The season comes to an end by having a soft reboot. One which allows a new threat to get every Greenleaf’s undivided attention.

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The season comes to an end by having a soft reboot. One which allows a new threat to get every Greenleaf’s undivided attention.

Director(s) Clement Virgo
Writer(s) Craig Wright
Air Date 11/21/2018
Introduced This Episode
Phil Demars Sean Blakemore
Bob Whitmore Beau Bridges

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Out With The Old: Basie, Tasha, Rochelle, James

From what it seems, we may likely not see Basie and the rest again. Tasha is working with the FBI, seemingly trying to start a new life. As for Basie and Rochelle? Well, the loan sharks have seemingly caught up to Basie. So, with that case full of money, and James not letting anyone call the cops on Basie, he may just escape to a Caribbean or Central American country to live out his days.


Basie discovering the loan sharks are onto him.
Basie: That’s just the lord at work.

Well, that was kind of anti-climatic. Basie has a gun pointed at James, nearly shoots Corinne by accident, yet he gets to walk away. Also, the loan sharks find him but he either dodged them or they will catch and fix his behind. Then, because he seemingly is sprung still, he is calling Tasha. Oh, let’s add onto the details: He is calling Tasha and talking about his briefcase full of money despite her saying she has talked to the FBI. Do you not think she won’t snitch on you in a heartbeat? That maybe, similar to when you were watching her, with Rochelle, someone may not be listening to her calls to find you? You seemed smart at one time, was that part of your ruse?

A New Adversary, And A Old One: Connie, Phil Demars, Bob Whitmore, Grace, James, Mae

Call it what you’d like but Connie shows that while the Greenleaf name holds clout, there are 2,000 some odd members who also say they could do without them at Cavalry. Now, how come no one said anything to any member of the Greenleaf family? Well, your guess would be as good as mine. What is absolutely clear though is Connie picked one hell of a time to do this coup.

The reason I say that is, after a gun being pointed at him and everything else, James decides it is a good time to retire and stop fighting Mae. He gives his blessing and no sooner does that happen Connie makes it clear, alongside Phil Demars, either Grace can be the pastor in the interim, for a year, or Harmony and Hope will just install someone. They’d prefer grace, for the sake of continuity, but they will do what they must. Leading to Mae flipping out since she thinks Grace is blocking her blessing, as well as Connie, and her doing her usual, “Why must you sabotage everything!” speech.


From what it appears, fighting off Hope and Harmony seemingly will be what season 4, maybe also 5, will focus on. Something I’m kind of iffy about for while James makes them seem corrupt, neither Phil nor Bob have that Basie or Rochelle oomph. They are trying to fill shoes which are the size of Shaquille O’Neal and yet their first impression was meek. Maybe it is because Connie brought them on and she has been an annoying fly for most of the show – thus not helping their case.

Either way, if Grace is seriously taking on the church, I really don’t believe Connie thought that through. For you know she is going to push the church to be progressive and that led to the money dropping before. Also, while James may bow out gently, and there are 2,000 signatures which asked for that, is no one going to question why someone would start the petition? Especially if it was Connie. She seems nice and all but does she not seem like the type who would have an ulterior motive? There was a comment saying Hope and Harmony probably wrote her a check and, in all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Not to pretend it doesn’t take money to run a mega church but Connie always seemed like she was trying to be the church’s accountant yet never wanted to really hold those responsibilities. Hence her not knowing and being involved in the IRS debacle. Pushing the idea, maybe homegirl was skimming off the top and was taking down the Greenleaf family for they were drawing way too much attention to the money. Messing up her stream of revenue.

Gather Together In My Name As We Face The Storm Together: Kerissa, Zora, Sophia, James, Mae, Grace, Lionel, Kevin, Charity, Jacob, Aaron, Kevin

With Connie putting into motion taking over Cavalry, or rather handing it over to Harmony and Hope, it seems all becomes forgiven. Kerissa is no longer mad at Jacob. They lost Triumph and now, with there being openings at Cavalary, she stays with him to make sure he has a job to support their kids. Plus, with him eating her out, she has reasons to smile again.

James and Mae? Oh, between Basie, James nearly dying during his final sermon, and so much more, you’d think they were getting back together. That’s even with learning Grace is biologically Lionel’s child. In fact, you want to know how serious the whole situation is? Even Kevin is invited back into the Greenleaf family home, the dinner table to be specific, and that is with Aaron by his side!

Oh, and Sophia and Zora make up. Which isn’t that big of a deal, at this point, since Zora’s storyline got wrapped up and Sophia’s? Well, it isn’t clear if her crisis of faith has gone anywhere. All we know is that she is still finding herself in some form or fashion. However, it should be noted, in terms of Grace being Lionel’s daughter, that isn’t common knowledge yet. As of now, only Mar, James, Aaron, and Kevin know that secret.

But, said secret, despite how destructive Mae thought it would be, actually is part of the reason she and Grace reconcile. That and James having a scare which put him in the hospital for two weeks, but let’s focus on them being friendlier with each other. Not that they haven’t tried before, like when Mac died, but maybe this time it’ll stick.



The whole Greenleaf clan eating together like old times.
James: This is the real promised land.

So, the show seemingly has done a soft reset. The family is all back together, people seem cool again, and it is all thanks to Connie. The lord really does work in mysterious ways, huh? But, there is the need to question how long will this peace last? Kerissa is already reminding us why she was a bit of a black sheep in season 1. Yes, Kevin is invited back to the table but how long until Mae says something homophobic? She may have made nice with Grace but Kevin wasn’t part of her deal with James.

Which, in itself, threw me for a loop. Was it just the family needed to air out all their repressed feelings and emotions all this time? Was avoiding so many conversations which should have been had decades ago why things were so contentious? Be it affairs, feelings about exes, what would make someone happy, sad, mad, or how they felt neglected? I know this family has long tried, and failed, to maintain a certain image, but clearly, that was not healthy. So will it be that now they will live in honesty?

Oh, and how exactly are they planning to get back Cavalry? Much less, is Triumph on the table too or is that just being written off quickly with the accountant taking it over? If not pulling a Connie without waiting 40 years to strike? Needless to say, Season 4 is going to be interesting.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Whatever happened to Darius?
  2. So, is Percy not part of this grand plan?


  1. The show has done a soft reset. Most of the drama plaguing characters seemingly is no more and they have the ability to start over. Some from square one but considering many were trying to build off of crumbling foundations, it might be for the best.

Low Point

  1. While you get Harmony and Hope is a threat to Cavalry’s autonomy, their representatives haven’t said, done, or seem the least bit interesting. Especially following the likes of Basie Skanks and Rochelle.

On The Fence

  1. I got to be honest, a lot of the reconciliations felt rushed and forced. Even when you consider the threat Connie presented.
  2. The way Basie, Rochelle, and Tasha might have been written off didn’t have the kind of pizzazz you’d think would be worthy of characters like them.

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  1. A question you didn’t put as left unanswered is “What did Grace do in Phoenix?” In the episode before this, Rochelle calls her a whore, and says “I know what you did in Phoenix!” with Grace having a strange look on her face. More in season 4, I guess

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