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In a lesson filled episode, Auggie has to learn the meaning of trust while Riley has to learn how to be herself and like herself.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Trust (Auggie, Topanga, and Cory)

With a parent like Cory who wants you to explore, make mistakes, and get messy, basically following the Mr. Frizzle motto, it makes it difficult to know when you should protect someone or not. Take Auggie in this episode, his faith in humanity is tested by an e-mail scam. One in which a Prince Baji is willing to give Auggie millions of dollars, but we aren’t told what he exactly wants for all this to happen. This lead to one of Cory and Topanga’s usual issues when it comes to parenting Auggie. On one side Cory is conflicted for he wants to protect Auggie’s innocence and faith in people, yet Topanga doesn’t want her boy becoming a dupe. She already has enough problems when it comes to Ava basically exploiting Auggie. But while Auggie is part of their focus, things shift as Cory begins to get upset on how Topanga tricks him or manipulates him rather.

One of the ways is this 1, 2, 3 game in which they are both supposed to speak their opinion after 3, but Topanga keeps her mouth shut. Cory has supposedly been keeping track and with this comes a realization from Topanga that while this game tickles her, it isn’t necessarily that fun for Cory. Now, let it be known things remain light and Cory and Topanga don’t have a real fight, but I do think little spats like this are important to note. Not just because it begins to show Cory and Topanga aren’t as perfect as they often seem on this show, but because it helps us understand this family better.

Topanga works hard and, a lot of the time in the last two seasons, it seemed she was absent. With that, you can see Cory’s influence more on their children than Topanga. Auggie is this whimsical silly child who is head over heels for a girl who doesn’t always treat him the best. Then, with Riley, you see someone always searching for a lesson, a hidden meaning, yet it sort of perpetual stuck as a child. One never too sure of herself and is very reliant on someone else’s validation in order to firmly believe who she is. Making it seem that Topanga’s schedule may keep a roof over her kids heads, but it has made it so a lot of her personality didn’t get imprinted onto her children.

Topic 2: The Legend of Jexica (Riley & Maya)

Before Maya came into Riley’s life and helped her feel comfortable in her skin, there was Jexica. A blue haired girl with a sword, weirder than Riley but who liked and was completely herself just the same. Said imaginary friend, due to Maya just sometimes not being enough, is pulled out of retirement as Riley finds herself putting up a profile on Abigail Adams High School’s social network. However, rather than have Jexica be a drastically different person from Riley, she is but only slightly different. Different enough that most wouldn’t figure out it is Riley, unless they really knew her, and yet similar enough so that when over 200 people like the profile, it gives Riley a tingly feeling.

However, when she tries to assume the role of Jexica and perhaps use her in order to solve the love triangle issues, for Lucas apparently likes Jexica, it all falls apart. For one, Lucas knows Jexica is Riley, but the other issue comes from Jexica becoming a symbol of some kind. One which all the odd kids of the school identify with and dress up as. Leading to Cory’s weekly lesson.

Topic 3: A Moment In The Sun Which Could Become History (Riley)

Marly is out of the way this week, thus allowing Cory to do his usual quotable monologue which, in the grand scheme of things feel preachy, yet are worth a listen just the same. This go around the focus is very much on the internet. Cory’s lesson deals with the passing of sensations and how they come and go. That is, as opposed to things which really matter in history, things which are fact and not fueled by opinion and what has gone viral. It all is a rather interesting conversation which all boils down to who do you want to be when it isn’t about a moment in time but a collection of all the things you did? Which ultimately leads to Riley coming from behind the Jexica profile and putting one up of herself.

Things To Note

This whole, “if you compliment her you have to compliment me” thing is leading me to hope this love triangle ends soon. For it is really making both girls look so pathetic.

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

What happened to Marly?


Cory’s monologue, as usual, was the highlight of the show. For while it does get sort of preachy, at the same time it presents one of few moments of seriousness and, in some ways, sets up what is to come in the future as you see his words sink in.

Low Points

Even if it is in small doses, I can’t wait for this love triangle thing to be over. It isn’t cute anymore, doesn’t really inspire shipping, with me anyway, it just seems like one of the last things which keeps Lucas relevant. For while he is the pseudo-protector of the group, he devolves more and more into a basic love interest each episode. Almost as shallow as how female love interest often are written in romance films.

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