Greenleaf: Season 3/ Episode 6 “She Changes Everything” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Sophia loses her faith, and Charity finds Iyanla Vanzant visiting her, James and Mae’s plans may have resulted in mutually assured destruction. Network OWN Director(s) Pete Chatmon Writer(s) Craig Wright Air Date 10/3/2018 Characters Introduced Herself Iyanla Vanzant Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made…

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As Sophia loses her faith, and Charity finds Iyanla Vanzant visiting her, James and Mae’s plans may have resulted in mutually assured destruction.

Director(s) Pete Chatmon
Writer(s) Craig Wright
Air Date 10/3/2018
Characters Introduced
Herself Iyanla Vanzant

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One Foolish Plan After Another: Mae, Zora, James, Rochelle

Pray for Zora. This child is spring in ways that I can’t imagine any sort of good d*** could cause. Really proving, no matter how good your parents are to you, how much privilege you have, you can still end up in a rather messed up relationship.

Which is what Mae and James have at this point. As they plot against one another, trying to gain control over the narrative of the divorce, Rochelle slips in trying to help James’ tax situation go away with cryptocurrency. Thus making James feel he has some leverage and making it where he can offer the house, and Mae having one last “Day with Lady Mae” before she leaves. Something she accepts, but with plans to make him pay for not just giving her, her way.


Zora saying the drama will be over soon.
Zora: I know, it’ll be over soon.

Fix it Jesus. I get that Zora may not have dated much but I really can’t get why is she so sprung? Did some light skin boy call her skin tone ugly so this mini-Ike Turner helps her refute that pain? It’s hard to come up with ways to understand why this has been going on for so long. No one in your family likes him, he hits you, and loving him has been nothing but difficult. Must this situation end up with you in the hospital to get it?

Then, turning it on the writers, so comes the question of what is the end game here? This storyline has stalled and seems to lack direction. Is it just being kept up for a big midseason or season finale?

Now, as for this Rochelle thing? I’m over her. I need Basie to comeback. Rochelle has failed and got sidetracked so much I sometimes forget this is to avenge her daddy. She just looks thirsty for the brand only James could sell her. Of which he seemingly is willing to give free samples of.

The Pain Is Real: Sophia, Grace, Iyanla, Mae, James, Charity

As you can imagine, being someone as young as Sophia and losing the ability to have kids, that’s hard. Especially with you being, by most people’s opinions, a good girl. Yet, still either by God’s plan or indifference, one of the worse things possible happened to you. Completely throwing off whatever plans you had for your future and disrupting your present in ways where it is like someone turned the light off. Making it where you fear the possibility of moving forward for you might fall again.

Leading to Sophia making it pretty clear, she is done. One of the first real tests of faith she is given was way too much for her and now she has to step away. Her momma did it, so why can’t she? For to reconcile what she has done thus far with this fate, it can’t be handled through praying and asking for guidance in a church. That method betrayed her.

Bringing us to Charity. With Mae unsure what to do, it is recommended for her to bring Iyanla Vanzant to help with the situation. Problem is, Iyanla, as she finds the root of Charity’s issues, which go beyond Kevin and just not feeling safe, it leads to her looking about. Thus causing, as Charity mentions Grace not feeling safe, and Faith, and the shroud of silence supported in the house, Mae getting defensive. I’m talking, her saying she felt bushwacked by what Iyanla had fostered and said in her own home.

Something that, of course, Iyanla doesn’t take offense to. She knows she is confrontational with good intentions. So she just wishes Mae the best and lets her know, vows, when she is ready to heal, she will be there to help.


Mae getting defensive as Charity talks about not feeling safe growing up.
Mae: I mean, I just cannot apologize.

I’m so here for Sophia’s journey. It may not have been what I necessarily wanted (that’s a lie) but I think a lot can be done here. For as much as we know she has lost her faith, so comes the question of what will happen now. Will she act out and go wild or will her morals make it where she believes you don’t need faith to be a good person?

Because, I think we can all agree, like her mom, I can foresee her eventually getting back into church and the community aspect of it. It’s just, for now, she needs to find a place to heal outside of that because she was brought up to believe God’s grace and mercy is protective. That walking in the light meant no harm would come to you. Yet, walking in the light doesn’t mean you will not be tested. It just means what is already promised won’t also have the added struggles you chose to add onto your cross to bear.

Switching to Charity, well, was this situation ultimately about Charity? It seemed to begin that way but then it became about Mae. Making Charity just a segue or opening act so Mae’s issues could come to light and we could be reminded of how much she is suffering. Which I get but, let Charity have her moment – damn!

The Lord Isn’t The Only One With A Plan: Maxine, James, Mae, Grace, Connie, Darius

As they announce their divorce, Mae announces her “Day with Lady Mae” will feature Maxine and be about a woman’s role in the church. Which, of course, leads to James already knowing what she has planned. Maxine confirms it too. Pretty much, that is going to be Mae’s last stand and if that doesn’t work in getting her a permanent role in Cavalry, she’ll become another church competing for people and tithes.

Which, of course, no one wants so Connie, as usual, is using her voice and sway to begin the transition. Since people are already talking about those who can’t do shouldn’t be teaching. Yet, considering Grace’s relationship history isn’t all that good, and Darius avoids going to Cavalry, I don’t really see how much better of an option she is.


Connie reminding Grace of her desire for Grace to take over.
Connie: I think it’s time for a change.

It isn’t known yet whether we are halfway through the season, almost, or maybe have 10 more to go but I do believe the luster of Maxine has already worn off. That and whatever drama Rochelle could muster. So between the divorce now being public, Mae rolling hard with her plans, and Grace having to figure out what role she plays, it’s time to kick that energy back up a notch. And I don’t mean Darius trying to play Rochelle for a fool either. Sophia has found new life, so let’s give Jacob something besides awkwardness with Tasha. Let’s do something with Zora beyond her being d***matized. Heck, how about Grace expecting more from Darius or something? She hit pause on him getting involved more but you know that is going to be a major issue.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Rochelle trying to have Grace come out of pocket and say something to hurt her feelings? I don’t think she’ll fight Rochelle but will say a few cruel sentences. Maybe paragraphs.
  2. Will Charity ever move out?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You always managed to coax flowers out of the hard ground of fact.
— James


  1. Sophia’s storyline holds so much promise.

Low Points

  1. Zora needs something new in her life for obsessing over Isiah is getting really Can she get a career goal or something?
  2. Charity being used to remind us Mae got issues.

On The Fence

  1. With the divorce announced, and there being no going back, Mae and James need to kick it into next gear. Not just in terms of how that will affect the church but we need to see more out of them as individuals as well. Mae needs to handle that trauma with Maxine, Iyanla, a therapist, somebody. For her being so defensive was a sign she needs more than a cathartic release. Then with James, there needs to be more to him than Rochelle and the IRS breathing down his neck.

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