The s*** officially hits the fan and it is so much it may clog up the gears and stop everything people have long been working towards. Network OWN Director(s) Rose Troche Writer(s) David Ehrman, Casey Vandeventer Air Date 11/7/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made…

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The s*** officially hits the fan and it is so much it may clog up the gears and stop everything people have long been working towards.

Director(s) Rose Troche
Writer(s) David Ehrman, Casey Vandeventer
Air Date 11/7/2018

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Like A Snowball Going Downhill: Rochelle, James, Charity, Mae, Grace, Connie

The FBI storms in and it shakes the foundation of both Calvary and Triumph. Especially Cavalry for with members of the deacon board, and a huge staff on site, having their computers taken and being escorted about, naturally is worrisome. Leading to, of course, Mae going off on James, Grace saying, “I told you so” and Connie talking about finding a new pastor before the Greenleafs drag everybody down.

But, of course, with all eyes looking towards Rochelle, both James and Grace confront her. Leading to both being treated to Rochelle acting like she doesn’t know what they are talking about. In fact, she gets offended considering how much she has helped Grace and with James? Be it because she thinks they would try to record her, or just to keep the fun going, she speaks as if they slept with each other and he just doesn’t remember. Making it sound like he is a jilted lover.


Let’s just set aside the frustration which comes with OWN generally being shut out of non-Black award shows. That has been addressed, let’s not go back down that path. But, can we just applaud the writing and acting done for Rochelle? The way she gets to switch it up, there is this consistent need to remind yourself there is no seeking redemption here. Rochelle is just playing the Greenleaf family and, if you are not careful, she’ll play you as well.

But, I do feel that she needs to be off into the sunset after the season finale. Everyone knows what she did and it leaves you wondering what’s next? Just her hoping not to get caught as she watches Cavalry burn, with the Greenleaf’s in it, like her daddy died in their old church?

Plus, I gotta say, I’m really confused about Rochelle’s legit business. I know she is likely smart enough to cover her tracks but considering how well she has done in life, why potentially ruin that over revenge? Especially the kind in which, even if they can’t get you in criminal court, they could ruin your reputation in the court of public opinion? They have a pulpit and Rochelle already had rumors about her and a pastor from another church. So what is stopping people from trying to paint her as some kind of black widow?

The Weakest Link: Tasha, Basie, Jacob, Kerissa

With Triumph getting hit as hard as Cavalry, and all signs pointing to Tasha, Jacob is doing whatever he can to get her to speak up. Heck, Kerissa even encourages him to lie and say he loves her to get her to come forward. This leads to Basie feeling a certain kind of way for he expected Tasha to mourn, wait, or just not move on so quickly. Leading to, when Tasha is supposed to meet up with Jacob, Basie shows up and confronts the man. Leading to the truth being revealed and you wondering if Tasha is okay with the way Basie is talking.


Basie feeling a bit offended by Jacob.
Basie: I’m not your brother, brother

I doubt Tasha is dead, but considering Basie is a bit on edge, feels betrayed, and always seemed a little crazy, who knows what he may have done. It could just be, like Isiah, he could have hit her? Not to say Basie is definitely that kind of guy but who can say what kind of man he is when he is usually performing like Rochelle? For what we know, the way he talks could be an act and he may have a whole other accent when it is just him and Rochelle. Anything is possible.

But with that said, I love how Kerissa got him and the family together while talking to that lawyer. Making me wish Kerissa did show up to that Basie meeting for her and him going toe to toe? Oh, and considering she never liked him either! That would have been something to watch.

The Cowardly Lioness: Mae, Maxine, Lionel, Aaron, Grace

As has long been made clear, Mae likes playing the victim. Which, a good part of the time, arguably she is. However, one case that she is unable to play that role is in terms of what happened between her and Lionel. Someone who she avoids talking to for, with him on his deathbed, there is this desire to just pretend he and the paternity situation doesn’t exist. Yet, Maxine makes it clear, trying to avoid that truth will weigh down on her blessing.

Yet, with all that is going on, not finding Grace when she mustered the strength, she just lets it go. Especially once Lionel dies for then she thinks she is scot-free. However, it seems Aaron knows the truth and approaches Grace about it. Leading Grace to ask her mom who simply tells her, she doesn’t know.


Mae trying to avoid talking to Grace about Lionel after he dies.
Mae: Oh, Maxine, I no longer have to talk to Grace about it.

Please let this consume Grace’s storyline over the Coralie thing. I get the Coralie fight was necessary to boost Grace’s status in the community and lead to Maxine wanting her to open for her. It’s just, that storyline has opened doors we thought were shut and locked rather than gave Grace new things to explore. But with Lionel maybe being her dad, Darius being asked to be a source, now she has things which seem more compelling to deal with. For really, actually working in a church and being in the pulpit has long become the least focused on part of the show. I’d be surprised if we even had more than 5 sermons this whole season.

With that said, I need Maxine to stick around beyond the season finale. I know she got her own church and all that, but there is just something about seeing women that age, for a lack of a better term, talking, giggling, holding each other accountable, and supporting one another. It’s perhaps one of the biggest issues, across the board, when it comes to programs on OWN – well, at least the ones I watch – they don’t invest enough into friendships. If you aren’t family or someone they messing around with, you barely in the picture. So for these two to have history, for us to see Maxine push Mae in ways no one else is doing, because they either work for her, are her ex, or children, it’s hard not to love that.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Isiah & Zora

So, he can beat on you, disrespect your family, but you draw the line when it comes to cheating? I guess I should be happy she drew the line somewhere but I just wish it was further back, you know?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Secrets have no place in the company of the king.
— Maxine


  1. Maxine and Mae’s friendship, especially since Maxine is someone Mae looks up to. For once, Mae isn’t dealing with someone who is seen as an adversary, a child, or an employee. She is dealing with someone who will tell her the truth and as much as Mae may get in her feelings, because she values the relationship, she’ll listen. Heck, even if she gets cut off in conversation, she’ll realize it is because they know her tricks and games and expect her to grow. She is too experienced in life to be hanging onto the same excuse she has been for decades.
  2. Kerissa getting James and Jacob together when they started throwing shots at each other.
  3. Zora maybe waking up to the fact Isiah ain’t s***.
  4. Grace’s storyline steering towards dealing with Darius having to report on the church’s issues alongside learning James may not be her father.
  5. Charity getting to have a moment by getting her mom’s presentation for her. You know how, since season 1, she has always said if she knew ahead of time she could have done something. With getting that powerpoint, she proved that wasn’t a lie.
  6. Connie scheming about what she is going to do, whether James likes it or not.
  7. Basie and Jacob facing off.

On The Fence

  1. Is it wrong I kind of forgot about Sophia until she popped up to DM Zora?

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