It seems like history is repeating itself on Greenleaf for some characters as others press on forward despite many an obstacle in their way. Network OWN Director(s) Aurora Guerrero Writer(s) Lolis Eric Elie Air Date 10/10/2018 Characters Introduced Coralee Bethany Anne Lind Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a…

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It seems like history is repeating itself on Greenleaf for some characters as others press on forward despite many an obstacle in their way.

Director(s) Aurora Guerrero
Writer(s) Lolis Eric Elie
Air Date 10/10/2018
Characters Introduced
Coralee Bethany Anne Lind

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Misplaced Priorities: Grace, Coralee, Sophia

With Coralee, a white woman, of no faith, possibly getting the death penalty, Grace wants to meet with her and offer her help. Why? Because her story mirrors hers and seemingly, letting Mac bleed out rather than call a hospital, it still weighs heavy on her conscious. So, to clear her conscience, it appears she wants to save a life to compensate for her taking one.

Problem is with that, as Grace is prepping to go to bat for Coralee, Sophia is spiraling. I’m talking, out of nowhere, ripping pages from the bible and ready to flush them down the toilet. Really seeming like Grace may need not worry about the freedom of this stranger, whose story mirrors her own, but a daughter whose faith, likely, got rocked like hers many decades ago. Especially if she wants to avoid her child possibly morphing into Zora.


Sophia crying in Grace's arms as she still deals with being unable to have kids.
Sophia: I just want him to let me forget and leave me alone.

You know why I bring up Coralee being a white woman, because when Grace walks in, a Black woman looks at her, signals at her, almost like “Are you here for me?” And maybe it’s because I’m Black, this is a Black show, and as universal as Oprah is, she pretty much has a Black network. Maybe that’s why I feel the need to question the show not allowing a Black woman to be the victim. The one Grace identifies with and campaigns for.

Not to imply Grace’s story can’t be universal, but this is where representations comes in. White women being the victim of circumstances, believed, and defended, is expected. A Black woman like the one we saw? Someone who doesn’t look like Grace, or even Sophia? No one really defends them. Many justify why they are in prison.

But what also gets to me is, when I remember Cavalry’s audience, ain’t a lot of Coralee types in there. Also, Coralee wasn’t a member of the church. So why in the hell are church funds going to this woman? Does Grace not remember her family is in trouble for using church money for personal things? Is this just another example of history repeating itself?

Kerissa’s Cross To Bear: Zora, Jacob, Tasha, Kerissa, Mae

Zora telling Mae she no longer has control over her.
Zora: I’m 18 now.

Between Zora and Jacob, and the job we never really see her at anymore, I’m surprised we don’t see Kerissa taking blood pressure medication. It’s Zora’s 18th birthday and to celebrate that accomplishment, because not every child makes it that far, all Kerissa wants to do is take the child to see Hamilton. Reinforce the idea that, as much as her parents are at their wit’s end, they still love her. However, Mae says she is grounded, Jacob acts like he can’t handle disagreeing with his momma, so Kerissa is left frustrated.

Though that moment is probably going to be the least of her struggles. For one, Zora seemingly is running away again and with her being 18, Mae is powerless. Well, beyond not letting whoever wants to pick her up not into the sprawling complex. Meaning between them, likely Isiah, or Zora, they’d have to walk all the way to the gate.

Secondly, there is Tasha. Now, being that Jacob doesn’t have friends, and only really deals with his siblings when it is family things, he has no one to really talk to. Enter Tasha who offers herself up, in more ways than one. As in, they go from talking about his troubles, her past not being so holy, to straight up making out.

Leading to Jacob, later on, to repent, say all Kerissa wants to hear from him when it comes to Zora. Be it her coming home, talking to his mom, all that. That old sly dog.


I gave up on Zora a long time ago so all I can say is:

A .gif from Confessions of a Marriage Counselor in which a character says: I wish you all the best with your struggle.
I wish you all the best with your struggle.

Something I kind of want to say to Kerissa for it’s clear she has barely forgiven and there isn’t any way in the world she is going to forget Jacob cheating on her. Add on him now doing so with Tasha, which you know she is going to learn about? Oh, I can only hope that will lead to us seeing Kerissa’s people and learning more about her. Hopefully with more detail than when we met Kevin’s momma and how that all was handled.

As for Tasha? I just wanna ask was that Rochelle’s idea or does she have genuine feelings for Jacob? Like with most people whose last name isn’t Greenleaf, we don’t know Tasha’s backstory. We know, based off her admiration of Lady Mae, she didn’t come from money, but as for what she did before Triumph got big, never mind meeting Basie? That’s anyone’s guess or, they might have said it once, but you’d have to be a super fan to know.

Jacob and Tasha making out.

Either way, with Jacob cheating again and Grace revisiting her Mac trauma, it seems we’re almost right back where we started with these two.

The War Continues: Mae, James, Rochelle

It’s James’ Silver Jubilee vs. A Day with Lady Mae and with Maxine coming to “A Day With Lady Mae,” they need a bigger venue. So what better place than Cavalry. Leading to the usual bumping of heads since James really is not trying to be outdone and wants to make sure Mae is clear in her understanding – that event is your goodbye. Yet, she won’t quit making sure if she does leave, her absence is felt.

Things get worse as Rochelle gets involved by talking about investing James’ money into cryptocurrency. Which, in his desperation, he empties his personal account and now wants to use his shared account with Mae. Something she refers to as her personal account. But, with her not seeing eye to eye and him feeling like he is in a power position, he decides to just snatch it up without Mae’s approval. Leaving her unable to pay for a caterer and kicking James out of the house that night!


Mae kicking Jacob out of the house.
Mae: I want you out of this house tonight.

It isn’t necessarily clear how many episodes this season may have, though 10 is the current count I’m seeing, but I must admit I’m ready for it to end. I just don’t feel like the show is really moving forward and while you have to love Sophia finally getting some shine, there isn’t anything else here that feels fresh. Grace is revisiting a storyline we put to bed a whole season ago. Jacob is having a new affair, with Tasha of all people, this Rochelle thing lost its luster a while ago and with Mae divorcing James? So goes the main source of conflict. Now Rochelle just seems to be around with no one really caring what she does. Just as long as she doesn’t walk her way.

Making you wonder, with another season next year, where can this show go really? While it does expand its roster of characters, it just now, 3 seasons in, feels like they are expanding some who’ve been here since the beginning. So will we get more of Kerissa in season 4? Will Charity finally move out her parents’ house? How about Darius and Grace? Will they address the fact he doesn’t really wanna be a church husband, go to church, yet that is a central figure of her life?

All I’m saying is, like a lot of shows covered on this site, while it is understood drama is necessary to keep people from being bored, that doesn’t mean you can’t just enhance problems that already exist. Heck, take note of Kerissa and her inability to be first lady as she dreamed of. Whatever happened to that storyline? Instead of Jacob actually cheating, the drama could be her insecurities about them tag teaming at church and then him coming home to her. Beginning as a joke of him having a church wife and real one but evolving to her really wondering if she is being cheated on again.

But what do I know? I’m just a commentator.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

James trying to justify his business dealings with Rochelle.
James: Insider trading is not illegal yet.
  1. Who thinks Percy is going to push up on Charity?
  2. When has insider trading not been illegal James?

Low Points

  1. Jacob having an affair with Tasha.
  2. Zora being Zora and making bad decisions.
  3. Rochelle’s storyline needs an adrenaline shot FAST!
  4. Grace’s focus on this woman, Coralee, rather than a Black woman or monitoring her child who seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

On The Fence

  1. Sophia’s storyline remains one to watch, even though they have to show more than her just crying and destroying her relationships. Heck, if they don’t pursue her going through a rebellious phase, have her look into other religions.
  2. Mae and James being petty towards one another is starting to get old and makes it feel like we need a time jump.
  3. What Percy may bring to the show with him taking an interest in Charity and James now living with him.

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