Girl Meets World: Season 3/ Episode 4 "Girl Meets Permanent Record" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


With Riley’s first D, and Maya’s first A, so comes a shift in the dynamic of their friendship, as well as a few others as they begin to lose their middle school status.

Main Plot Summary (with Commentary)

A “D” and a A. These two letters throw Riley and Maya for a whirl. Riley, perhaps an average student at best, now is on the border of failing her Spanish class, well at least that is what she is made to think. For with her getting just a taste of what it means to have a permanent record, and what that could mean for college, it seems Girl Meets World is walking a tightrope. One in which it shows the importance of meeting challenges, parents letting teachers teach, and yet also showing how stressful the pursuit of college and eventually a career can be.

Though while Riley, for once, is presented a more serious topic, on the other hand there is Maya who has gotten one of her first As. Something which, as of this episode, is inspiring her to try to collect more. Now, as for how long will that last? Well, that is hard to say. However, considering Maya’s life has been getting better in increments, who is to say she may not one day be competing with Farkle and Smackle for valedictorian? I mean, yeah, it is a long shot, but they have 4 years.

Speaking of Farkle and Smackle, the cutest couple ever seen on a Disney show are having some issues. Not with each other mind you, but with Farkle no longer coasting by, yet Smackle still pretty much dominating academics, they have a similar issue as Riley/ Maya and Zay/ Lucas are having. The one who was seemingly the more talented one, or the one they were neck and neck with, is no longer that. Yet, despite how down in the dumps Farkle is getting about this, it is so cute and inspiring to see Smackle there for him. For despite whatever social cues she may not sometimes get, the way she works with Farkle and his emotions, it makes you wonder if her parents are similar to Cory and Topanga. If only because you have to wonder what is her model for relationships?

Overall, this episode, while touching on some interesting topics in terms of taking studying and working hard to the next level, was mostly a breeze. Ava got the week off so there was no family trouble, and even with Riley freaking out over a D, there was so much comic relief that it only could be seen as serious as you wanted it to be. Though, lest I forget, I did like the communication between Topanga, Cory, and Riley’s Spanish teacher. They were riled up parents, and she was a teacher trying to prep their kid for a life which is going to present something much harder than a weekly test. Hopefully, that lady will stick around.

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