TV Series Greenleaf: Season 4, Episode 3 “Visions and Dreams” – Recap, Review (with...

Greenleaf: Season 4, Episode 3 “Visions and Dreams” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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Grace spends some time in Phoenix which allows Phil to make a move and Mae to learn why Calgary will never be hers. Also, Zora may have made a friend.

Director(s) Charles Randolph-Wright
Writer(s) David Ehrman, Ivy Mariel Pruss
Air Date 9/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
Nikki Kadianne Whyte

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Kerissa Wants To Move Out – NOW! | James, Kerissa, Jacob

Some commercial developer has their eye on that land Jacob has, and Kerissa is ready to sell. Problem is, Jacob really doesn’t want to. At first, he doesn’t have a reason besides just not wanting to do so, but then he has a talk with his dad. Someone who points out the value of land and the idea Kerissa is acting like she does because Jacob has made loving and caring for her into a chore.

So, Jacob decides to reaffirm his love for Kerissa and that he’ll do better. Which is paired with him rejecting her desire to sell that land so his sweet words, and flowers, come as a dagger.

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Kerissa getting tired of Jacob.

You got to love how James can give all this wonderful relationship advice to others, yet he blew up his marriage and is struggling to take heed of Mae’s wants and needs. But, hey, what parent don’t you know, especially at James’ age, that doesn’t operate on “Do as I say, not as I do?”

James aside, I can’t be the only one tired of Kerissa’s dialog solely being about her relationship with Jacob and her complaining, right? She allegedly has a job, so why not show her in that element? Hell, why not show her spend time with her son, one on one, so we can see someone who doesn’t seem miserable all the time? Between her and Charity, both have all this potential yet seem like broken records play a song you were iffy on before and now it just gives you migraines.

Grace Trying To Make Up For Lost Time & Zora Making A New Friend | AJ, Dante, Jacob, Nikki, Grace

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Grace is really struggling to breakthrough to AJ but can you blame him? Abandoned at birth then pushed away because he showed up at an inconvenient time, and now she is trying to make up for that by putting money on a fishing hook? The bait feels more like torture than anything else for AJ is used to looking out for himself and now seems like he just wants to get on his feet and be alone. You know, finally get some silence to process this life he has had and maybe begin moving on.

Which makes Grace trying to be maternal a challenge. She is being nice, who he needed and wanted years ago, but puts him in this place where he feels like he has to give in for the money. Mind you, from what we’re told, AJ’s only crime is being poor and lacking opportunities. The reason he was in jail was he broke into a house and was caught sleeping there.

And maybe it is the combination of hearing this, and a family get together back in Memphis, which leads to Grace deciding to invite her son home.

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Grace’s drama, and the drama AJ will surely bring, aside, Zora may have made a friend out of someone unexpected. Who? Well, Jacob’s mentee Dante has a girlfriend named Nikki, and she may have become Zora’s friend.

But it is hard to say for sure. On one hand, Nikki could be scoping Zora out since Zora is this rich girl, with her own place, and presents herself as a threat. However, on the other hand, Zora knows how to do hair and makeup, opens up about Isiah, so she is clearly lonely and vulnerable, and Nikki seems to like that. I’m talking to the point of it seeming she was going to make a move on Zora until Dante interrupted what was going on.


AJ and Grace sitting in AJ's halfway house.

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I’m just waiting to see what kind of hurricane AJ brings with his presence. Mind you, as noted, he doesn’t appear to be a bad kid. Yes, he broke into people’s houses, but with him talking about falling asleep at one of the places and just wanting a place of his own, I don’t think he was lying to Grace to secure her money. He seriously is just looking for a soft place to land and just be.

An understandable feeling for who doesn’t want to shut out the outside world, and people who live there, and just be with your thoughts and feelings? Have space to unpack them, organize them, and potentially deal with them without interruption, scrutiny, or worry? All things he will not find in Memphis but will definitely kick this show up a notch.

Switching to Zora, I feel reminded by Nikki that Zora doesn’t have real friends. People to party with, yeah, but notice only her family said anything, or got involved, during the Isiah saga. That is, despite Zora growing up in that area, being part of the church community, and seeming like a fun person to be around.

Making Nikki a fascinating figure since it is hard to say what her goal is here. Assuming she is like Dante’s other associates, she could just be focus on securing her man from this cute rich Black girl. A combination which could be deadly. Yet, whether it is keeping your enemies close, or bringing in a potential friend closer, it seems Nikki might have good intentions.

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If not Zora is so lonely, with Sophia gone, that Nikki praising her, taking up time with her, wanting to hang out with her without there being some sort of strings attached, it makes you hope for the best. Because, let’s be honest, Zora needs to be single for a while. It seems like she wants to be a serial monogamist, and that’s the last thing she needs.

Mae Learns Why She’ll Likely Never Become Head Pastor At Calgary | Misty, Grace, Mae, James, Charity, Phil

With Grace away comes Phil taking the opportunity to get to know a member of the deacon board, Misty, who is in crisis. Thus, Mae is put into crisis mode since any threat to her getting the church is a major issue. Yet, we come to learn she never had a chance. You see, when it comes to Misty and her husband voting for Calgary to join H&H, it was less about James, Grace, or any of that and more about Mae. Specifically the belief she knew something about her brother Mac paying off those girls.

This reveal pushes Mae to realize whatever dreams she had, be it personal or even divine, they will not likely lead her to standing in the pulpit and giving the word. Making it so she seriously needs Grace to step her game up. Though, with Charity revealing Grace was in Phoenix, and telling that to Phil of all people, she might be worrying about the wrong child.


Let’s just never mind Charity since, even with her upsetting Bill’s family and traditions, there isn’t really a thing going on with her worth diving into. Instead, let’s talk about Mae. First, the fact her dream of running Calgary has likely died on the vine, and following that, we have to address her relationship with James.

Still, despite all the warnings and what has happened thus far, even him claiming he wants her back, the man doesn’t listen. Mae presents a dream to him, and he disregards it without much thought. When she wishes to go see Misty, he pushes his way in like she is unable to handle it on her own.

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Now, this isn’t to say I don’t recognize James probably feels benched and wants to do something. After all, the family’s downfall ultimately rests on his shoulders. Yet, you can’t blame a man for wanting back what it took him decades to build. It’s just the old ways cannot be recycled and, unfortunately, due to his stubbornness, I can’t say it’s getting through his thick head that he has to either share the work and responsibility or sit this fight out.

Characters Introduced This Episode

Nikki (Kadianne Whyte)

Nikki (Kadianne Whyte) talking to Zora, boosting her ego, and about to make a move on her.
Nikki (Kadianne Whyte)

Character Introduction

Nikki is Dante’s girlfriend and unlike Cameron, seems to add, more than take, from Dante’s life. Mostly in the form of putting him onto things, like lavender latte’s and what’s happening in the world, but she seems able to offer more than that.

For example, considering how complimentary she is to Zora, she might be able to offer her a friendship. Though, if you read things a certain way, perhaps something beyond that as well.

Expectations For Nikki

Zora really seems like someone the show is trying to beef up this season, considering they are expanding her circle beyond just Sophia. So Nikki, whether friend, enemy, or someone who may try to be Zora’s love interest, is one to keep our eyes on. Heck, she might be one of the most notable people to join this season, with AJ being her only competition.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I’m not your science experiment. You can’t leave me in a drawer my whole life and then take me out whenever you want and have all the feels.
— AJ

Land is the closest thing to faith.
— James

You left that boy in the dust and hopefully he was asthmatic.
— Nicki

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