Good Trouble: Season 1, Episode 7 “Swipe Right” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Mariana and Lara (Alisa Allapach) after making out.

“Swipe Right” is purely about establishing the beginning, possible end, of nearly every characters current or future relationship.

“Swipe Right” is purely about establishing the beginning, possible end, of nearly every characters current or future relationship.

Director(s) Troian Bellisario
Writer(s) Ally Musika
Air Date 2/19/2019
Introduced This Episode
Paul Joe Burke
Isaac Sarunas J. Jackson
Joey Daisy Eagan
Eli Steven Krueger
Lara Alisa Allapach

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Paul, Isaac, Joey, Eli, Lara, Mariana, Malika, Davia, Alice, Sumi

Callie can’t be the only one getting some on the original while the rest of the ladies sit around. Malika needs to get some, Alice, Mariana has been dry, and Davia can’t rely on Jeff, so she needs someone when he is away. So, with that in mind, they use a dating app to find someone for each other – sans Malika who isn’t for the nonsense.

For Davia, she ends up with Paul who is a big, kind of nerdy guy, with no confidence. However, in time, especially when Davia learns Jeff lied about not being in town, he is given a chance. In fact, she sleeps with Paul and says he wasn’t bad.

Following that is Malika who meets Isaac who she actually had Davia, who was supposed to set her up, swipe right on. However, he never swiped right back, so she was a bit upset when he showed up at her job later and was hitting on her. Add on most of the people in his app matches were white or light-skinned and that turned Malika all the way off. However, whether you consider him chasing her or gesturing, he wins her over in time.

Leading to the two more complicated stories. Beginning with Mariana, since it’s short, she ends up in a threesome. She had a terrible date with a poor man’s American Psycho, and then Eli saves her. But, unfortunately for Mariana, he talks about having a girlfriend. But, apparently, the girlfriend was cool with him talking to a girl, said for them to come over, and one thing led to another. Well, until Eli had alone time with Mariana and then the three-way became an issue for Lara – leading to her getting kicked out of Eli and Lara’s house.

Joey (Daisy Eagan) letting Alice know their date isn't going bad.
Joey (Daisy Eagan)

Leaving Alice. Unlike the others, her match was actually perfect and while Alice was a bit weird, similar to Paul, being that her date, Joey, was very similar to her, personality-wise, all stumbles were forgiven. That is until they got home, were making out, and Sumi pretty much killed the mood.

You see, Sumi and her fiancé had a fight and Sumi being called selfish and thoughtless, which she is, was a problem. So, not too much longer after seeming shooing Sumi away, we see them cuddled up and Joey gone. However, with Sumi, the next morning, getting a call from Meera and the wedding back on, Alice decides she needs to really move on, call Joey – on her radio show – and try to get a second date. Which Joey conveys could happen, after Alice handles her drama.

I Can’t Give All, So I Have To Give Nothing: Callie, Gael

Gael and Callie’s connection is all consuming. It has led her to fall behind in passing the bar and has made Gael creating enough pieces for his opening pushed to the back of his mind. So, for a weekend, it was planned that neither would interrupt the others life. However, when studying gets too hard for Callie, she teases or straight up goes to Gael. Leading to her realizing, as she had done many times in The Fosters, she can’t be casual.

When it comes to Callie, it is all or nothing, and she can’t really give her all into a relationship right now. So it is decided they can’t really see each other. For just taking note of how hard law school was for Callie, even with her being celibate, to pass the bar she knows she’ll have to hunker down like that again. Maybe just live vicariously through Mariana.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Bryan confesses to Gael that he doesn’t think they can be casual anymore and he wants something serious. To which Gael replies he needs time to think about his decision.


Davia & Paul

Is it wrong to love two people with meat on their bones hook up? Especially since, as we’ve seen in the past with Davia, weight was not mentioned or joked about at all. Both were allowed to be sexy, noted as good in bed, and Davia may even want seconds!

Callie Putting Her Future In Front Of Casual Sex (Even If It Is Good Sex)

Callie breaking things off with Gael.

Callie has always been passionate about whatever has her attention. We saw it with Brandon, Alex, AJ, and when she got involved with someone’s life who needed an advocate. So, taking note of that, you have to appreciate the show having it where she not only avoids a serious relationship but something casual as well. For while Gael is sweet, outside of his unnecessary escalation when having a tiff with Callie, he is the right person at the wrong time.

Making it seem Jamie may not stand much of a chance either if he keeps pressing forward.

On The Fence

Malika’s Commentary On Online Dating

There are a few things which need to be said about Malika’s commentary on dating, first and foremost, I loved the commentary on being a dark-skinned Black woman on dating apps. Especially since they didn’t repeat the OKCupid date from years ago but simply spoke about their experiences. Also, I liked how her friends, whose names escape me, add their two cents.

However, the way Malika came at Isaac has me on the fence. Yeah, she got him when he showed his matches, and it was mostly white women. However, her whole “See the whole person thing” deserved a side eye. First and foremost, considering how that app looked, if you got more than an about me section and pictures, I’d be surprised. Never mind given any questions to get to know “The whole person.” Which isn’t to downplay the issue of colorism at play, but come on.

Are All These New Guys, and Joey, Permanent?

With even Davia’s actor still noted as a guest star, are these people one and done or should we get invested? I’d assume the people Mariana had sex with we aren’t going to see again but what about the rest? Will Isaac and Malika become a thing? Was Paul just used by Davia or could she see something with him? What about Joey? Alice made a grand gesture to get her back so will it take?

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