated on, why she is always so gruff, helps flesh her out.

As for Charity? What can you say? She’s damaged due to her ex-husband coming out, being rejected, and her singing career, outside the church, hitting the skids, so she wants and needs a win. Even Jacob recognizes that. Yet, while you recognize the hurt and pain, there is a need to also point out that what could be happening is karma biting her in the ass.

I mean, take the Grace hate. At this point, it is beyond ridiculous. She minas well just physically fight Grace and be on with it since Grace isn’t losing a bit of sleep over Charity being an ole hating ass.


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