Greenleaf: Season 1/ Episode 13 “What Are You Doing Here?” [Season Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

“What Are You Doing Here” is not solely the episode’s title, but a phrase repeated throughout. One which will join the thought of “What are they referencing?”

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: I Don’t Know What To Say or Do (Charity, Kevin, and Jacob)

With Kevin’s reveal comes a lot of questioning. Charity cares for this man, and he says he loves her, but it isn’t clear if he is gay, bi, curious, or what? What is known though is that he is willing to go to some pray the gay away rehab, but Charity isn’t for that. Yet, while she is bound to him by marriage,  she needs a separation. At least until her thought can get together and the babies are born. What Kevin may do till then is another story.

As for Jacob, he learns he is being used on both sides. Pastor Skanks sees him as a means to get back at Bishop James. He even is planning on opening a Christian Community Center right across from Calvary and have James head it. Something Jacob, because of the uneasiness of the situation, goes to his dad about. However, from what it seems, both men are using Jacob. Bishop James wants a spy just as much as Pastor Skanks. Both men plan to use Jacob, in the lord’s name, to deal with the other man’s wickedness, and Jacob is but a sheep between two wannabe shepherds.


Men with ego. Men with power to back their ego. Men with followers which create their power to foster their ego. This is what we have here. The question is, though, in this battle of egos who wins and who loses? Jacob is already in a foreign place where the snake which nearly strangled his marriage is. On top of that, it is like his dad rolled the apple Skanks way to tempt Jacob. Leaving you wondering how many decisions has Jacob really made on his own? How much of a puppet has this man been, outside of perhaps when he was with Alexa in which perhaps he had some control over his strings? Either way, when the situation comes to a head, you got to wonder if the people will see what this all is or if they will just be happy for these various buildings to praise?

Switching to Kevin and Charity’s situation, with her desiring a separation you got to wonder what Kevin may do. That pastor he went to dinner with I’m sure might be back in the picture, but with Kevin wanting to pray the gay away, will he be tempted to experiment? It is all rather hard to say but I must admit I prefer him coming out to Charity versus the musical director snitching or someone approaching Kevin at church saying they saw him on some app.

Topic 2: What Don’t I Know? (Grace, Henry, Mavis, and Lady Mae)

There are a couple of key secrets which are at the heart of the Greenleaf/ McCready family. Those secrets, like Uncle Mac’s involvement with young girls, haunt them, leave them vulnerable, and leave many questioning why they hide so many monsters. This is what Mavis asks Lady Mae, who seems ready to gloat that her sister’s bar is going as she tells her to stay away and stop influencing her family (to the point you get Ramon and Francisco vibes – from The Get Down). But what is to be noted about Mae and Mavis’ showdown is Mavis asking Mae why didn’t she do anything. Something which seems directed at the Faith issue, but you have to wonder if maybe that deals with their father as well. For Mavis mentions how Mae turned a blind eye to her father, son, and brother. Her son committed adultery, her brother is some sort of pedophile, but what did the father do? Why does his daughters want to no part of him?

Well, does it deal with the church that burnt down? Henry, Mae’s father, reveals this to Grace as she takes care of him in Robert’s (Mac’s) stead. Even reveals that the money he is often given is hush money for that. But whether the death of the caretaker in that fire was Mac or James’ fault, and why Henry is involved, is hard to say.


All these secrets and very few facts. Everyone says and knows Uncle Mac is a dirty old man. Grace even proclaims it on the pulpit, but what about these other secrets? Must we really wait until next summer, more than likely, for some concrete answers? Especially in terms of that church fire and what made Henry’s girls turn on him. That is something I’m dying to know.

Topic 3: What Are You Doing Here? (Uncle Mac, Grace, and Bishop James)

Grace preaches how Mac is going to jail and has a moment of silence for his victims and all sexual assault victims. All the while, Mac asks for Bishop James to speak as a character witness and naturally Bishop James says no. So, with no one in his corner, so it seems, Mac apparently cuts a deal. One which allows him to get his suit back and not walk into a courtroom but back into the house with cops right behind him. Now, whether or not they have come to drop off Mac and pick up the bishop is the question. But with Bishop James seemingly ready to go down rather than use the blood of his daughter to shine Mac’s shoes, he seems prepped.


You know it is going down. Mac knows Grace doesn’t like him and at this point has publicly embarrassed him past the point of no return. So, with her damn near turning his entire family against him, he is on his own. Which for a man who knows almost every family secret, that is one hell of an enemy to make. Though hearing those secrets revealed is what will make season 2 so juicy.

Things To Note

Bishop James reveals to Grace he has Parkinson’s and that might lead to her staying with Calvary a bit longer.

Review Summary


The multiple battles we see in this episode and the ones we learn are forthcoming.

The reveal of Bishop James’ Parkinson’s to Grace showing she is back in his good graces. Though, with the reveal, means it will be a stronger focus and will be yet another weakness for others to exploit.

The secrets continue to grow and remain quite intriguing. For with Henry slowly letting us into why Mac is paying him off, and Mac sure to open a can of worms to save his own behind, the games have only begun.

On The Fence

The Charity and Kevin situation seems like one of the few storylines you can possibly guess what is going to happen. With them being separated means him either trying to pray the gay away or explore his sexuality. There doesn’t seem like many other options he may choose.

When it comes to Grace’s personal life, be it her ex-getting back with his fiancée or Sophia being taken by her dad, honestly compared to everything else she has going on these storylines feel forgettable and barely worth focusing on in comparison.

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