The complications of both Annie and Sophia’s relationships are explored.

Episode Focus: Let’s Stay Together (Annie, Dax, Shane and Sophia)

Both Annie and Sophia have the type of relationships which were fun at first, but now, it being a year later, there are some things coming to light which worry them. For Annie, it is the fact she hasn’t met Dax’s parents and he is a bit more into boring stuff than her. He wants to check out a house, she wants to see a celebrity.

As for Sophia? Well, being that she often does as she pleases, this bothers Shane. Especially as some of his neurosis pop up and she messes with them. Like eating his fries before he touches his burger. Though there is also the issue of her calling him an errand boy and him getting agitated when she checks her phone to see how business is going.

It all ends well though. Dax notes Annie hasn’t met his parents because she is white and his parents aren’t fond of the idea. Then with Sophia and Shane, she gets him French fries to apologize.


I think this is the first episode in a little while that wasn’t ended with some sort of touching moment or insight into the characters. I mean, you could look at Sophia admitting she doesn’t like when people tell her the truth, but there was no emotional bang to that. It has been obvious to us for a while. Making the idea of Annie meeting Dax’s parents perhaps the one thing that maybe of interest. Even if that may not happen soon since Dax, so it feels, is barely on this show.

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