Recap The Ski Lodge. Specifically The Mount Sun Lodge. The place where Cory and Topanga almost ended and, hopefully, the Maya/Riley/Lucas triangle will break. Oh, one could only hope.   Major Characters Maya | Lucas | Riley Main Plot (with Commentary) Topic 1: Riley + Lucas (Riley and Lucas) Being that Cory is forced to…

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The Ski Lodge. Specifically The Mount Sun Lodge. The place where Cory and Topanga almost ended and, hopefully, the Maya/Riley/Lucas triangle will break. Oh, one could only hope.


Major Characters

Maya | Lucas | Riley

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Riley + Lucas (Riley and Lucas)

Being that Cory is forced to take up either a nature club or ski club, he thought he’d be safe choosing the nature club. Wrong! It seems he is forced to go to where his relationship could have ended, The Mount Sun Lodge. But now with him being the adult, he has to chaperone a bunch of teens. Of which, in the background, Yoby (Darby and Yogi) is something to worry about [1], but all his focus will be on Maya, Riley, and Lucas. Which perhaps it should be.

If only because everyone is sick and tired of the triangle. Not to the point of fighting or anything, but something has to give and when it does, or even just before, Cory may be needed to give a lesson. After all, Lucas has made his decision but being the coward he is, and the girls say he is, he wants the decision to be agreed upon as a group. However, unlike the many times when he has tried to dodge making a choice, the girls and he really sit down and analyze what they would be like as a couple. Unfortunately, not in a realistic sense, but if their love story was a movie.

Riley’s is second but being that hers was pure romantic fantasy, it is being noted first. In this story, it is a generic boy meets girl, fall in love, separate, come back together and then tragic end. There is very little depth here and really not much to analyze. Well, besides the fact that despite all that has happened, it seems Riley still has this infatuation type of perspective when it comes to Lucas. He isn’t a real person. He is this country boy who wants to be a vet, and that is what she is running with. Never mind his temper and all that, which comes out when he speaks with Maya, he is just oh so nice and wholesome. A quiet boy next door.

Topic 2: Maya + Lucas (Maya and Lucas)

This isn’t true for Maya though. In her spy thriller of an imagining of what Lucas and she would be like, it seems their relationship would be a disaster. I’d even argue their relationship would possibly mirror the one Katy had with her father Kermit. In a way, I sometimes wonder how Katy acted around Kermit before he left. Did she tease him to the point of pissing him off? Did they argue like Maya and Lucas did? Perhaps I’m thinking about this too deep, but in the episode, Lucas barely said a nice thing to or about Maya, even when she saved Farkle. He looks at her like this dangerous entity who would get tiresome and frustrating to deal with on a regular basis. Yet, so it seems, Lucas would balance her off. Thing is, I don’t think he wants to sign up for that. However, arguably Lucas is only the choice of either girl because other options aren’t available.

Topic 3: The Boys Who Make Things Complicated (Riley & Maya)

No matter what, Uncle Boing, aka Josh, is Maya’s love interest. If it wasn’t for those 3 years, which is pretty much what Josh keeps implying, Maya might have a chance. But Three years is damning and no college guy is going to be going out with a freshman. A high school freshman. However, no matter which fantasy, be it Riley’s with Lucas or Maya’s with Lucas, her eyes drift to Josh. Someone who she acknowledges, at this point, is but a fantasy, but one she so greatly would like to bring to reality.

Now, as for Riley? Well, we may have a new Charlie. Someone who presents an alternative, but until there is some news he is going to be reoccurring or a series regular, pretty much you know they are but a distraction. For while I doubt, based off this episode, Maya and Lucas will ever be a thing, I don’t think Riley and Lucas will be either. A part of me feels that Lucas was the first boy Riley found cute who didn’t treat her in a disparaging way. So with her being a romantic, she thinks that is the one for her. However, as time goes on I’m left wondering if she is just doing what she thinks she is supposed to and has committed to this idea that she should be like her parents. Find em young, marry young, and start a family. That there is her reason she won’t let go of Lucas or it is the previously stated reason: Who else would like her who she would actually have feelings for?

Things To Note

The boy, when Topanga says for everyone to go to bed, was walking behind Darby like he was about to be in her bed that night.

Review Summary


I’m not one to often talk about makeup and wardrobe, but you have to admit the selection for Maya’s fantasy was quite good.

Anytime an episode gives you just enough, or more than enough, to start questioning things and really put characters under a microscope is good to me. Situations like Lucas not praising Maya for saving a wandering Farkle for he thinks she just wanted to break a rule, that says something. It is like when Riley thought Maya would steal money from her mom’s café. It is the little things which matter and while the show, as of now, doesn’t seem to take comments like those seriously and they often brush them off, it is so much harder to do when you are a viewer who finds mostly everyone intriguing.

While the situation between Yogi and Darby gave me pause, I must admit the idea that Disney allowed even a bit of innuendo like Yogi was going to sleep with Darby, even if it was just to cuddle, was interesting. I doubt they will ever take things to a Victorious level when it comes to innuendo, but I still found the moment he tried to go with her to bed funny.

Low Points

A part of me wishes Smackle and Farkle could have an episode focused on them. They are such a weird and unique couple to me. Both flirt with other people, yet something about their relationship seems solid. I would love to see the depths to it beyond the comic relief/ supporting character moments.

Sometimes I wonder if the actor playing Lucas is just adequate, trying to be funny, or if maybe because the girls are just better actors with more developed characters, that is why he seems as boring as a single finished brick.

On The Fence

Honestly, as probably said every time the triangle is the focus, I’m tired of it. So them bringing in a possible distraction for Riley doesn’t really tickle me. I was fooled by Charlie and don’t think I’m able to commit to another round.

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