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The relationship is established and while at times there is a serious case of Beauty and the Beast going on, who knows if Letty may develop Stockholm syndrome.

Review (with Spoilers)

Main Plot (with Commentary)


It remains unclear why Javier has latched onto Letty, but what is known is that with her grifting skills, she does come in handy. In this episode, she was able to help Javier distract the wife of his target who wasn’t on the hit. Yet, while at times they seem like a team, maybe even lovers as Javier tries to help her get clean, and they also have sex, you are constantly reminded to not get comfortable with their relationship. For while the two have undeniable chemistry, he pretty much is keeping her captive for her skills. Well, and also because she knows he is a hitman.


A drug addict, on parole, traveling around with a Spanish hitman who seems to respect her yet is low-key disgusted by her habits. I’m sure when she woke up a week ago this wasn’t the life she was expecting to inherit. Yet, here she is schmoozing with the wealthy and leading them to believe she wrote half of “A Girl On a Train” as a ghostwriter. All the while what she really is, is a woman desperate to get her son back but has no means of obtaining a steady job for either her attitude or being a woman gets in the way.

So now with Javier, she is not only forced to use her talent for lying to benefit him, but she is now involved in his trade. One in which she can’t even steal during the distractions for it brings attention and oh, if she dares to run he’ll kill her and maybe her son too. Leaving her forced to do his will, begrudgingly get clean, and even help dispose of bodies. Because anything for her son right? Anything to survive to see his face one more time.


Getting Better

As I shed the image of Lady Mary from my conscience and lose myself in Letty, I find her much more appealing in this episode than the first. The first episode laid it on thick how many issues she had, almost as if to get her whole backstory out of the way. Which was a bit jarring, but now I appreciate it for as Javier takes her from hit to hit, you are reminded for what reason she is cooperating for.

But perhaps the real thing to praise is that, unlike the first episode, she doesn’t seem insufferable when Javier wasn’t around.

On The Fence

A Hit A Week/ The Reasons Behind Them

Javier made the claim he is one of the best in the business, with that I wonder if every week will be a new hit and that will be the cycle of the show? On top of that, this week we learned he doesn’t just do hits when it comes to being free of a spouse or nefarious reasons. This week it was about revenge for the target killing their 8-year-old son and not showing any remorse toward the parents. Which, while a good story, I do feel with the show solely relying on Javier telling the story, it wasn’t as impactful as a reenactment.

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