Good Trouble: Season 1, Episode 8 “Byte Club” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Jesus lying in bed, after fun times with Rebecca.

Rebecca’s past is revealed as she flirts with a future that includes Jesus and Mariana’s Byte Club begins and finds a vital ally of the male staff.

Rebecca’s past is revealed as she flirts with a future that includes Jesus and Mariana’s Byte Club begins and finds a vital ally of the male staff.

Episode Information

Director(s) Peter Paige
Writer(s) Nicole Paulhus
Air Date 2/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Tate Zachary Gordon
Angela Heather Mazur
Josh Charlie Bodin
Jesus Noah Centineo


When or Where Did I Go Wrong?: Callie, Judge Wilson, Tate

Tate comes by the office and has a bit of a row with Judge Wilson. He partly accuses him of many of his actions stemming from Wilson’s ambitions and Callie happens to overhear all this. Something Tate and Wilson acknowledge and leads to a conversation. One that is a bit informal, entirely personal, yet shows how Judge Wilson sees Callie.

Simply put, he asks how did she get to where she is despite lacking the privileges his son squanders. Her answer: Her moms. Thus pushing the idea that maybe Judge Wilson does have to accept some responsibility about what happened to Tate.

Always Be Ready: Dennis, Jesus, Rebecca

Jesus comes to visit, and his sisters aren’t the biggest part of his time in LA. If anything, it is Jesus meeting Rebecca for a fling, maybe more in the future, and meeting Dennis. Why Dennis? Well, remember how he used to be corporate and a bit of a big shot? Jesus speaks upon his regular gigs being a bit slow and looking into making tiny homes because of an LA housing shortage. The idea sounds good, Dennis admires Jesus’ hustler spirit, so they network.

This leads to Jesus getting a venture capitalist to sign on and him being on his way.

No Woman Left Behind: Mariana, Casey, Callie, Raj, Rebecca, Angela, Josh, Alex, Ben

Mariana officially starts Byte Club, and while things are awkward at first, it eventually becomes what each woman needed. Not just to vent but also strategize on how to make things better. Be it how to handle themselves in meetings or the big issue: The Gender Pay Gap. However, how to do so is an issue for it means trusting one of the guys – enter Raj.

Now, it should be noted that during the Byte Club conversation it is noted there are some men, like Raj, who are a bit too forward. However, Mariana mentioning her thing with Raj, but not naming names, leads to rumors spreading. The kind which leads to Josh, the head of all teams, freaking out since he is notorious for trying to kiss employees. This scares Raj a bit, and with him going to see Angela in HR, we’re left to fear the worst.

At least until it is revealed he has decided to firmly become an ally and not only outs Alex as a bigot but offers to help create a salary comparison chart. Thus supporting the ladies, who have their yearly review coming, with the negotiation information they need.

But there’s more! Though Ben would have it otherwise, Rebecca and Callie continue to grow close despite their political differences. In fact, in no way due to Jesus, their friendship grows to new levels. It begins with a sexual harassment case and leads to Callie revealing to Rebecca she was raped and Rebecca telling Callie part of the reason she transferred to Judge Wilson was because she was sexually harassed by her previous judge.

Though, let it be noted, that it just the pinnacle point. The build really comes from them trading some barbs about what it means to be a feminist yet still being able to enjoy each other’s company. Leading to, as we’ve seen between Callie and Judge Wilson, an understanding there are differences but ultimately a commonality they can operate on.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So was Jesus and Rebecca just a fling or will he make more appearances? Unlike when moms came by, he had a storyline going with a lead character, and there was that venture capitalist thing.



Conservatives & Callie

What you have to admire is that, through Callie, Rebecca and Judge Wilson don’t get to be strictly identified as conservatives and that being the whole of their identities. It is a strong influence, but it isn’t the sum of them. But, what really matters here is the fact Callie doesn’t isolate herself from either. While they come to points where they have to agree to disagree, all parties don’t let their politics get in the way of a potential friendship. Hence Judge Wilson opening up to Callie about his son, even though the topic is probably not appropriate to speak to a subordinate about.

Then with Rebecca, while the two may not go to a spa, get mimosas, etc. together, there is a recognition there between two young women who need each other. Not in the form of dependency, not even to team up against Ben, but because comradery will keep them both sane. Especially since it seems no one in that office has close friends.

Byte Club

While we may only know the name of two members, it is still a great accomplishment to get as many women as Callie did. Also, you have to love that, similar to Callie, Mariana has a bit of a rebellious side to her which requires her to do something. But the big thing is Mariana and the ladies coming up with real-world ways to handle a male-dominated environment. For like many moments we’ve seen on the show, it doesn’t just apply to the storyline at hand but also could be used in real life.

Low Point

Alex & Ben Needs To Be Developed

With Rebecca no longer this slightly snarky co-worker, so comes the question when the male co-workers in Mariana and Callie’s life are going to be developed. Judge Wilson, Gael, and Raj have been given layers, but Alex remains pretty basic. Then with Ben, while an established social climber, who didn’t come from a wealthy family, I need more. Heck, even throw Alex’s sidekick Sam in there. Josh too, while we’re at it.

On The Fence

Tate’s Drama

Tate (Zachary Gordon) arguing with his dad about how he ended up like he did.
Tate (Zachary Gordon)

While I get bringing Tate’s drama helps complicate Judge Wilson as a person, and exposes the difficulties of being a judge in ways we don’t often see, it’s hard to get invested. An entitled kid has gone off the rails and now has put his dad in a position to choose either family or the job he has worked for longer than his son has been alive. Which isn’t to say the story is terrible, but Tate doesn’t bring much to it as a verbal entity.

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