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No one dies this episode but with Letty stuck in a car with Javier for miles, so comes a need to reevaluate their relationship.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Putting My Neck On The Line (Christian)

For the 2nd time, Christian puts his neck on the line for Letty and calls her mom, an old friend named Tiff, and what maybe Jacob’s father to try to figure where she is. All the while, a co-worker of Christian, Todd (Drew Matthews), seems to be looking to take Christian down to take his office.


With learning Christian is a professor who lost his job due to buying drugs from a student, you can kind of understand why he not only is down in the dumps but why this job maybe perfect for him. This job is his 2nd chance and being on parole, for many of his parolees, is their 2nd chance. Not just Letty either for on top of covering for her, he tries to set this dude named Gary straight as well. Showing there isn’t favoritism or some hidden agenda. However, I must admit with this episode shifting more focus to Christian than the first two, so comes the question if we are going to see more of his life when Letty isn’t the focus. Much less, if that is a good idea?

Topic 2: Just Let Me Be Free (Javier and Letty)

With two dead bodies and a Tesla running low on energy, this is far from the perfect road trip from Letty. Especially as Javier still coerces her to be some sort of sober buddy. Yet, after missing Christian’s repeated calls, it seems she is starting to appreciate Javier trying to keep her clean. For while she in no way enjoys being involved in him killing people, he has kept her off drugs, minus weed, for at least a few days now. Also, he has made sure she has eaten and while he is still a bit of a butthead, he is slowly warming up to her and she him.


There are layers to both Letty and Javier and within them are their relationships to others. For example, we learn Javier has to brothers and a sister of which he hasn’t spoken to in at least 5 years. Does this mean his career started around then? Could it be they used to work together or is he the black sheep? Then, with Letty, through Christian we learn she has a friend, maybe introduced to her son’s father, and with that comes the question of how they met? He seems married, or with someone, so was it just a mistake, maybe she was a sex worker at the time trying to score? I don’t mean to talk bad about Letty, but we’ve seen her at her worse and also see where she comes from. So, with that in mind, it is slightly hard to tell what rock bottom for her has been or could be.

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