Overview While Letty and Christian get close, we are introduced to Javier’s sister. Review (with Spoilers) Topic 1: Uncle Javier (Javier and Ava) Silk (Gideon Emery), Javier’s former brother in law, lets it be known that if Javier wants to know why Carlos, Javier’s biological brother, called, he must speak to his sister Ava (Maria…

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While Letty and Christian get close, we are introduced to Javier’s sister.

Review (with Spoilers)

Topic 1: Uncle Javier (Javier and Ava)

Silk (Gideon Emery), Javier’s former brother in law, lets it be known that if Javier wants to know why Carlos, Javier’s biological brother, called, he must speak to his sister Ava (Maria Botto). Someone who is a hotel manager, a mother of two girls, who meet Letty, and the only person in Javier’s biological family who is on speaking terms with him.


The main thing that came to mind as we got to know Ava is whether she might be the one who is holding Javier’s money. He is a hitman with no tax returns so we know he can’t just put it into a bank. So, naturally, like mobsters, he’d need something to funnel it through right? From what it seems, Silk solely handles discarding the bodies so Ava must be the one who cleans the money. I mean, what better front is there than a hotel? Much less, with her opening a restaurant, before it was noted that their father is likely of some prominence, and perhaps something that gets his hands dirty like Javier, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought she used some of Javier’s money without permission.

But with noting Javier’s father and how tainted he seems, you have to wonder what does his dad do? He mentioned the money his dad gave, out of guilt to Ava, as blood money. This pushes the idea that maybe his father is a politician. Though, who knows, maybe he is into drugs as well? But with that comes the question of why would he force most of the family to cut off Javier if they are in similar businesses? Is it because he didn’t want to continue the family business? Killed someone he wasn’t supposed to? All the different reasons tickle the hell out of me.

Topic 2: It Takes a Thief To Rob A Thief (Letty)

Being that Javier is secretive, he doesn’t want anyone talking to Letty. Bad enough his nieces meet her, but he isn’t keen on her meeting his sister. So, he has her stay at his sister’s hotel. Also, he gives a list of rules, dealing with no drugs, stealing, and not drinking too much. She breaks all but the drug rule and her stealing starts small time but balloons to a $211,000 heist. One which Ava’s security manager was trying to pull off but got foiled.


While Javier isn’t letting Letty, well willingly anyway, meet his former brother in law or pushes her to meet his sister, you have to admit it is becoming slightly less creepy, now that she willingly went to him, that he has these rules for her. Before the rules seemed about keeping her on her game and not revealing them. Now, it seems like he doesn’t want her going off the deep end and he knows his presence and how he sees her has a growing effect. So him using that for good is weirdly sweet. I mean, based off how much she steals, from his sister’s hotel at that, obviously his influence isn’t as strong as he thinks, but it was working for awhile.

Topic 3: Everybody Meet Everybody (Javier, Christian, Letty, and Ava)

Christian can either drag Letty to jail or drag himself to the unemployment line. It seems he is choosing neither for Letty convinces him to help steal from another thief. With that, he gets 100k and Letty plans to take the other. That is if Javier lets her. At the end of the episode it seems he is ready to throw accusations and while Letty loves money, can she screw over Javier again? Can she screw over his sister, who practically welcomes her with open arms? Heck, lest we forget, when Christian sobers up, will he keep his mouth shut about the money he has and not feel guilty about stealing it? Also, who knows whether Arnold (Brian D. Durkin) may have a backup plan to get the money now that his partner has been bamboozled and tied up.


It was always a question, in the back of my mind, what can be done with Christian? Is he forever going to be stuck in his office having passive aggressive arguments with Todd? Well, it seems the answer might be no. For between the money he and Letty stole, and likely not turning her in, he isn’t going to be a parole officer anymore. But then, where from there? Javier has no use for him and, at best, he is some weak replacement for Letty’s father.

As for the rest of the situation, you really got to wonder once it fully clicks how much taking that money can effect Ava, will Letty go through with it? Based on the deal she has with her mom, $1000 means one day with her son. Yet, even if she pays for 100 some odd days, once the money runs out then what? She quit her last job, or rather walked away from it, and she still is an ex-con who only really has some form of people skills. Of which, I doubt sales would give her the high she needs. Plus, with Javier being the only stable person in her life, besides Christian who she greets with saying she won’t have sex with him, an odd thing to say, I think what will happen in episode 6 is becoming quite clear. Though, as for how this whole situation may get resolved? Well, that is still up in the air.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Could Letty be the student who got Christian fired from his old job?

Collected Quote(s)

[The point of money] Getting things you really want but you can’t steal.

—           “Beautiful Things Deserve Beautiful Things.” Good Behavior

As long as you know the rules you can break them every once in awhile.

—           “Beautiful Things Deserve Beautiful Things.” Good Behavior

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  1. My favourite character from this episode was Susan, the front desk clerk, played to perky perfection with the slightest hint that she fancies Javier with just a flicker of her eyes! A scene so engaging I had to watch it twice.

    “I’ll just finish folding it!”

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