Greenleaf: Season 4, Episode 6 “The Stranger” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Nearly everyone acts messy, stupid, or sets aside things they said in the past for some form of comfort in episode 6, “The Stranger.”

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James and Mae cuddled up.

Nearly everyone acts messy, stupid, or sets aside things they said in the past for some form of comfort in episode 6, “The Stranger.”

Director(s) Lisa Leone
Writer(s) Erica Michelle Butler
Air Date 10/8/2019
Introduced This Episode
Detective Ellis Paul Rolfes

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But What About Me?: Kerissa, Fernando, Jacob

You know Kerissa is unhappy, I know Kerissa is unhappy, and thanks to her opening up to Fernando, he knows as well. The difference between me and you, even Jacob, is that Fernando seems to care, and he shows that care by cutting her a check, to make it so she can leave Mae’s house. Also, when Jacob, rejects celebrating the money she came into, Fernando is more than willing to celebrate with her. While also getting some ass. Meaning Jacob may not have only lost his job, but could be in the process of losing his wife – finally.

Kerissa straddling Fernando.

All You Need To Know: Charity, AJ, Detective Ellis, Mae, Grace, James

AJ finally gets to meet Grace’s family, and Charity can’t wait to hear the tea. What she may not have expected, however, is AJ being arrested and Grace lying on his behalf. Though Mae is more shocked than anyone else for Detective Ellis in her home is jarring, as it is to James, and add in AJ refusing to say the crime he is accused of, robbing a pharmacy, he didn’t do, it causes Mae, and James to a point, to grill him.

However, Mae is the one particularly disturbed by this information since Grace lying to cops could derail this dream she refuses to let go. But, after being pressured more and more, AJ just leaves.

I Believe In You And Me: AJ, Grace, Phil, Charity, Mae, James, Jacob

Charity likely moved quicker than a bullet train to tell Phil what happened, and he is pleased. So pleased him and Charity make out, and it seems, because of how mentally and emotionally damaged Charity is, she takes this person using her for power as someone she loved (based off the next episode’s preview). But, she isn’t the only one thinking romance.

From what it seems, Mae has foregone all the wooing, amongst other things, and rather just cut to the chase with James. Not to the point of having sex, but with so few people she can depend on, she allows him to be in her bed for the night. After all, she needs her allies more than ever as her kids actively, or foolishly, work against her.

Jacob seeing Charity and Phil make out.

Something that, by the way, Jacob discovers as he cleans out his office. He sees Charity and Phil together, kissing and all. Though, compared to AJ getting the hell out of Memphis, it’s hard to say which situation may bite the Greenleaf family in the ass more?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Not every son of a preacher’s anointed. Some are just children.
— Phil


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On The Fence

So What Happened To Making James Woo You?

I get Mae’s dreams are fading fast but, are we seeing signs she might be on the verge of giving up? Pride has always been something Mae held onto fiercely, and James has long been a subject used to bolster herself. So for her to allow him to stay the night, even cuddle, after all her posturing just a few episodes ago, does this mean her guard is down, if not worn down and hard to keep up?

I’m not going to lie, I hope it is so because the church clearly is on the path to staying out of the Greenleaf’s hands and even if by some miracle they get it back, there comes the question of why? Not just in terms of how they get it back but why try to get back a church with a deacon board who was willing to toss you out in the first place? Doesn’t this just mean you have to be on pins and needles forever, next-generation included, since the only way Grace and Mae can win is making themselves seem like the less of two evils?

Kerissa Having An Affair

A part of me wants to care about Kerissa, but at this point I just pity her. The woman is clearly unhappy, locked up in some self-righteous idea of what a man and wife should be, and this affair? Honestly? It is really making it seem this show doesn’t know what to do with her, so they are sending her down a soap opera route to give her some drama rather than continuing to develop her character.

For, in my mind, we’d be better off meeting her family, getting to put a face to the pain, than all this nonsense. But, we’re four seasons in and what show, especially a drama rooted in some form of reality, doesn’t end up losing its luster by this point?

AJ & The Drama Which Follows

AJ getting ready to bounce from Memphis.
AJ: I stopped caring what people think about me a long time ago.

As of now, there are an estimated 9 episodes, per the Futon Critic, and Wikipedia (without an easy to find citation), lists 10 episodes in all. In my mind, with the way this season is going, that is the perfect number, though 8 would be fine. I say this because Greenleaf seems like it is floundering at this point. With so many cut from the church, which is central to the show, things feel aimless.

Thus, we got AJ, Phil and Charity drama, and the type of storylines I don’t want to say are beneath the original sell of the show, but definitely feels like a product that has evolved into something unfamiliar. Perhaps like a musician whose sound from their debut album to their 4th or 5th is different. Leaving you, as a fan, having this sense of loyalty, due to longevity, but at the same time longing for the days of yore since you feel your loyalty is becoming strained and tested.


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