You may think the title of this episode, “Broken Arted” is about romance but what’ll break your heart is the loss of something, rather someone beyond love.

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You may think the title of this episode, “Broken Arted” is about romance but what’ll break your heart is the loss of something, rather someone beyond love.

Director(s) Peter Paige
Writer(s) Megan Lynn, Wade Solomon
Air Date 3/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Nathan Brandon Barash

True Intentions: Raj, Evan, Angela, Mariana, Josh, Malika, Casey

As you would be, Mariana is a bit anxious about her pitch to Evan. Especially since Casey has been pretty much swatting most of her ideas, including one she came up with talking to Malika about making an app to help organize protests. Yet, when Evan comes to Gael’s gallery gig, he seems to go for the idea. Thus setting off two things: The first being Raj giving a comment which makes it sound like Evan only took note of Mariana’s idea because he was attracted to her, which of course upsets Mariana. I mean, who is to say Raj isn’t joining all that Mariana is doing to try to get closer to her?

Secondly, since Evan seemingly can’t go places by himself, Angels and Josh take note of Mariana and Evan’s interactions and fear another “Amanda” situation. Now, who is Amanda and what happened? Hard to say. Casey never mentioned her, and she has been around for years. So one can only assume the reason people like Josh and even Alex act as they do, and get away with it, is because Evan set the example.

A Complicated Relationship: Gael, Bryan, Callie, Jamie, Jasmin, Sumi, Alice, Meera, Joey

Sumi confessing she still loves Alice.
Sumi: Because I think I’m still in love with you.

Sumi puts it out there that she doesn’t know about marrying Meera and that she still might be in love with Alice. This is listened to, but it seems Alice is so gung ho on Joey that she doesn’t have time to really play with the thought. Plus, considering how Sumi cheated on her and seemingly is just getting bored or tired of Meera no longer being fun, it makes getting back in the saddle a bad idea.

Though love triangles aren’t just an Alice issue. As we’ve watched the whole season, Callie and Gael have good chemistry and are able to open up to one another, but they have commitment issues. When it comes to Callie, while Jamie is a godsend for legal advice and helping Jasmin, there is the question of what does he get out of the relationship? Some companionship, the occasional kiss, but what else?

Then with Bryan, with him long being uncomfortable with Gael’s bisexuality, and Callie being but a few minutes away, things have been difficult between those two for quite some time. However, the final straw is when Callie clearly made a piece of art with Gael. For while Bryan knows the two have been intimate, there is something about making a piece of art which goes beyond anything Bryan could compete with. Leaving him tapping out.

Goodbye Big Brother?: Mariana, Dennis, Davia, Jeff, Nathan, Jenn

Dennis has long established himself as the older brother of The Coterie. Whether it is trying to protect Davia, talking to Mariana about supporting Jesus, and other interactions, he has shown himself to be an active part of the community. However, who is there when Dennis is down? When Nathan is dating his ex, who is mad enough at him to bring up their child, Jacob, who is there to pick up the pieces?

Unfortunately, the answer is no one. For as much as Dennis has done for everyone else, he hasn’t let anyone in. Making it so, after being called a horrible father and husband, and all his good deeds feeling like they didn’t balance out, we’re alluded to the idea Dennis may kill himself.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What happened with Gael’s ex Elijah?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Jasmin is about to get 10,000 thanks to her discrimination case. One she originally wanted to go to trial about, to get some publicity for trans rights, but then she changed her mind.
  • Angela, to perhaps setup Mariana, gives her the salaries of the men for her spreadsheet.


Expectations Start At The Top

Josh referring to someone named Amanda who Evan was interested in previously.
Josh: Until we end up with another Amanda situation on our hands.

While I maintain there is the possibility that Evan might be on the spectrum, that doesn’t excuse what Angela and Josh seem to know. Yet, even if only those two know about Amanda, so comes the example which allows Josh to operate as someone who kisses female co-workers. Hence why Raj, even if he meant it in an innocent way, thought he could make a move on Mariana. For while these men may have been raised to know right from wrong, now they are at a job all day which seems to consume their social life. Making it so if the man at the top has indescrepencies without consequence, so do the rest think it is okay to say, touch, perhaps try more with the handful of women they come across.

Leading to what becomes quite clear this episode: Corporate culture is based on a collective agreement of what can and won’t be tolerated. But, if the interest money is presented as more important than the dignity and value of a few, then all you will have is a toxic culture. One which festers, rots, and is only smelled by those who are unable to adapt for the environment was never made for them to survive in.

The Intimacy Between Gael and Callie

I really do love how Peter Paige handles the intimacy between Gael and Callie. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize neither seemingly has the ability to have a give and take relationship. One which is made to weather arguments as much as sex, and moments of needing the other person. Yet, considering Bryan and Jamie present themselves as more so someone of convenience than a partner to be passionate about, hence why they keep coming back and are accepted. Since if there is one issue Callie and Gael may never get over is they both feel the need to play the victim of the situation. Leading to them cancelling one another out and having to really look at themselves and realize how broken they are.

Which they know every crack and why it is there, but it seems in pursuit of moving on neither really healed. They just painted over the cracks so that you have to get close to notice them.

Does This Mean Bryan Is Gone?

Like Ben, Bryan doesn’t bring a whole lot besides drama. However, while Ben at least can present himself as a person of color who is conservative, and him getting with Kate could be interesting, what does Bryan have? How long can he be a crux in Gael’s life which makes him guilty about feelings for Callie? So if he is gone, even if Davia’s friend (enabler), I hope he is gone for good.

Jasmin’s Situation

Jasmin originally deciding to go to trial.
Jasmin: We need the publicity of a trial.

Jasmin is in the unfortunate predicament of fighting for her people by pushing for a case to go to trial or taking money she desperately needs. This deserves to be highlighted since that is the issue a lot of disadvantaged people go through. Should I seek true justice or take a payout which likely includes an NDA and no admission of guilt? Do you want to eat soon or hope a jury of people who the other side will try to make sure aren’t your peers will still end up on your side?

While the Jamal Thompson case is the main focus, Jasmin shows us the other side when the victim lives to sue.

On The Fence


Casey has a purpose. She is someone, a minority in a situation, who hates the status quo which is against her and yet fears rocking the boat too much. Casey is someone who wants more, wants better, yet is afraid to speak up, and when she is called upon, she warns and instills fear more than guides. Leading to what I expect to be another tiff between her and Mariana.

The Alice x Sumi Will They Or Won’t They?

Like with the Gael and Callie situation, there is a serious need to question where is this Alice x Sumi thing going? However, the different is, in the love triangle Alice and Sumi are in, honestly, it isn’t like we’re pushed to root for anyone being together. More so, you just want Alice to be happy and for the BS to end. There is really nothing else left here. Joey is nice, but she isn’t built up to be someone to swoon over for Alice. Then with Sumi, while Alice’s first love she cheated on her, is indecisive, and Meera clearly is trying to lock her down more so out of insecurity than love. Which is clearly going to bite her in the ass.

Dennis… What You Doing?

Dennis with a tear rolling down his face.

There is this weird line that many shows are walking of using mental illness or people’s low points to trigger cliff hangers making you wonder if they may kill themselves. Now, suicide is a serious pandemic and the reasons we often see seem like reasons real people would attempt to kill themselves. However, with this being the penultimate episode of the season, the situation veers towards this being used to build hype than address the issue.

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